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Nationwide listing of Philmay foreclosed properties for September 2012 released

Philmay and maybank foreclosed properties

Philmay Properties Inc. (PPI) has just released its listing of foreclosed properties from Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao areas, updated as of September 15, 2012.

The good thing about foreclosed properties from Philmay is that they are all for negotiated sale, which means prices are negotiable, and there is no need to go through auction. Note, however, that offers are subject to management approval.

Payment terms

20% minimum downpayment is required. The balance shall be payable up to 10 years. Longer payment terms (for example, 15 years) is possible, subject to approval.

Download the complete list of Philmay foreclosed properties

You may download the complete list of Philmay foreclosed properties as of September 2012 in PDF format below.


  1. Prices are negotiable
  2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  3. Maybank reserves the right to amend the terms, conditions, and withdraw/replace anyand all properties anytime for whatever reason Management may deem appropriate 
  4. All sales shall be on an “as-is, where-is” basis, no waranties and “no recourse” basis. Status and condition of the properties are not comprehensive or complete: Buyers are therefore advised to conduct their own due dilligence prior to submission of an offer to buy
  5. The property list is effective for three (3) months from date of release and may reflect properties already sold. Please confirm availability of properties. 
  6. Submission of offer to buy is on a first come, best offer basis. Maybank reserves the right to conduct private bidding in the event of multiple offers received on the same property subject to the bidding policy of Maybank
  7. Mere submission of an offer does not construe a right of “first option” by the offeror
  8. The creditable withholding tax up to the agreed purchase price shall be for the acocunt of Maybank. Any fractional cost or excess shall be for the buyer’s account 
  9. Prices are not applicable to buyback of the former owners or relatives up to 1st degree of consanguinity. Please confirm with Maybank any buyback price 
  10. All sales transactions are subject to the final approval of the Management of Maybank
  11. Brokers or agents are not allowed to accept any payment from prospective buyers 
  12. Taxes and required fees due from buyer must be settled on time during documentation to avoid penalties

For more info

For more information with regard to the foreclosed properties on the list, just leave a comment below.

Happy hunting!


To our success and financial freedom!

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Full disclosure: I am an accredited real estate broker of Philmay Property Inc.

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44 thoughts on “Nationwide listing of Philmay foreclosed properties for September 2012 released”

  1. Hi Sir Jay, just sent our updated pricelists of foreclosed properties and vehicles for posting at foreclosurephilippines.com… tnx tnx

  2. Sir Jay,

    Good day Sir!
    May i inquire the details of six parcels residential lots (with occupants) in:
    Camarines Sur
    Within Zone 4, Barangay Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City
    T-23390, T-23445, T-23446, T-23447, T-23448, T-23396
    Can the lot be purchased individually?
    How much is the cost of individual lots?
    May I ask for the map or the location of the said properties?

    Thanks and more power!

  3. good afternoon Sir Jay. I am interested in the 720-sq meter property located in Tigaon Cam Sur: 3 vacant residential lots within Amparo Village Tigaon Cam Sur. Are they still available? If yes,kindly furnish me a vicinity map. Thanks.

  4. i`m interested in this property located @ sitio awa Catalunan Grade, davao city 146-2012006272 can i have the details of this property & T-152924. thank you very much

  5. Good pm Sir Jay,
    May I inquire of the following for sale properties located at bicol area:
    1.) T-65247, Mixed Residential/Agri.land, A=8,170.0 sq.m., P 2,100,000.00
    2.) T-9829, Agricultural lot, A=7,500.0 sq.m, P=1,600,00.00
    3.) T-28349, Mixed Residential/Agri. Land, A=8,066.0 sq.m., P 1,100,000.00
    Please furnish us the vicinity map and photocopy of TCT of each property for my reference on next week site inspection.
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Mr. Castillo,

    I’m interested the lot in Philmay as describe in Batangas
    Within Barangay Ulango, Tanauan City, Batangas
    Agricultural lot, T-45038, 3,429.00 sqm, P450,000.00.
    Can you send me vicinity map, the previous owner, and is this still available? and selling price is still the same. Thanks a lot and i hope you will reply.

    • Hi Mr. Castillo,

      I’m Roy Basilla, I would like to follow up my inquiry about the lot in Bgy Ulango, Tanauan batangas w/ TCT#T45038.

      And also the 6 lots in Zone 4, Bgy. Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City w/ the amount of P700,000.00. My question is the price of 6 lots is only P700,000.00 of 1535 sqm. Are these still available?

      Thank you.


  7. I am also interested in the Antipolo properties if they are still available:
    Bgy.Dela Paz, Antipolo N-22981, N-22982, N-22983
    Brookside Antipolo N-103607
    Can you also send me location/vicinity maps, copy of titles and name of caretaker. I know this email is coming late but if possible, i would like to visit the property tomorrow?

  8. Hi Sir Jay,

    Gusto sana yung anak ko makabili thru PAGIBIG ng house and lot or lot only. Kung mayroon accessible to Ortigas Pasig.

    Thank you.


  9. Hi Sir Jay, Can you kindly send me the details for the ff:
    Brookside Antipolo N-103607,
    Bgy.DelaPaz, Antipolo N-22981; N-22982; N-22983
    San Jose,Nueva Ecija T-70293

    Thank you:)

  10. Hi Sir Jay, Can you kindly send me the details for the ff:
    Brookside Antipolo N-103607,
    Bgy.DelaPaz, Antipolo N-22981; N-22982; N-22983
    San Jose,Nueva Ecija T-70293

    Thank you:)

    • Hi Ms. Diane, I’m still waiting for the info for Bulacan properties from Philmay, including this one. I will also send you details for this particular property once available. Thanks for the inquiry!

  11. Hello everyone, I already received SOME OF THE details from Philmay and I will email them directly, sorry for the delay as my wife and I were in a seminar and meeting all day yesterday.

  12. Hi sir Jay,

    I’m interested the ff. properties: [1]t-258683 [2]*T-72.066[m] both in bulacan area [3]P-8359 in Zambalis.

    Please provide me an exact price and the exact location or map for me to expedite my visit of the properties! And other pertaining and important details.How I can make my payment?

    Many thanks! Hopping your utmost response!


    • Hi Genesis, let me get the details and get back to you. Payments will be with Philmay directly and we can set a meeting at their office for that. Thanks and I’ll get back to you asap…

    • Hi Ms. Amy, I have just sent you an e-mail containing details for these properties in Batangas. The files are quite big (around 5mb in total). Please confirm receipt of the files intact. Thanks!

  13. Hi Jay,

    I’m interested in a property in Bulacan T-258683. Requesting for details please. and if in case, this is my first time to buy a property, please advise how I can go about doing this. Thank you.


    • Hi Miel, we will get the details for you as requested and we will be more than glad to assist you. Will get back to you as soon as the info is available. Thanks for the inquiry…

  14. Hello po sir Jay, gusto ko po sanang malaman yung details nung Baguio property with Title numbers T-76511 and T-76514. Maraming salamat po sir.

  15. Hi,

    I am interested in the property in San Jose Nueva Ecija, ID no. T-8831 , 1013 sqm. 310,000 thousand. Can you send to me the location and the map of this property.



    • Hi sir Ernesto, I have already sent the vicinity map along with a copy of the TCT through e-mail. Please check and confirm receipt. Thanks!

  16. Hi Jay
    I would like to inquire on ff:

    Batangas Within Barangay Ulango,
    Tanauan City, Batangas
    Agricultural lot T-45038 3,429.00 450,000.00

    Thank you

  17. Regarding the 3 parcels of vacant residential lots within Brgy de la Paz, Antipolo City by Philmay, Titl;e No., 22981, 22982 & 22983, please furnish me with location/vicinity maps, pictures if available, copy of titles. and name of caretaker. Thank you.



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