FIP’s best of 2010 to help you get started in 2011

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I was supposed to finish writing my “Goodbye and thank you to 2010, Hello 2011…” post, but ended up with this list of the best “How to” articles from Foreclosure Investing Philippines during the year that passed. After all, FIP is so much more than just listings of foreclosed properties and public auctions. I believe you also need to know how to invest in foreclosed properties and bank acquired assets.

I hope this list will help you get started on the right foot. Just in time for the new year right?!

Of course I won’t let 2010 go without counting the blessings that came my way, but for now, here’s a list of “How to” articles from 2010 that can help you get started with real estate investing in 2011:

How to keep the passion burning for real estate investing – 2011 has just started and I know you are all fired up and ready to take on just about anything to succeed with real estate investing. Even with a good start, challenges and problems will surely try to block your path to financial freedom, and how does one “Stay hungry and foolish”? This post aims to help take care of that.

How to turn listings of foreclosed properties into opportunities – So you’ve played cashflow 101 and you got out of the rat race by buying passive income generating real estate, including some foreclosed properties. However, one may realize that buying properties in the game is not as easy in real life. Read this to learn how to start finding those “opportunity cards” for real inside listings of foreclosed properties.

How passive income through real estate investing can lead to financial freedom – What exactly is passive income? Why do you need to start getting those passive income deals to get out of the rat race? Just how does one get out of the rat race faster? Read this to find out.

How to be a proactive real estate investor – We always hear people say “I can’t do this and I can’t do that because of this and that…I have no choice.”. Most of the time, we talk like this to ourselves, unless we begin to be proactive. This article tries to convince us to start believing that we always have a choice.

Are foreclosed properties good deals? – If you think that just because a property is a foreclosed property, then it is automatically a good buy, think again! Before you get started with investing in foreclosed properties, find out why it is often said that real estate investing is a numbers game.

4 reasons why we need to be financially literate real estate investors – More money is never the solution if the problem is lack of financial literacy. Learn how having financial literacy is the only way to get started with real estate investing, and how it also prevents you from becoming like most lotto winners, who lose their money fast.

How to compute for the ARV of foreclosed properties – Okay, so you found a foreclosed property and you want to make an offer, or you want to bid for it. But before anything else, you need to determine what it could be worth, this would help you calculate this.

How to compute for the Maximum Allowable Offer or MAO for foreclosed properties – After computing for a property ‘s “value”, you also need to determine at what maximum price you can pay for it, leaving enough room for you to make enough money and be happy.

How to compute for the projected costs for acquiring, carrying, and selling a property – But wait, how does one know that the estimated costs for buying and holding a property are accurate? One needs to make sure just how much it would cost to buy a property and also the related costs of holding it for the projected amount of time needed to sell it.

How to compute for Net Operating Income or NOI and find good investment properties – Rental properties are not all profit, there are operating expenses that will be incurred, and you need to consider these to get the NOI, and see if a property can really generate positive cashflow and passive income.

Instant gratification versus delayed gratification – Want to learn how practicing a little delayed gratification can help you get started with real estate investing? Read this!

How to find opportunities and get started with real estate investing – If you really want to get started with real estate investing, you need to learn how to see those opportunities and grab them. They can lead to a series of advantages and lead to even more opportunities.

2010 has passed and lessons have been learned, but I would like to say thank you to 2010 one last time.

Happy Investing!

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