Top 10 Mistakes when Buying Foreclosed Properties/Real Estate | Real Estate Investing for Beginners

People make mistakes when investing in real estate (including foreclosed properties) and can cost a lot of money. I covered the most common mistakes in this talk. I also shared tips on how to avoid them.

This *video was taken during the TGFI Financial Literacy Summit last April 2, 2017 at the SMX Mall of Asia.

I was told I only had a few minutes left during my talk and I had to explain everything quickly. I can expound on these in other videos.

Of course, these are just the top mistakes I wanted to discuss in the small time I was given. In the future, I can tackle more real estate investing mistakes that should be avoided.

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===Links to resources mentioned===
Why some free ‘financial literacy’ seminars may be scams:

Maceda law (R.A. 6552):


0:00 Intro, Buying even if you really can’t afford a property

0:44 Not doing enough Due Diligence

1:08 Beginning investors fall for scams

2:17 Not looking at enough potential properties

2:41 Lack of focus

3:03 Starting too big

3:17 Not getting ready

3:30 Listening to the wrong people

4:11 Procrastination

4:42 Wasting the best time to invest in real estate

5:26 Key Takeaways

5:54 Additional resources

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