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CBRE Post-Auction Sale Of Foreclosed Properties

CBRE has released this post auction listing of foreclosed properties that were not sold during CBRE’s public auction of foreclosed properties last May 28, 2009.  I noticed that only a relatively few number of  properties were sold during the public auction which leaves a lot of properties available for negotiated sale.

Interested parties just have to submit their bids on the foreclosed properties they are interested in, just call up CBRE to get a copy of the official bid form.  Same auction bid terms should apply which means you should still be able to purchase any of the foreclosed properties on the list through bank financing and with only 10% down payment.

CBRE Post Auction foreclosed properties may 28 2009Just click on the image on the left to check out the post-auction listing. I got this through e-mail from CBRE. If you find the listing difficult to read due to the small size, you may also refer to the listing in my previous post and just take note of the properties that were already sold.

As usual, all properties are for sale on an “AS IS, WHERE IS” basis and the available properties, rates, and prices are subject to change without prior notice. It is highly recommend that interested parties  call to verify availability and other important property details. You may also refer to my previous post on the 31 Questions You Need To Ask When Inquiring About A Foreclosed Property as part of your initial due diligence.

I apologize for not being able to post this post-auction listing sooner. As most of you would know, I was quite busy migrating this blog from Blogger to a new host using WordPress and doing it with all permalinks intact and with the least amount of downtime was more complicated than I have previously anticipated. Anyway, what’s important is that the move has been finally done and I can now focus on giving you all more foreclosed property listings, public auction schedules, and foreclosure investing tips! I will now also be able to answer all your comments/e-mails that got sidelined by the migration, I’m so sorry for the delay.

Happy hunting.

To our financial freedom!

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P.S. – Although the migration has been completed, setting up of categories for each individual post, reformatting of posts, etc. is still ongoing. Do let me know if you encounter any broken links or any other problem that needs to be addressed. By the way, I have also changed the title of this blog to Foreclosure Philippines as I believe it is more appropriate. Don’t forget, your feedback, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!

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7 thoughts on “CBRE Post-Auction Sale Of Foreclosed Properties”

  1. There are some good buys in that subastahan. I just got second thoughts when I was told the buyer shoulders the CGT. But some of the properties there have been sold/withdrawn already! So I’m working on the numbers and see if it is still feasible.

  2. Hi Lei,now I get it! =)

    I actually thought your “Papa” was Noli Alleje,hehe. Anyway, we have a copy of last Sunday’s bulletin so I’ll just look for it there and post it here as well. Thanks again Lei!

  3. Jay, Subastahan ni Papa is by Noli Alleje. I believe he is the ‘papa’ there. It was published in the bulletin just last sunday. I’ll try to scan it if you don’t have a copy. 😀

  4. Hi Lei,

    Yeah, I believe I saw a new listing from RCBC and it is lined up for posting here, sorry for the delay due to the migration. However, I haven’t encountered any “subastahan” listings lately. Please send me more info about the “subastahan” listing so I can also post it here. May I also ask who your Papa is? I would be more than glad to feature your Papa’s foreclosed property listings here. Thanks for the comment!


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