109 SSS Foreclosed Properties for sale this November 2019

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109 SSS foreclosed properties are available for November 2019. These are for negotiated sale and it was last updated on October 31, 2019 (the last working day of October – which means this list is for November 2019 onwards). Details below.

View list of SSS foreclosed properties (database)

To view all SSS foreclosed properties with easy searching and filtering, access them all through our “Classifieds Database” below::

Click here to view searchable list of SSS Foreclosed Properties (Database)

Search all foreclosed properties in our Classifieds Database

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Search by typing keywords (ex. Your preferred subdivision, village, condo, etc) and/or location(s) and click “Search” (Hint: Include keyword “sss-foreclosed” to only include SSS foreclosed properties in search results, leave blank for all).
  2. Use “Advanced Search” to choose preferred price range, lot/floor areas (if data is available), and also to exclude those classified as occupied.

Browse all locations with foreclosed properties by Province/City

You can also browse all locations within the Philippines with foreclosed properties available from ALL banks/lending institutions, grouped by Province/City, on this page:

Click to browse all foreclosed property locations

Note: The “Classifieds Database” is a work in progress. If you have comments/suggestions, please do let me know by leaving a comment below.

View/ download the list of SSS foreclosed properties (PDF)

You may also view the list of SSS foreclosed properties in PDF format below.

If you can’t see or if it’s hard to read the list above, or you prefer to download a copy, just use the download button/link below.

Click to download SSS foreclosed properties listing (PDF)

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files, which is free to download at Adobe.com

Source: SSS Official website

Past listings of SSS foreclosed properties (Archive)

This archive is like a record/history of past listings of SSS foreclosed properties for easy reference.

Click below to expand/show all archived listings:

Payment Terms

The last time I called up SSS to ask for their payment terms, here’s what I got (Please call SSS to confirm if the following are still valid):

  • Minimum Downpayment: 10% of selling price if selling price is above PHP500,000.00, 5% if selling price is below PHP 500,000
  • Discounts: A cash sale will get 10% discount. You can also get 10% discount if a property is occupied.
  • Payment terms: Up to fifteen (15) years at 9% interest per annum (Note: interest rates can be lower if payment term is shorter, call for details)

Note: You might be thinking about the additional 10% discount if a property is occupied. Before you decide, please remember that ejecting the occupants is not for the faint-hearted, which is why we recommend to move-on to other available properties if the property you are interested in turns out to be occupied.


All foreclosed properties are for sale on an “as is where is basis”. Property availability and prices are subject to change without prior notice. All offers are subject to approval by management. Misprints shall not be construed as misrepresentation of the property.

Who to contact for more information

For more details, please contact SSS directly through the contact details as indicated inside the list of foreclosed properties above.

Full disclosure: Nothing to disclose, we are not accredited real estate brokers of SSS, and we are just sharing this to everyone who might be interested.


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