BPI Foreclosed Properties / Buena Mano List (April 2024 Online Sealed Bidding)

Here’s the April 2024 “online sealed bidding” list of Buena Mano/BPI Foreclosed Properties. The deadline for bids is on April 30, 2024, 9:00am. See details below.

2023 bpi foreclosed properties (Buena Mano) list for online sealed bidding

Important Reminder: The telephone numbers of the designated bank officers that handles each of the foreclosed properties are included in the list from Buena Mano below. If you are interested in a foreclosed property, please call them up directly. This is the fastest way for you to get information. Thank you for understanding!

Buena Mano / BPI Foreclosed Properties List for online sealed bidding

The listing is in PDF format can be viewed through the button/link below (downloading is optional).

Online sealed bidding list for April 2024

==> Download Regular Sealed Bidding list for April 2024 (Buena Mano Website)

Terms and conditions/bid form

Below are direct links to the Buena Mano website:

==> Go to Sealed Bidding Terms and Conditions

==> Go to Sealed Bidding Bid Form

Online Sealed Bidding Schedule

Please see below the schedule for submission of bids.

  • Bidding Period
    • April 1, 2024 (9:00am) to April 30, 2024 (9:00am)
  • Opening of Bids
    • April 30, 2024 (9:01am)
Source: Buena Mano website

How to buy Buena Mano/ BPI foreclosed properties via “Online Sealed Bidding”?

How to inquire – Contact the designated “Sales Officer”

To get details faster, please contact Buena Mano directly. You may refer to the listing above for the telephone numbers of the designated sales officer/person-in-charge that handles the foreclosed property you are interested in (rightmost column).

Sealed Bidding Guidelines (Summary)

Please refer to the guidelines below, which is a summary of how to buy via online sealed bidding:


1. Sale is on an “AS IS-WHERE IS” basis.

2. Bidders should make reasonable examination of property title/s and tax declaration/s and inspection of the physical condition and  location of the properties. It is best to contact the specific Sales Advisors indicated on the properties listed for further queries.

3. Buyers should make a bid through the online submission platform as indicated on www.buenamano.ph from April 1, 2024, at 9:00:00AM to April 30, 2024, at 9:00:00AM. The official time indicated on the online registry will serve as our official time of receipt of the bids.

4. The Bank shall not accept bids beyond the defined cut-off date and time.

5. The Seller reserves the right to withdraw the Property/ies at any time before the deadline for submission of bids.

6. The Seller reserves the right to reject any and all offers at its sole discretion, waive any defects or informality on the offers received and accepts the most advantageous to the Seller but does not guarantee that any award shall be made.

Source: Buena Mano official website

FAQ for Buena Mano / BPI Foreclosed Properties for sale

Here are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) from the Buena Mano FAQ page:

What taxes and fees are to be shouldered by the buyer?

Once you submit an Offer to our Customer Care Desk, you will be informed if your offer has been accepted. A Letter Advise containing the terms and conditions of the sale (with the following information) shall be sent to you:

a. Selling Price
b. Property Address/Description
c. Schedule of payment/s to complete the purchase price

After you sign the Letter Advise, which signifies that you agree with all the terms and conditions of the sale, you must send us an originally signed copy for our official files and as our basis to reserve the property for you until you pay the minimum Ten Percent (10%) Earnest Money on or before the date stated therein. If the Earnest Money is not paid on the due date, then the property will be offered to other interested buyers.

The following are the related taxes and fees due to the National Government of the
Philippines in a real estate transaction:

·    Government may impose other taxes and fees that are not covered by the above schedule.

·    Computations of taxes and fees are not final and are subject to change based on government-mandated rates or BIR rulings or computations prevailing or applied during the registration of the documents covering the transaction.

·    CWT [Creditable Withholding Tax] is computed using the Selling Price shall be for the account of the Seller. However, any amount of CWT that maybe due that is in excess of the CWT determined using the Selling Price as basis shall be for buyer’s account.

·    The Documentary Stamp Tax, Transfer Tax, Registration Fee, IT Fee and other sales related fees and charges are for the account of the Buyer.

·    Transfer Tax should be paid within 60 days from date of notarization of Deed of Absolute Sale.

·    Registration Fee – graduated rate based on the Selling Price.

What are the payment modes available when I purchase a BPI / Buena Mano foreclosed property?

“Payment schemes for your property purchase may be:
• Cash   
• Bank Loan/Financing – Through BPI or  BPI Direct BanKO, Inc., A Savings Bank
– Terms are subject to separate credit approval by the lending bank

I am a licensed real estate broker, how do I become an accredited Buena Mano broker to be able to sell your properties?

“We are most happy to welcome you to be part of our Buena Mano Accredited Brokers.  However, you must first submit and comply with our broker’s accreditation requirements so we can immediately process your accreditation.

For more information, please visit our Broker’s Corner: Click here

Property classifications for Buena Mano/ BPI foreclosed properties

The list contains Green Tag and Yellow Tag properties. Please see below for more details with regard to these property classifications:

Property Classifications for Buena Mano/ BPI foreclosed properties
Property Classifications for Buena Mano foreclosed properties as printed in one of their old catalogs

Green Tag properties are real estate properties already cleared with Titles and Tax Declarations duly consolidated / transferred under the name of the bank which foreclosed the property/ies with its authorized caretakers, particularly those with improvement and can be visited/ inspected anytime.

Yellow Tag properties are real estate properties with any of the following “special concerns” such as but not limited to: Titles and/or Tax Declarations are still in process of transfer to the bank which foreclosed the property/ies; or Titles are already under the name of the bank but the properties are still occupied by the former owners, tenants or illegal occupants; or there are property documents that still need to be updated.

Red Tag properties are real estate properties specifically with pending court cases (under litigation) filed by either the previous owners against the bank or 3rd party claimants. Titles of these properties are either with legal annotations, adverse claims or lis pendens. Interested party is directed to verify status of the case/s from the court/s.

Where are the Buena Mano / BPI Foreclosed Properties for negotiated sale?

If want more properties from BPI, they currently have 800+ properties on their website that are for negotiated sale on a “First come First served” basis. Here’s a direct link to their search results page for real estate:

==> https://www.buenamano.ph/#realestate-sale

I’ll see if I can add their negotiated sale list to my foreclosed real estate database. Speaking of…

If you still want more foreclosed properties, check out my foreclosed real estate database that currently has so much more foreclosed properties from various banks/ government entities, see below:

Search for more foreclosed properties in our database…

You can also search from over 30,000 foreclosed properties in our database.

This includes other banks and lending institutions that have foreclosed properties for sale.

Use this to quickly search for all foreclosed properties in a subdivision, village, condominium project, city, etc.

==> Click for advanced foreclosed properties search

All locations with foreclosed properties by Province/City

You can also browse all locations within the Philippines with foreclosed properties available from ALL banks/lending institutions inside our database, grouped by Province/ City, on this page:

==> Click to browse all foreclosed property locations

Note: The “Foreclosed Properties Database” is a work in progress. If you have comments/ suggestions, please do let me know by leaving a comment below.


Here’s the disclaimer from BPI:

ALL PROPERTIES FOR SALE ARE ON “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” AND “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED ” BASIS. Prices are not applicable to buyback transactions with former owners, call for buyback prices. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE and MAY BE WITHDRAW WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. ALL OFFERS ARE SUBJECT TO MANAGEMENT APPROVAL. PLEASE CONFIRM ENTRIES BY CALLING OUR HOTLINE OR SENDING AN EMAIL TO BUENAMANO@bpi.com.ph. Misprints and other errors are unintended and do not consider acts of misrepresentation, intentional non-disclosure, fraud or withholding of accurate property details and pricing.

Full disclosure

Nothing to disclose, we have stopped with brokering of foreclosed properties. Please contact Buena Mano directly if you are interested in any of their properties.

Got questions?

Since we have extensive experience in buying and selling foreclosed properties from Buena Mano / BPI, please feel free to ask questions below and I’ll try to answer them. But if you have questions and/or inquiries about their properties, you should contact them directly!

~Jay Castillo

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