We’ve Been Very Busy, But We Are Back!

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Busy as a bee...We just made a record of sorts, this is the first time that we have NOT been posting anything on the blog for almost a month. We just had no time to post updates, and with good reason, we have been VERY busy. Anyway, we are back, and we are slowly, but surely getting back into the groove.

Actually, we were here all along…

We have been very active here, but not publicly (obviously), as we are busy with the ongoing online training inside the members’ area, which we opened to early-notification and blog subscribers. We almost reached the maximum capacity, so the training was no longer made available to the public.

Up to now, I am very busy answering emails about the training, and I am also checking our database to ensure all who signed-up already received their logon details. By the way, if you are one of those with this problem, just drop me an email or a comment so I can take care of it immediately.

This is my first priority right now, and this is just one of the things I am busy with…

We participated in a tax delinquent property auction…

We have just participated in a tax delinquent property auction,  and it was a real challenge for us due to the distance and travel time. I thought that after winning on a few of our bids (actually it was my wife who did the bidding this time), I can already give a sigh of relief… I was wrong! Now we have to endure the long journey and traffic every time we need to go there to take care of the details. Anyway, I’m just glad we did not have to go through the horrible traffic at the NLEX…

Farewell to a mentor…

Things were supposed to go back to normal here early September, but we were shocked and devastated by sad news that someone I consider as a mentor and friend passed away (he was also a business partner). Up to now, I still can’t believe he is gone. When we are ready, we will write more about this, and the legacy he left us, but not now.

That’s it for now…

That’s about it for now, I just wanted to let you all know what’s going on. Expect more of the usual stuff, and more, in the coming days. Thanks.


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