Frequently Asked Questions about the Buy Foreclosed Properties online training

Before anything else, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to those who have already enrolled for our BUY FORECLOSED PROPERTIES online training. I also have a quick reminder for those who have enrolled so keep reading. The FAQ comes after the reminders for those who have already enrolled.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why don’t you offer a live training instead?

I could have, but I didn’t, because a live training course would be so expensive to run, and it will obviously be more expensive for those who want to attend.

I believe my online training would be the equivalent of doing 12 live seminars. Let’s assume the price of the cheapest live seminar out there would be around Php2,000 per seminar, and using simple math, 12days xPhp2,000=Php24,000. Compare that to my online training which is just Php15,997 plus 3.5% transaction fee if payment is through PayPal/credit card (no transaction fee if through bank payment). Of course, this would be like comparing apples and oranges.

You see, a “laser focused”, and highly specialized live training can be priced anywhere from Php38,000 to Php60,000 and more. Now those are better comparables for my online training, but notice the price difference?!

2. Why is this training so pricey?

A lot of people usually look at the cost of a training, when they should consider the value that they get with their investment. In fact, when friends and mentors of mine learned how much I charged for everything included for a similar training I released last year, they were all unanimous in saying I undervalued what I offered.

Now I listened.

Nevertheless, I still went below their recommended price, which is why I am offering this at an “introductory” enrollment fee of just Php15,997 (plus 3.5% transaction fee if through PayPal/credit card, no transaction fee if through bank payment), which includes crazy bonuses for VIP’s like lifetime access, downloadable video/audio of the training topics, and the ultimate real estate investing action plan.

I honestly believe this is the most complete training you can get that will teach you step-by-step how you can find, analyze, buy, and profit from foreclosed properties.

If you go for something else that is “cheap”, then you might end up with something that has only bits and pieces, that can lead to costly mistakes.

You might also end up just wasting a lot of your precious time, which you will never get back.

Sometimes, what appears to cost less actually costs more… think about it.

Ok, this training might be pricey compared to a previous offering, but it is still a great deal compared to live trainings out there (see #1 above)

Note: I might be stating the obvious, but it goes without saying that a price increase is very likely if and when I do decide to re-open this in the future.

3. Hi Jay, can you be my mentor?

Actually, this is a very general question which I get even without the training. Before I answer this, let me give my own definition of what a mentor is. For me, a mentor is someone who has been there and done that (whatever it is you want to do). In other words, a mentor is someone who guides you based on experience.

In that sense, then yes, you will get me as a mentor when you enroll for this training, because I will be training you and guiding you using my own experience with investing in foreclosed properties.

4. Will this training allow me to get Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units to renew my real estate broker license?

No, this training will not earn for you any CPD units as of now.

I am also not sure if this can qualify as part of “self-directed learning” activities. “Self-directed learning” is defined as “learning activities such as on-line trainings, local/international seminars/non-degree courses, institution/company-sponsored training programs, and the like which did not undergo CPD accreditation but may be applied for and awarded CPD units by the respective CPD Councils.” as mentioned in PRC Resolution No. 2013-774, Series of 2013.

Although we have plans to check with PRC and have this accredited, I can’t give any promises as of now.

5. I can’t see the button to pay through PayPal/Credit Card, where is it?

The “Add to Cart” button will appear below the Video on the page for the VIP promo, after a few seconds. I’ll fix this so it will show immediately. You can also scroll down to see the same buttons just after the FAQ.

6. Will you be conducting another training like this soon?

Answer: The last time I opened something similar was more than a year ago. I said before that I shall open another batch after 3 months, but a lot of things beyond my control happened, hence I was no longer able to re-open, until now.

This time around, I wish I can say I will re-open very soon, but I don’t have a crystal ball, so I won’t. What I do know is this is the last time I will offer lifetime access for a one-time payment plus downloadable videos/audio versions of the training.

This is to ensure I will be able to handle all questions of participants, just like during the humble beginnings of the blog in 2008 where I was able to answer all questions very quickly (we only had about 200 daily visitors back then).


Okay, that’s our list of frequently asked questions for now. Other frequently asked questions are already included in the sign-up page (near the bottom).

If you have other questions, just let me know by leaving a comment below.

Thanks and best regards,

Jay Castillo – Owner and founder,

P.S. – You still have 3 days left to enroll and get the all the crazy bonuses that will only be available during this VIP launch which include lifetime access, free platinum upgrade (downloadable video/audio), and my ultimate Real Estate Investing action plan.

Click here to enroll for the BUY FORECLOSED PROPERTIES online training

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