Foreclosed Property Inspection Tip: Always inspect during daytime

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In today’s blogpost, I want to share a very important tip when it comes to inspecting foreclosed properties: You should always inspect during daytime, here’s why…

One aspect of doing your due diligence is inspecting the property. However, most foreclosed properties out there will have no electricity because it has been disconnected due to non-payment, so you might not be able to see things clearly inside the property with no lights.

Note: Yes, you can bring a flashlight, but based on experience, it’s not really effective.

This can make it unsafe/dangerous because there might be hazards inside the property that you might not see, like holes/excavations that can make you trip, or you can even fall into them (if big enough).

Also, if a foreclosed property is old and dilapidated, you might also encounter other things that are unsafe like debris, parts of the building that might fall on you, floors that might cave-in, and other hazardous things you might encounter.

I’ll show to you what I mean and explain further through the following short video (It’s less than 3 minutes long!).

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How about you, have you encountered something similar while inspecting foreclosed properties? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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