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Please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact me, Jay Castillo, via email. I assure you that I read each and every email, but due to the large volume of emails we receive, replies may take several weeks. Most of our time is spent running and growing the business, where we obviously have to prioritize business partners, existing clients, and friends in the business.

Reminders: If you have questions with regard to a foreclosed property in our database, please go back to the page where you saw itand then fill-out the inquiry form there. For listings we post on the blog, please follow the instructions on who to contact as indicated on the listing. We always indicate in the listing who to call, or who to contact, or what inquiry form to fill-out. We value your time which is why we indicate the best and fastest way for you to get more information, please value our time as well by simply following instructions. Thank you!

For those who are looking for a mentor when it comes to investing in foreclosed properties, we do not offer any one-on-one mentoring as of now. What we do have is an online training, and you can sign-up to get alerted through email when the training re-opens through our Members’ Area.

For advertising inquiries, please visit our Advertise Page.

One more thing, we do not provide free legal advice.

We are open to article submissions/suggestions, listing submissions, partnership proposals, etc. Please use the form below and we’ll get back to you asap:

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Jay Castillo

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