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No More Excuses – Be A Successful Real Estate Investor!

Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” often said that “Excuses are the words coming from the loser in you.”. I remember hearing this from one of his audio books some time ago but this has been running through my head often because there have been a lot moments lately where I notice I am making excuses when I am unable to do things which I know are essential in order for me to realize my goal of getting out of the rat race and achieve financial freedom.

What's your excuse

What are the common excuses?

  • I don’t have enough time to…
  • I don’t have enough money for…
  • I’m going to start but I just have to…
  • I would rather stay within my comfort zone than…

It’s time to face reality and stop the loser in you

All of us have this silly excuse that we are too busy and don’t have the time to do this and that. In real estate investing for example, we don’t consistently analyze properties. We lose sight that real estate investing is a numbers game and the more properties we analyze, the more chances we have of getting that one deal out of a hundred that’s worth investing in. You can hear that voice inside of you say “But I don’t have time to analyze a bunch of properties, I’m just too busy…”. Do you really lack the time or maybe you are just not willing to make time?

How about the money for down payment, repairs, etc. That loser inside of you says “You don’t have enough money!” but have you really tried to manage your money and see where all your money is going? Have you really taken steps to ensure that you are consistently building your financial freedom account (FFA) along with the other “money jars” needed to effectively manage your money?

You want to start to do something worthwhile but then again, that loser inside of you says “Stop… let’s wait until the timing is just right” and all that crap. It’s just like waiting for all the stop lights on the road to turn green before starting to move. Good luck!

That voice of the loser inside may also say “Why should you even bother doing something that’s way out of your comfort zone…” and instead convinces you to just endure a comfortable life which is often synonymous to a tolerable but often meaningless existence. Maybe it’s time you realized that no one became ultra successful by living a comfortable life. If that was true then those millions of people who do nothing but watch TV all day would have become rich and successful by now. Ouch!

Focus on the winner inside of you!

Maybe we should all stop listening to the loser inside of us that never runs out of excuses and holds us back from becoming successful real estate investors! Don’t you think it’s about time that we focused on listening to the voice inside of us who actually says how we can we make things work, the winner inside of us?

It’s that winner inside of us that would realize that one needs to make time instead of complaining that we don’t have enough time for real estate investing. The winner inside of us discerns what things are truly important and worth doing and helps us find the time we need no matter how “busy” we are and then this allows us to consistently look at properties and analyze them as it would really take about a hundred properties before finding that one gem of a deal.

It’s also that winner inside of us that somehow finds creative ways of financing those great real estate deals that we may find even if the loser inside us says we don’t have enough money.

Lastly, that same winner inside of us will also coax  us out of our comfort zones and make things happen to achieve financial freedom in spite of a little discomfort that we may experience along the way.

No more excuses please!


To our financial freedom!

Jay Castillo
Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Broker License #: 20056

Text by Jay Castillo. Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved.

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