4 Essential Real Estate Marketing Tactics Using Online Tools (Infographic)

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In this day and age, smart real estate investors and real estate brokers already know that using internet marketing for real estate is essential. I cannot stress this enough when I am invited to speak about internet marketing for real estate. In those talks I give, I often find myself saying that those who don’t harness the power of the internet will get left behind, and with good reason…

According to the 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 90% of home buyers used information from the internet for their home search. Although these statistics are for the USA, I am quite confident that the numbers for the Philippines would be catching up and become close soon enough. With this huge percentage, it is pretty obvious how important internet marketing is for real estate.

Think about it. If 90% of home buyers searched for homes online, and you are not marketing your real estate on the web, then it follows that you are NOT reaching 90% of all potential home buyers out there. That’s a huge chunk of the real estate market which you have missed. Such a waste don’t you think?

I suppose most of the investors and brokers out there are already convinced of the importance of using the web to market properties. Question is, how do you market real estate online?

How can you use the internet to market real estate?

The following infographic tries to answer this question as it illustrates four tactics that can help market properties effectively, using online tools. We know these tactics work because we have tried using them here in ForeclosurePhilippines.com.

Are you using any of these tactics to market your real estate online? Why or why not? Let me know which of the tactics are working for you (or not) through the comments.

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