AUB Foreclosed Properties and Repossessed Cars for sale as of July 2016

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Here’s a quick update for Asia United Bank’s foreclosed properties and repossessed cars, for July 2016. To keep things simple, this update also includes properties from their subsidiaries. These are Cavite United Rural Bank, and Rural Bank of Angeles. Details can be found below.

Listing details

These foreclosed properties are for negotiated sale, no need to go through a public auction.

This means that interested parties only need to submit their offers.

All offers are are subject to the evaluation/approval of the management.

Payment terms

Here are the payment terms for the foreclosed properties from AUB and their subsidiaries.

  • asia united bank foreclosed propertiesCash – one time payment upon approval of offer;
  • In-house financing
    • Minimum of 20% down payment upon approval of offer;
    • 80% balance payable in 5 years at 12% interest per annum

Note: For repossessed cars, please call AUB directly.

Download AUB/CURB/RBA foreclosed properties listings plus AUB repossessed cars

You may download the complete listings below. Contact details are within each list.

Seller BankAcquired Asset TypeUpdated as ofRemarksDownload links to listings
Asia United Bank (AUB)Foreclosed propertiesJuly 2016Includes properties within redemption period
Asia United Bank (AUB)Repossessed CarsJuly 2016
Cavite United Rural Bank (CURB)July 2016
Rural Bank of Angeles (RBE)July 2016
Note: This list supersedes all listings from AUB and its subsidiaries that are posted in

How to inquire

Always inquire directly with AUB or it’s subsidiaries using the contact details provided in the listings above. Thank you!

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DISCLAIMER : All properties are offered on “As is Where is” basis. Titles of properties are either under Seller’s name or under various stages of consolidation going to Seller’s name. Some properties have pending legal issues. Interested parties are therefore advised to check the title, the physical and legal condition of the property. Vicinity maps, lot and floor areas are approximates only. Property details(including the lot plans and picture), prices, terms are subject to change without prior notice. The Seller reserves the right to pull-out the property any time. Changes in prices are subject to sole discretion of the Seller. Any misprint shall not alter the property’s factual condition nor shall they be deemed misrepresentation of the property.

Source: Ms. Hazel Balaquiot of AUB


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Happy hunting!

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