How To Keep The Passion Burning For Real Estate Investing

When people see my passion for real estate investing, they often ask “How come you’re so passionate with it?” or “How are you able to sustain your passion for real estate?”.

So how did I end up having this burning desire to get out of the rat race through real estate investing? Read on to find out.

What is passion?

Let us first define what passion is. Wikipedia defines passion as:

“…an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. The term is also often applied to a lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity or love.”

Robert Kiyosaki also often mentions in his books that “passion is a combination of love and anger”.

I agree with both definitions and I use these emotions to sustain my burning desire to have a better life. Let me try to explain further by citing the following examples.

What I love that fuels my passion for real estate investing…

These compel me to just keep moving forward.

  • I love having more time to live life to the fullest and not just for earning a living.
  • I love having time to be with my loved ones and friends and this is not confined to brief moments away from my job.
  • I love my family and I love having more quality time with my family.
  • I love having more quality time with my loving wife.
  • I love being able to actually be with all my children and be there for them as they grow up.
  • I love being able to help more people and make a positive difference in this world.

This list goes on and on…

What causes my anger which also feeds my burning desire…

  • Having to miss all of the above just because you have no choice because you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 job. In reality, a 6AM to 9PM existence is more accurate and this usually gets worse as one climbs up the corporate ladder.
  • Having to be an employee until you are in your sixties and beyond. Yes, even if you become the president of a company, unless you own that company, you are just an employee working for someone else. That’s reality you have to face.
  • Realizing that life passes you by as you do your best to earn a living, while working yourself to death.
  • The empty feeling after a job well done where you realize that all the sacrifices, time, effort, frustrations, rewards(or lack of it) are not really worth all the trouble. The keyword here is “job”. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people out there who really love their jobs and also get a fair and just reward for doing their jobs well; I congratulate all of you who are lucky to find such jobs. I don’t know, maybe in my field (I’m an Information Technology professional), things develop at such a fast pace that the system is unable to cope and somethings got to give, somewhere, at some point, and usually it’s our health(due to stress) or our relationships(due to lack of time freedom), etc.

Again, the list goes on and on…

The key is to focus your emotions

Instead of letting the emotions get the best of me which I believe is a total waste of time, I would rather focus them on productive thoughts and actions.

I let my emotions of love and anger fuel my passion and dictate the choices I make in each precious day that God has given me.

It really is just a matter of having the proper mindset. I combine these emotions to sustain my burning desire to have a better life.

These guide me with each task that I shall accomplish, which shall in turn lead to my objective: To get out of the rat race through real estate investing.

In each new day I face, I program myself with this mindset so that I will continue doing what needs to be done to have a better life. There are times this is a struggle or I simply forget, but I still do my best…

And that my friend is how I keep my passion burning for real estate investing!

“Stay hungry and foolish”

Lastly, I want to share a youtube video of Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech which he gave way back in 2005 which I believe hits the nail on the head.

Let me quote a portion below which has also fueled my passion:

“… for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something “

How about you? What fuels your passion for real estate investing?

To our financial freedom!

Jay Castillo

First published on February 16, 2010. Text by Jay Castillo. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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14 thoughts on “How To Keep The Passion Burning For Real Estate Investing”

  1. “Keep moving forward” This simple sentence only takes a second to understand but can take a whole lifetime to put into actionThank you for the inspiration!

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  4. Miami Beach Condo

    It is just so tempting to abandon the real estate business (at least temporarily) right now. However I’ll look into your ideas. Thanks

  5. Philippines properties

    I’m just getting into blogging and came across this blog.Your blog is great. Very helpful to the real estate world.Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jay,

    Great post! Your point about being able to do what is important in your life is good. I have been investing in real estate for 7 years now. We’re faced with some interesting issues in the current real estate market.

    It is not that I’m passionate about real estate as such, it is the fact that I’m passionate about my personal goals – time with my family and family, kids etc. – that makes me pick up and contact a seller for a potential deal.

    Once you know “why” it is you do something, it becomes routine. As you say, it’s a mindset.
    .-= Chack Pesh | FreedomHabits´s last blog ..Rehabbing Properties =-.

  7. Hi Kuya Jay, I have a suggestion, how about giving a free ( or not free ) webinar each month for all the readers and subscribers of this blog? Teaching other, giving your thoughts about foreclosure market etc etc. )

    this can increase the subscribers and readers of this blog and if you decided to charge for it, you will earn an xtra income.
    (gas money)

  8. fort bonifacio condos

    Yet it is hard to stay happy in your work if you loose your emotion. Love and anger are always there, but if one of these is missing, then it could bring you imbalance. If you love your job because it make your love for family stronger, then it’s good, but if you love your job because it pays you much, then it’s foolishness. Keeping your mind looking forward then it will bring you.

  9. The video is very inspiring. In fact, after viewing it, there is the “anger” inside of me to undo many of the ways and decisions I made in life… I should have stayed “hungry and foolish” for my dreams.
    This episode of Foreclosure Philippines will surely touch the heart and mind of people who loves to do what they do…that’s passion.
    Thank you Jay.

  10. Congratulations Jay for your successful blog. Indeed, your passion for investing transcends beyond the computer monitor and into our hearts. The service that you provide on this blog is priceless which served us well for our investment needs.

    We got the principle, now lets take this course to the next level.

    Your brother in real estate,

    Marquez Realty

  11. Hi Jay,

    Like you I also have those frustrations. I did not see myself working as early as 6 years old. Now i am also a broker and struggling to keep my little firm I started almost a year ago. I’m starting with being a sales agent to learn more about the market and to generate enough income to get my first real estate deal. While I think I can ask people to invest with me,I would like to have a taste of it first before presenting the idea to others. I understand that their are people who may not know that there are risks involved in investing that they may hate me in the end for inviting them to take investing opportunities.

    Thank you for a site like this i am slowly building my know how. I am a young real estate broker and an aspiring investor. I hope that within the year I will be able to buy income producing real estate like you.

    Thanks again and more power, hope to see you soon in one of the seminars and conventions of successful people.

    PS I attended john calub’s training you posted here last month and I had a blast. thanks so much.

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