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[Video-Tagalog] 30+ Beginner Questions About Foreclosed Properties w/ tips, advice, and examples

“If I find a foreclosed property, should I ask If someone committed suicide inside the property?”

“How deep a discount can you get when buying a foreclosed property vs. pre-selling?”

“Saan mas maganda bumili ng foreclosed houses – banks o PAG-IBIG?

These are just a few of the 30+ questions beginners often ask about foreclosed properties, which we answered during a livestream. Good news, a video recording is available! Watch it below.

This is in tagalog, parang nagkwentuhan lang kami, kulang na lang beer (It was like a beer drinking session minus the beer). 🙂

Here’s the video recording for you (with timestamps)

Click the video image to play from the beginning, or click on the timestamps below the video to jump to a question.


2:52 – Start of Live Stream

10:32​ – Wealth Arki welcomes Mr. Jay Castillo of

​15:19​ – Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng “Foreclosed Property”?

17:37​​ – Bukod sa banks, may iba pa bang source ng foreclosed properties?

18:42​​ – Paano malalaman kung ano yung mga na-foreclose na property? Paano makakuha ng listahan?

21:20​​ – Kung may dalawang tao na nagka-interesado sa isang property sa website, sino ang uunahin sa kanila?

22:35​​ – Itong PHP1.2M na nasa website, ito na ba ang cash price ng property?

23:10​​ – Ano pa yung iba’t ibang set-up sa pagbili ng foreclosed properties?

23:49​​ – Paano ko isu-submit ang offer ko sa Public Bidding o sa Negotiated Sale?

24:20​​ – May bayad ba pag magbibigay ng offer?

25:31​​ – Bukod sa bangko at sa PAG-IBIG, saan pa ba okay na tumingin ng foreclosed properties? (More entities similar to SPV’s will sell foreclosed properties because of the new FIST law)

27:48​​ – Kung ako ang nanalo sa bidding, pwede ba ako mag-apply ng loan sa bangko para bilhin ang property?

28:24​​ – Yung selling price ba ng property is not any more the original market price? Pag foreclosed, yung balance na lang ng property ang ilalagay nila na price tag?

30:28​​ – If I want to have an exposure on real estate, when should I go for foreclosure or brand-new property or for sale by owner, etc. (which is better)?

32:08​​ – Bakit ako nagsisi dahil isang property lang ang tinignan namin nuon (Bakit parang relasyon ang pagbili ng real estate). 🙂

34:00​​ – What type of investor should you be to go for foreclosed property instead or pre-selling, etc?

35:44​​ – Tip: Paano malaman alin ang mas sulit pag may nakita kang foreclosed at pre-selling (based on actual data)

38:57​​ – Paano malalaman yung market value ng isang property? Kailangan ba ng taga-appraise?

42:49​​ – How deep of a discount can you get in a foreclosed property vs. pre-selling?

44:37​​ – How long will it take before I can move-in to the foreclosed property I purchased?

47:25​​ – Kapag may Nakita ba ako na foreclosed, kailangan ko tanungin kung may nag-suicide?

50:38​​ – Pwede ka ba tumawad sa bank dun sa listed price ng property?

51:46​​ – Aside from the price, ano pa ang mga dapat malaman para masabing good buy itong property na ito?

53:47​​ – How much po kaya ang starting capital kapag bago pa lang sa real estate and target ang foreclosed properties?

54:47​​ – Saan mas maganda bumili ng foreclosed houses – banks o PAG-IBIG?

58:06​​ – Pwede mo ba i-enforce yung mga marshall or sheriff sa pagpapa-alis ng illegal occupant? Does it work?

59:10​​ – Kung bibili ako ng foreclosed property, pwede ko ba siya i-apply na PAG-IBIG loan?

1:00:14​​ – Hi po. Any private institute owned Foreclosed Propoerties? Many? Or few? What are the requirements?

1:02:12​​ – May nabili ako foreclosed property. Maganda ba ipa-rent-to-own siya?

1:06:00​​ – Ano mas maganda pa-rent o flip?

1:09:32​​ – Maliban sa location, ano pa ang ibang tips o criteria na dapat tingnan kapag bibili ng property na ang goal ay papa-upa niya?

1:12:07​​ – Will you advise someone to buy a property in Laguna with a goal to have it rented-out, but the owner does not live near that property? (Absentee-Owner)

1:15:12​​ – Magkano ba ang starting capital?

1:16:55​​ – Magkano magparenovate?

1:18:05​​ – Hi sir Jay. Yung mga nagbebenta ng property na Rights lang walang Title, okay po ba yun?

1:21:10​​ – Okay po ba yung mga pasalo? Madali lang po ba yun malipat yung pangalan sa buyer?

1:24:50​​ – Bakit mas madali ma-approve ang loan sa PAG-IBIG pag RFO vs Foreclosed Properties?

1:25:56​​ – Ano po ibang option kung di po ma-approve loan sa bank or PAG-IBIG pag foreclosed property?

1:28:01​​ – Architect agrees that Php5,000/sqm for renovation is okay.

1:28:39​​ – Mga ilan years ang return of investment sa rental ng foreclosed property na ideal?

1:32:06​​ – Please visit to see listings of foreclosed properties.

1:35:46​​ – “Kung bibili kayo ng property, damihan niyo yung titignan niyo. Dapat collect data and select (para hindi magsisi).” -Mr. Jay Castillo

1:39:10​​ – End of Live Streaming

Want Part 2?

Before anything else, I would like to thank Rienzie Biolena (he’s the president of Wealth Arki), Fitz Villafuerte (he’s my “batchmate” when it comes to blogging and he started “Ready To Be Rich” ( a few months ahead of me when I started my own blog), and Marion Evangelista, for having me as their guest. I had a great time answering all their questions!

Anyway, I noticed a number of people in the live-stream (and also in the youtube comments) are requesting for part 2. How about you?

Let us know by leaving a comment below and tell us what you want us to cover next. Of course, I can also answer individual questions by making separate videos in my own youtube channel.

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