We are all safe and sound, thank God!

For those who don’t know, my family lives in Provident Village, Marikina City, right smack in the middle of the floods that reached higher than the roof of our house.

Just wanted to say that we are all okay, we are safe and sound, thank God! I’m so grateful to all the heroes and angels that God sent to keep us all safe. Although our entire house in Provident Village got submerged, we know we are still lucky and blessed as all of us are alive and well…

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38 thoughts on “We are all safe and sound, thank God!”

  1. Hi Jay,

    happy to hear that you’re all safe and sound. We can get so many lessons in that particular incident .

    God said ” Fear Not, i am with you, Be not dismayed , for I am your God, I will strengthened you, Yes i will help you and uphold you in my righteous right hand.”

    We can truly Trust Him.

  2. Thanks God for all his unspeakable gift and for keeping us all safe from tropical storm ondoy! God Bless and take Care po.

  3. thank god you and your family are safe… siguro we should consider the location of our investments. i saw sa tv (forgot the name of the person) they made a study nung 70’s or 80’s pa and nakita nila na this will happen in the future ksi nga mababa yung lugar. the engineering or architecture of the buildings and houses should have been designed elevated at least some meters. kaso di daw sila pinansin noon… isa pa climate change nga. hope we all learn from this…

    1. Hi Johhny, I also watched the show of Kim Atienza describing this and also a Mr. Palaflox(if I’m not mistaken). I’m just glad my other property investments are located at upper Antipolo. Unless they do someting about it, I guess parts of Marikina like provident village are not ideal places to invest in…

  4. Jay, Can we meet just got back from work at sea. Kuwait was HOT. I am in Merville and will be here for a couple of months I am intrested in the auctions and would like to flip a property. please email me. Thanks

  5. Millionaire Acts

    Glad to know that you are safe too. Did you have to evacuate the place? We had a hard time evacuating our place.

    1. Actually my wife and I were out, she attended a seminar and I attended an auction. I tried to go back to provident before noon but I was forced to go back due to the flash floods all over the metro. When I picked up my wife later in the afternoon, we tried to go back to Provident Village again but we were unable to do so, but we did receive a txt message from my son’s yaya(I consider her as one of God’s angels sent to protect my son) that they were okay and were seeking refuge on the 3rd floor of an apartment building at the back of our house. We were finally able to reach them the next day!

  6. Hi Jay, during the storm, I was thinking about you and all the people I know in Marikina. I’m glad you’re all safe and sound.

  7. Thank God po talaga at safe kayo…I’ll pray that you and your family would continue to be safe. Be strong sir, this is one of the adversities that would make you stronger…If there’s anything we could do to help sabihin nyo lang po.


  8. Thank God indeed you are all safe. What is more important in life are not possessions but those free things such as happy life, friends and health…

    1. Thank you Jan! I hope others affected by the floods are also okay, although I personally saw some the bodies of those who did not make it and were being carried out of Provident Village… can’t describe the feeling of being in the middle of a calamity like this.

    1. Hi Eds, yes you are right. Actually when we first opened the house, my wife and I did not feel like we were sad or anything like that when we saw that just about everything in our house was destroyed, we knew that what was more important was that all of us in our family were safe and sound. I guess the only feeling I have right now is fatigue, it really is hard to clean up such thick mud left behind by the flood.

  9. I am so grateful also that you are safe and sound. yes, you are right, we still thanks to God for those heroes he sent. We must also pray for those people who loses their someones in their families.

    1. Thanks Engle. Yes, we must also pray for those who lost loved ones, and we can also help in our own little way.

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