Pasalo (Assume Balance): Sell a house and lot via Mortgage Assumption (overview)

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Here’s an overview of “Pasalo” (assume balance) house and lot process. I was asked what’s the process to sell a house and lot via “assume balance” during an FB live hosted by Boost Gio. I gave an overview w/ an example where I sold our house (with Pag-IBIG housing loan).

This is applicable to properties with existing mortgage loans (Ex.Pag-IBIG housing loans). It would be a different process for properties under a contract-to-sell (CTS), I’ll discuss selling properties under a CTS (ex. foreclosed properties from Unionbank, RCBC, etc) in another video.

There’s also a different process for transfer of rights (ex. preselling na condo, etc.)

This video was recorded way back in November 29, 2018, I’m glad I found a recording. 🙂

I edited this to add notes on the screen for more clarity.

This is just one of many videos where I was invited to share experiences and lessons learned about investing in real estate/foreclosed properties in the Philippines.

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0:00 Intro

0:12 Option 1: Deed of Sale w/ Assumption of Mortgage

0:30 Option 2: Take over mortgage payments w/ “internal agreement”

0:49 Foreclosure risk with mortgage assumption

1:04 Assume balance Pag-IBIG housing loan example

1:33 Original borrower must be proactive

1:41 Disadvantages for the buyer

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