Don’t be a stupid real estate investor!

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I hope that got your attention! As we start a brand new year, I’m sure a lot of you have a lot of New Year resolutions and plans.  There’s really nothing wrong with that. However, I can’t help but throw the same question to you as I did to myself, when I started to make plans for the new year. Actually, I am throwing the same question not just to real estate investors, but also to just about everyone who happens to read this. Let me try to explain below.

Do you have the same plans because you didn’t do them?

Are any of your plans for the coming year the same plans that you made last year? If you actually failed to do some of them, then I guess it would okay to have the same plans, as long as you never really got around to doing them.

Maybe  you were just too lazy or out of focus(ouch!!!).

Do you have the same plans because you think you can do better?

However, if you did manage to do what you planned to do, but did not get the results that you wanted, then maybe it’s time to consider other ways or strategies. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean that you should give up, what I meant was that maybe there’s a better way to achieve your goals or objectives.

If you believe that things did not work out the way they should for something, then ask yourself “How can I make this work?”, a question I often hear when listening to Robert Kiyosaki’s audio books. That something could be about getting started in real estate investing or finding more real estate deals, it could be about things getting better at work, it could be about your plan to lose weight (ouch again!!!), that something can be just about anything.

What’s important is that if you realize that you are not getting the results that you want, then by all means, sit down, think it over, learn a lesson or two, then go ahead and do things differently. Don’t make the mistake of doing the same things expecting things to be different…

After all,

“We all know the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – as quoted from Robert Kiyosaki’s book – Conspiracy of The Rich.

I wish everyone a successful new year!

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