City Treasurer of Quezon City to auction tax delinquent properties on December 10, 2009

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The City Treasurer of Quezon City shall be holding an auction sale of real properties with delinquent tax payments on land, building, and machineries on December 10, 2009 at the main entrance, Taxpayer’s lounge, Quezon City Hall, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines.

You may download the list of tax delinquent properties to be included in the tax foreclosure auction sale on December 10 through the links below. This list is updated as of November 23, 2009 and was published in the Philippine Star:

In tax foreclosure auctions, winning bidders will have to pay the whole winning bid amount in cash before the end of the second day from the auction date. Furthermore, the owners are given 12 months to redeem their property. If the property is redeemed within 12 months, the winning bidder will get his/her money back plus interest at a rate of 2% per month. For more information, you may download a copy of the rules and regulations below:

I would advice interested parties to verify the properties that are to be included in the tax foreclosure auction sale by getting an updated list at the Quezon City Treasurer’s office. Since a lot of the owners of the real properties on the list would actually pay their real property taxes as the day of the auction nears, expect a lot of properties to be withdrawn from the final list of properties to be included in the auction.

Don’t forget to do your due diligence before even considering to bid on any of the properties included in this tax foreclosure auction. You may refer to my previous post: Quezon City Tax Delinquent Properties public auction sale on October 8, 2009 where I enumerated general steps as reference when doing your due diligence with respect to tax delinquent properties in Quezon City.

Note: I am posting this as a service to readers and subscribers of Foreclosure Philippines. For further information and inquiries, including but not limited to specific questions about any of the properties on the list, please contact or visit the Office of the Provincial Treasurer of Quezon City.

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