An Easter Sunday Reflection: Who can really help us?

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I remember how good it felt to be able to help people in our office to do their work more effectively when we had setup an IT Support Helpdesk System way back in 2003. It felt great to be able to empower others. Little did I know that many years later it would also lead to a humbling experience.


For those who have been following Foreclosure Investing Philippines, you already know that before I got into real estate investing and internet marketing, I worked as an IT Manager in a multinational company.

One of the earlier initiatives my team did at the IT department when I took over as the department head was to setup a Helpdesk System that would help our colleagues in the office to do their work more efficiently and effectively by making sure all their IT related problems were addressed in a timely and effective manner.

In other words, we were there to help them finish whatever it was they were doing that encountered any problems related to IT, and that was a lot. It was very rewarding, however, because we were really empowering people. This went smoothly for about three years.

Things however started to change. The number of users, systems, servers, and computers grew in number to about double their original count, while the number of IT staff dwindled up to the point that there was only one left. No, that was not me.

I left the Company but returned (crazy, I know – who would’ve thought that the company I transferred to was worse than my former job) and I became number two, but it was a far cry from the five-man team we had when we were at full strength, while taking care of half the number of IT resources and users.

To alleviate the situation, we systematized what we did through standards, processes, and procedures. In fact, we became ISO 9001 certified, among a number of certifications the company I worked for was able to achieve, and I also became one of the internal auditors. We automated processes so well so much so that in spite of having the lowest budget among offices in the ASEAN region, we were one of the leaders in this area.

However, systems and automation can only go so far, especially if it lacked resources. In other words, we still lacked manpower.

When this all started, I was diagnosed with hypertension. And yet after another three years, the situation still remained the same.

This was the time when a question dawned on me, “As the helpdesk, we helped other people, but when the helpdesk needs help, who can help us?”

That question became a rhetorical question and I often used it to make a point when I discussed with friends my predicament. I simply left it at that, accepting that my problem had no solution that was within my control, except for me to move on and look for another job or another means of earning a living.

Thankfully, through divine providence, I finally mustered enough strength to become a real estate investor and also do internet marketing in my spare time. At that time, being a full-time employee, I really had no spare time. But somehow, I made time! Here’s a tip: If I can do it, so can you!

And as they say, the rest is history, and I am so thankful to have moved on to do what I believe is a higher purpose.

But it all came back to me during a retreat…

Yesterday, during the third and final day of the live-out Holy Week Retreat by Bo Sanchez, the same rhetorical question above suddenly came back to me. This time around however, it was no longer left unanswered.

The answer to my burning question “As the helpdesk, we helped other people, but when the helpdesk needs help, who can help us?” was simple. God is the answer!

Though I have always been thankful to God with the blessings that have been coming our way, it seemed my question above has been left hanging in my mind for the longest time.

But thanks to that wonderful moment yesterday, which was just one among many, the question was answered, and I believe this will finally bring closure to it.

The answer was really there all along, God is the answer!

In whatever difficulties that we may encounter in our lives, help is always there, from God himself, just like how he sent his only Son not just to help us, but also to redeem the world.

All we have to do is ask.

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Luke 11:9 NIV


Let us not forget to give thanks to our Almighty God who is always ready to help us no matter what, especially on this most glorious day that we celebrate today.

Have a blessed Easter everyone!

To our success and financial freedom!

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