Car got flooded? Why not consider looking at these bank repossessed cars for sale?

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Did your car get flooded at the height of Typhoon Ondoy (International codename: Ketsana) or Typhoon Pepeng (International codename: Parma) and now you’re still waiting for advice when it can be brought in for repair? What if your car was already under repair but it turns out you will have to wait for several months for spare parts like a computer box for example to become available? Maybe it’s simply too expensive to have the flood damage to your car repaired because your car insurance doesn’t cover Acts of God or flood damage?

Cheer up! Just remember to count your blessings and I hope the following listings of bank repossessed cars for sale can be of help or at least give you an option just in case you really need to have a car soon and you are looking for cheap cars. Just make sure that these repo cars were not flood damaged as well.

I have compiled listings of bank repossessed cars for sale from Robinsonsbank, United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), and Unionbank. Just refer to the details on each respective listing of repossessed cars for sale in case you are interested.

Robinsonsbank repossessed vehicles


UCPB repossessed vehicles for sale

Unionbank repossessed cars

*Source: Manila Bulletin, October 18, 2009 issue, classified ads section

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