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We’ve Been Very Busy, But We Are Back!

Busy as a bee...We just made a record of sorts, this is the first time that we have NOT been posting anything on the blog for almost a month. We just had no time to post updates, and with good reason, we have been VERY busy. Anyway, we are back, and we are slowly, but surely getting back into the groove.

Actually, we were here all along…

We have been very active here, but not publicly (obviously), as we are busy with the ongoing online training inside the members’ area, which we opened to early-notification and blog subscribers. We almost reached the maximum capacity, so the training was no longer made available to the public.

Up to now, I am very busy answering emails about the training, and I am also checking our database to ensure all who signed-up already received their logon details. By the way, if you are one of those with this problem, just drop me an email or a comment so I can take care of it immediately.

This is my first priority right now, and this is just one of the things I am busy with…

We participated in a tax delinquent property auction…

We have just participated in a tax delinquent property auction,  and it was a real challenge for us due to the distance and travel time. I thought that after winning on a few of our bids (actually it was my wife who did the bidding this time), I can already give a sigh of relief… I was wrong! Now we have to endure the long journey and traffic every time we need to go there to take care of the details. Anyway, I’m just glad we did not have to go through the horrible traffic at the NLEX…

Farewell to a mentor…

Things were supposed to go back to normal here early September, but we were shocked and devastated by sad news that someone I consider as a mentor and friend passed away (he was also a business partner). Up to now, I still can’t believe he is gone. When we are ready, we will write more about this, and the legacy he left us, but not now.

That’s it for now…

That’s about it for now, I just wanted to let you all know what’s going on. Expect more of the usual stuff, and more, in the coming days. Thanks.


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20 thoughts on “We’ve Been Very Busy, But We Are Back!”

  1. Sorry for the late response to everyone who asked, we attended an auction in Antipolo. No advice yet for the schedule for the next auction.

  2. good day! sir, ask ko lang, if you have any article that will help those who are unfamiliar with how property bidding works? How much money should i have if i will participate? should it be for the full amt or just certain percent? thanks! 🙂

  3. Hi sir, first of all, sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose someone. 🙁
    Just have a quick question. Not sure if i didn’t browse the website thoroughly but do you have an article for those unfamiliar with bidding or auction? And do I need to have a sufficient amount of cash to do so? Thanks.

  4. hi mr. jay, ask q lng sana pano ba mag join s real state even abroad..am working here in singapore but thinking to go out from office and start small business or try real state..thanks

  5. Hi Jay, pwede ko po ba malaman kung saang tax delinquent property auction ang inattendahan niyo? In addition, meron po ba kayong strategy with respect to bidding for tax delinquent properties?

  6. hi sir jay,meron po sana akong itatanong sa inyo although hindi po sya related sa article nyo. i hope you could give me feedback about ignition marketing philippines, i dont know kung familiar po kayo.may email po kasi ako ng natatanggap sa knila. is this true or scam lang po cya?. thank you po

      • kung maging member ka nila, they will going to teach you how to make money online. wala po silang membership fee, all you have to do is buy their product. tapos pag meron kang mairefer na frend mo, you will receive 2000 commission for your referral.

      • Hi Ms. Caren and Sir Jay, How are you po?

        Ang Ignition Marketing po ay ginawa ng mga batikang Online Marketers. Dinisign po nila ito upang matulungan ang mga Pilipino upang magawa po nila ng tama ang kanilang online business. Ito po ay isang system para sa mga kagaya po natin na online business entrepreneurs. Ganun po siya at hindi po siya Scam. 🙂

        But you can search by yourself po kung scam po ba talaga ito..I hope it helps po. 🙂

        [link removed by moderator]



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