HGC Foreclosed Properties For Sale From The Housing Fair 2013

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With this post, we will be starting a series on the listings of foreclosed properties we got from the Housing Fair 2013. If you missed this year’s housing fair, don’t worry because we attended the Housing Fair 2013 at the SM Megamall last Saturday and we will be featuring the listings that we got. The listing from Home Guaranty Corporation (HGC) will be the first to be featured.

housing fair 2013

HGC is offering their properties on the listing below for outright sale (either cash or installment), or for lease under a rent-to-own scheme.

HGC foreclosed properties for sale

The complete list of foreclosed properties from the HGC booth at the Housing Fair 2013 can be found below and contains 65 properties. Instructions on how to buy these properties can be found on the third page of the the listing. Just click on the image below to download…

Note: Some properties have illegal occupants, or may have a lis pendens(pending court case). I would avoid those if I were you.

HGC foreclosed properties for sale during the Housing Fair 2013 – PDF format (click to view/download)


…or click on the following link:

Of course, it would be hard to upload all the listings we found at the housing fair in just one post so we will feature them one by one. This listing from HGC is just the first one, more to come in the following days!

Happy hunting!

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