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774 BDO Foreclosed Properties in September-2022 Nationwide List

A total of 774 BDO foreclosed properties are available for sale as per nationwide list updated as of September 2, 2022. This updated list comes from Ms. Mila Dioneda of the BDO Asset Management – Sales Department. Details below.

BDO foreclosed properties are for negotiated sale, which means you just have to submit an offer which are received on a “first come, first served” basis (no need to go through an auction/bidding, see steps below).

Offers are still subject to bank management’s approval.

Since these foreclosed properties are offered for sale through various channels, some properties on the list might be already sold. Because of this, you should first contact Ms. Mila to confirm the availability of any property that you are interested in.

View BDO foreclosed properties listing

For easy searching and filtering, you may view the entire list of BDO foreclosed properties in our “Classifieds Database” below:

==> Click here to view searchable list of BDO Foreclosed Properties (Database)

You may also view/download the list in PDF format below:

Updated nationwide list from BDO in PDF format. Click image to download.

==> Download BDO foreclosed properties list (PDF)

(Note: Foreclosed properties highlighted in blue inside the PDF file are no longer available)

Reminder: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files, which is free to download at

Search our foreclosed properties database…

Wait, there’s more! You can also search from over 20,000 foreclosed properties in our database that includes multiple banks and lending institutions that have foreclosed properties for sale. Quickly search using the link below:

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All locations with foreclosed properties by Province/City

You can also browse all locations within the Philippines with foreclosed properties available from ALL banks/lending institutions inside our database, grouped by Province/ City, on this page:

==> Click to browse all foreclosed property locations

Note: The “Foreclosed Properties Database” is a work in progress. If you have comments/ suggestions, please do let me know by leaving a comment below.

How to avail / buy BDO foreclosed properties

Based on our past transactions with BDO, here’s a quick overview of the buying process via negotiated sale:

1. Choose the foreclosed property or properties you prefer.

Browse through the list of foreclosed properties and choose which properties you are interested in.

2. Contact BDO directly for more property details

You can proceed and contact BDO directly to get more property details / payment terms / schedule an ocular, etc. Contact info can be found within this blogpost (just below this summary), inside the downloadable list in PDF format.

Recommended reading:

3. Do your due diligence

If you are seriously interested in a property/ies, you should do proper due diligence (inspect the properties, verify the title/tax declaration, check what are the taxes and fees you will shoulder as the buyer, etc.). We recommend that you do the inspection personally.

If you’re abroad, you can ask a trusted relative do the inspection for you, but I still recommend that you come home at least once to personally inspect the property yourself, before submitting an offer.

4. Choose your payment terms

In addition to cash payment, here are the payment terms we got last time we checked for BDO:

  • Reservation Fee: 5% of selling price
  • Minimum downpayment: 25% of selling price (exclusive of the 5% reservation fee)
  • 70% balance: Payable over 5 years at 12% annual interest rate. Optionally, you may choose to get a loan takeout later either from BDO or other banks/lending institutions. Call BDO for details.

By the way, since payment terms often change, most especially the interest rates, always call the bank directly to get what currently applies before you submit your offer(s).

5. Submit an offer (received on a “first come first served basis“)

Note: Offers are now received on a “first come first served basis”. This is the new sales process as of June 1, 2021. In the past, if a property gets multiple offers, there will be a bidding. Now, whoever made the first offer will get processed and can end up as the winning offer if it gets approved (no need to go through a bidding).

If the property/ies you are interested in pass your due diligence, you can go ahead and submit an offer, inclusive of the 5% reservation fee. Call BDO directly to get all details and complete list of forms and requirements. All offers are subject to management approval.

6. Wait for your offer to get approved/disapproved

a. If your offer was approved, your 5% reservation fee becomes part of the downpayment, and BDO will assist you with finalizing the purchase. You need to choose between cash payment (usually due in 30 days after notice of approval), in-house financing, or bank loan (you need to finalize your downpayment amount/ years to pay for the balance and interest rate, submission of requirements, contract signing, when you can move-in, etc.)

b. If your offer was not approved, your reservation fee will be returned to you.

Note: The above is just a quick overview based on our own experiences from past transactions with BDO. Their exact procedure is subject to change without prior notice. Our standard Site Disclaimer applies.

To get more details, please contact BDO directly. Refer to their contact details below

FAQ for BDO Foreclosed Properties

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about BDO foreclosed properties and acquired assets.

Can I buy BDO foreclosed properties through a Pag-IBIG housing loan?

Yes, they allow loan take-out to Pag-IBIG or other banks, but the buyer must agree to the payment terms of BDO initially and start paying the corresponding monthly amortizations.

You will have to pay the monthly amortizations while the loan from Pag-IBIG (or other banks) is being processed. (To compute for monthly amortizations, you can use our home loan / mortgage calculator)

Can I sell BDO foreclosed properties as a real estate broker/agent?

Yes, selling BDO foreclosed properties is open to licensed real estate brokers/agents. We used to sell their foreclosed properties when we were still active (Read: Why we stopped offering real estate broker services for foreclosed properties).

For broker accreditation questions/requirements, please contact BDO directly, see contact info below.

BDO Foreclosed Contact numbers

For more information or clarification with regard to the foreclosed properties in BDO’s latest list, you may call or visit BDO’s office:

Mila Dioneda / Sales Officer

  • 09564920261 / 09223724522

BDO Asset Management Management – Sales Department

  • 25/F, Pacific Star Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., corner Makati Ave., Makati City

Reminder: Ms. Mila Dioneda is from BDO and only handles BDO foreclosed properties. I was notified by Ms. Mila that a number of people contact her and ask details for properties that are from Pag-IBIG/other banks. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Let me repeat, Ms. Mila is from BDO and only handles BDO foreclosed properties. Thank you for understanding!


“Sale shall be on “as is where is” basis.

All offers are subject to Management approval.

Availability of units and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Misprints should not be construed as misrepresentation of the property.

Lease offers welcome for all condominium units listed except those under “With Authority to Sell”. Please call for price.

Where applicable, prices are exclusive of VAT

Full disclosure

Nothing to disclose. While we are accredited licensed real estate brokers with BDO, we are posting this as a form of public service to our readers and subscribers. We have stopped brokering foreclosed properties at the moment, so please contact BDO directly to inquire. Thank you for understanding!

For real estate brokers/sales persons who want to market these properties, please contact BDO directly for accreditation requirements.

Please feel free to share this listing with your friends and associates.

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