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To all OFW’s: Need To Earn Passive Income And Come Back Home For Good? Try Foreclosed Property Investing!

“Are you always sending BALIK BAYAN boxes every month or every payday, year after year?
Are you working your head off having 2-3 jobs to just earn enough for you and be able to send money home?

What if you can make your money work for you! Instead of getting 2-3 jobs, you teach how your relatives can earn money from rental properties? Wouldn’t this lighten the load.

Instead of BALIK BAYAN BOXES, why not a HOUSE and LOT, or an APARTMENT which you can rent out. It’s safe since your family can not sell it without your permission, not like a car, computer or any expensive appliances like TV.

You will be surprised to know that the amount you spend to fill up a BALIK BAYAN BOX can actually buy you a rental property that can earn you additional money.

The quote above is the description for the now defunct “OFW earn Passive Income via Real Estate Rental Properties” Meetup group, which I was a member of.

Passive Income or doodads?

Although the Meetup group is gone for now, the message is still relevant. We often hear stories of OFW’s who send money and gifts(in balikbayan boxes) to their loved ones with the hope of coming back for good one day after amassing enough savings and/or so called “assets” like home theater systems, computers, PSP’s or other expensive gadgets/appliances, which are actually doodads since they don’t generate income and tend to depreciate quickly. After awhile they do come home and enjoy life but they then realize that their savings are already dwindling.

Balikbayan box
Balik bayan box

What’s worse is I also hear of stories of OFW’s who come home only to find out that all the money and gifts they have sent home are gone without a trace. With a heavy heart, they have no choice but to leave again to work abroad. The “rat-race” cycle continues. Of course there are those who are already enlightened and actually buy real “assets” that provide passive income but judging from the number of friends and friends of my friends who I know who are still working abroad, I would say these are quite few.

It’s really possible to be back home for good

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for OFW’s to come back home for good, where they have a choice to stay with their loved ones or still go abroad in case they wanted to but not out of necessity?

In my opinion, buying foreclosed real estate fits the bill as it can provide the means to buy income generating properties that are real assets as described by Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. If you haven’t read this book, I highly suggest you read it NOW!

Little downpayment needed for foreclosed property investing

Foreclosed property investing requires very little down payment which is comparable to the cost of the contents of balikbayan boxes that are sent home to loved ones. Imagine that, for the cost of a balik bayan box, one could have already acquired an investment property that can generate passive income for many years.

Passive Income and Positive Cashflow

If chosen correctly and managed well, foreclosed properties that are then rented out could generate enough income immediately that would cover the monthly amortizations along with an excess cashflow that would increase over time as the loan gets paid, and rents increase. This positive cashflow that would be coming in without depending on the amount of work put into it is passive income.

My Vision

Are you beginning to see my point? My vision would be to have OFW’s building enough passive income through rental properties which would then allow them to come back home and stay home for good, if they wanted to. While it’s true that OFW’s earn big money working abroad, I believe it would be better if they had the means to stay home and have the time to enjoy a meaningful life with family and loved ones here in the Philippines!

What to read next

The goal is financial freedom…

… But we also need financial literacy!

All About Foreclosed Real Estate Investing

Lessons Learned


To our financial freedom!

Jay Castillo

Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Broker License # 3194
Text by Jay Castillo.Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved.

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24 thoughts on “To all OFW’s: Need To Earn Passive Income And Come Back Home For Good? Try Foreclosed Property Investing!”

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  3. Hi Jay
    I have been reading your blogs for several months ago and it opened my eyes to a lot of things. My drive to achieve that financial freedom started last year when I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book. I followed it up with some other books like the Cashflow Quadrant, Real Estate Investing by Dean Graziosi . I am an Network Engineer working for a Multinational co. in Alabang for 5 years now. The pay is good but like what Robert Kiyosaki said I am still in a “Rat Race”. I dont know where to start but I am really excited to try out real estate investing. I am planning to attend one of Dr. Larry Gamboa’s Seminar

  4. Hi Jay,

    I honor and thank you for your undying efforts on helping us in any way you can for us to get out of the rat race.

    Im also an OFW here in dubai. I’ve read most of Robert kiyosaki books, your articles here and others book (e.g. larry gamboa and etc), I wanted to invest and focus on cash flow. medyo me mga tanung pa ako gustong klarohin, sana ma tulongan mo ako.

    Is there a way maka invest sa foreclosure sa pinas kahit andito ako sa dubai? if yes, anung way po? (me one year pa kasi ako bago na aman makauwi sa pinas 🙂 ).

    kunwari sa Unionbank public auction, me 20K na show money at nasa davao ako. need ba talga punta ako ng manila just to attend a public auction sa unionbank or other future banks?

    San po kau pwde ma contact or any representative po aside dito sa website.

    Maraming salamat po and more power po. God bless..
    Happy Hunting

  5. Hello!


    I want to thank you for your very informative blog. Although
    there were times that I felt an “information overload” (hehe), I
    still crave for more.


    Upon reading most of your articles, it made me conclude that
     eyeing for good foreclosed properties
    and investing in it  requires time, quick
    response/action and closer look. Especially to personally inspect the property
    and doing the market research as advise. Since I am based overseas and have limited time whenever in Philippines for vacation, what
    options/pointers/alternatives can you suggests for us OFWs  so we can still make a successful investment
    despite of our distance aside from delegating task to our relatives who are
    based in the Philippines
    as not everyone is available all the time.


    Thank you and more power!

  6. Hi Jay!
    Again, very helpful links and article. Thank you so much for inspiring us especially OFWs. I have started investing in stock market but I also have this real interest to know and invest in real estate. I am based in Riyadh also but no plans of staying here for the next five years or more. Scouting while on vacation is a very good idea rather than going anywhere and spending with some nonesense activities. It also excites me more to know that the amount i spend in balikbayan box i sent home can buy a rental property and can earn an additional income.
    I am so eager to know more about it.
    Thanks again.

  7. Love this article.. it inspires me alot. Kaya kayod pa muna dito sa Saudi. Sa awa ng diyos i have 3 lots invested sa loob lamang ng 3 yrs sa Saudi. Dahil sa website na ito, parang naingganyo akong bumili ng foreclosed properties. Pero kailangan ko munang unahin magkaroon ng sarili naming bahay ng mga anak ko.

  8. Hi Jay,

    How to scout for foreclose properties in the Philippines? Can i ask to the bank Directly? or ask a property agent?


    • Hi Harold, yes you may ask the bank directly. If you need more assistance, you may also work with a real estate broker or sales person, just make sure they are duly accredited by the bank, and are licensed by the PRC. Please keep in mind that when you get the services of a licensed real estate broker/ sales person, you avail their services at no additional cost for you.

      Good luck Harold, cheers!

  9. Kamusta po, sobrang laking tulong sakin nitong site na ito at raming kong nalalaman tungkol sa real estate. OFW akong nagtratrabaho sa barko. At naghahanap ng pdeng ipaginvest ng kinikita ko, at real estate ang pinaka nakita kong pinakamaganda at safe. Kaso ang problema ko lng, kng pde ba ako maginvest sa real estate maski nagbabarko ako for 6 months tpos 2 months lng ang bakasyon ko sa pinas.ang naiisip ko, kng pwede, tuwing uuwi ako, bibili ng foreclosed property at gagawing rentahan, para may cashflow na mas mataas kesa nsa bank lng yung pera ko na mababa interest. Posible po ba ito? possible ba pong magayos ng property ng dalawang buwan? o baka po may iba po kayong pwedeng isuggest… tpos gusto ko po sana mag seminar para mas maintindihan ko at mas lumawak kaalaman ko sa real estate, di ba po advance masyado ang seminar para sa balak palang magkaron ng kaalaman sa real estate? Baka may masuggest din po kayo tungkol dito. Maraming salamat po…

  10. hi, isa po akong ofw na nagtratrabaho sa cruise line. sobrang nakatulong sakin tong site nyo pagdating sa real estate and investing. ang tanong ko po kng possible na maginvest sa real estate maski nagtratrabaho padin ako dito sa barko, kse laging 2months vacation lng ako lagi sa pilipinas pagktpos ng 6 months work. gusto kong iinvest yung pera ko para lumalaki, kesa nsa banko lng na mababa ang interest. at nagbabasa din po ako ng mga articles nyo dito at pinagaaralan ang real estate, so gusto ko din mas lumawak pa ang kaalaman ko, so plano ko mag seminar paguwi ko. uuwi po ako ng july 17 at aalis ng sept 11. baka po mabigyan nyo ko ng mga schedule ng seminars o kng ano pong marerecommend nyo para mas maintindihan ko ng maayos ang takbo ng real estate at magamit yung kaalaman na yun pagtagal o kng gusto ko ng magstay sa pinas o kng posible maski habang nagbabarko ako. salamat sa oras at sa pagtulong mo sa amin gamit ang site na to.

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  12. Thanks Jay for the sharing your valuable entrepreneurial mindset and experience specially to our kababayan in RP and abroad. As one of many OFW, my wife and I are planning to go back to the Philippines once our kids (twins) starts high school. Lots of our friends are asking WHY? well, I should say it’s more of effective way teaching our kids real-life experience living outside of their comfort zone, teach them how pinoy family support system works, learn the language (speaking & writing), let them learn more about their roots, to volunteer and experience what’s life really is in the Philippines. Watching PinoyTV and TFC can do just that much.. nothing can compare to the real-life experience.

    We’ve invested in few properties in RP (near laguna technopark), mostly lots (none generating) but our future plan is moving into property dev;t and, that’s why your blog is valuable specially for me who have 0 knowledge and background in real estate investing.

    More power to You!

    • Hi Elmer, I admire you for your initiative to come home with your kids, I agree with what you said, thanks for sharing!

      It’s good to know you already have investments! I also have plans to go into property development but not in the near future as I would need time to raise capital. Thanks for dropping by and God bless.

  13. Hi! I think it’s not such a good idea to buy lots only since it would not immediately be a source of what we call passive income. I recently inquired a friend contractor on how much would it cost to build 2-storey apartments that would fit the size of our lot. We have acquired this lot for more than 5 years and is just sitting idle thus, the reason we got interested in the construction of apartments. Turns out however that 1 unit would cost 840k already! So if we were to build 3 units it would cost us more or less 2.5million! A good alternative therefore is to buy foreclosed properties which already have structures built on it…there are many posts here offering tips on how to spot a great deal. And unless you have someone back home you could really trust and who has a lot of free time, the only other option we OFW’s have is to do the scouting ourselves during our vacation. As Jay would put it, happy hunting!

    • Hi Ross, thanks for answering Thelma’s question! Aside from scouting around while on vacation, I’ll also think of other ways and share it through a new post…

  14. i’m really interested in buying foreclosed property .but how OFW can buy while we are working a board. pls.give me some info on what to do coz i have some property which i’m interested but that was lot only ,just want to asked is it a bad idea if i buy lot only coz i have a 4 lot that i buy and just leave it as it is for more than 10 years now coz i always read in your mail that u buy n rent it.

    • Hi Thelma, I believe Ross said it well in his reply below, it would be better to buy properties with improvements already. I will have to create a new post on what options you can take if you are an OFW who wants to start investing in real estate while continuing to work abroad. Thanks for visiting!

  15. Hi! I am based here in Riyadh together with my husband and 2 adorable kids and I must say God has been good. I recently stumbled upon Robert Kiyosaki’s book and also Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, which I found absolutely inspiring. Though we already have our own property (and have been mortgage-free for years), we’re now looking to acquire more properties that will yield passive income and will build wealth over time. We are now aware of the “real” assets and have learned to live frugally..earning two incomes but living on one and sticking to our spending plan.
    More power to your blog. I’ve learned a lot from reading your posts. And I’ve been sharing it with my friends here, too, who share similar goals of becoming OFW millionaires (through God’s help and wisdom). God bless you more!

    • Hi Ross, thanks for sharing your thoughts, very inspiring and I look forward to more good news from you. Thank you also for taking time to read my posts and for sharing with your friends, really appreciate it. I also wish you and your family more blessings!

  16. Hi Dan, thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog! Your comment reminded me of my ninang who is also working in UK. During her last visit here in the Philippines, I also tried to explain to her all about investing in real estate, and how one can earn passive income, basically Rich Dad principles by Robert Kiyosaki. Somehow I think I was able to at least open her eyes on the subject. I’m glad that you however are more advanced than my ninang as you are already building a 2 door apartment, congratulations! I suppose you can have your relatives back home help you with the scouting for good properties and the property management afterwards. I wish you the best of luck and don’t hesitate to post any questions that you may have about investing in foreclosures!

  17. Hi there,

    I am your typical OFW working here in the UK. For the past 3 years I have been spending on things that I thought was worth something such as fancy cars and gadgets. Somehow when your working abroad its really easy for us Filipinos to be overwhelemd by our salary and how much luxury items we are now able to buy. Eversince I read Kiyosaki’s book I learned that for a number of years my money was being wasted away with doodads. At the moment I am building a 2 door apartment on our idle land in Pasig hoping I can get good passive income of that. Foreclosed properties will be a bit challenging for me because I need to be constanly present in the Philippines to scout for good buys. This blog is really a big help for me because it gives me an idea of what to expect in this line of investment.

    Thank You


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