The latest Buena Mano Car Bidding Bonanza runs until July 5, 2010

Here is the latest list of repossessed cars for sale in Buena Mano’s Car Bidding Bonanza. The deadline for the submission of bids is on July 5, 2010. These second hand vehicles may be inspected at Buena Mano’s stockyards from June 27 to July 5, 2010, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, except Sundays and Holidays. Opening of bids will be on July 6, 2010 at 9:30 am.

Please refer to the complete guidelines and list of cars for sale below.

List of bank repossessed cars for sealed bidding:


Stock Number Unit Decription Kms Reading Color Plate Number Min. Bid Price
1907 ’08 BMW 525i 2.5L Tiptronic 23,941 black JHS 11 2.7M
1768 ’08 BMW X3 2.0 (D) M/T 27,958 black ZNB 977 2.430M
BR0011 ’08 Accord 2.4 I-VTEC A/T 43,528 silver ZNK 942 915T*
3350 ’07 Mits Fuzion Gls Sport A/T (G) na silver ZLY 238 560T
3343 ’08 Ford Focus 2.0L HB A/T 12,943 white ZPY 536 595T
1767 ’08 Ford Focus HB 2.0L A/T 2,324 blue ZNU 938 599T
1917 ’09 Carens LX 2.0 M/T 11,666 red NPO 136 840T
1696 ’09 Kia Rio 1.4L A/T NA red VEV 956 510T
1695 ’09 Aveo 1.5L HB M/T 20,771 silver ZTN 200 450T
1685 08 Chev Aveo 1.4LT A/T 15,744 gray NTI 384 387T
1761 ’08 Optra 1.6LS M/T 32,239 silver ZSA 277 413T
BR0012 ’08 Avanza 1.3J M/T 23,917 white ZNE 931 435T*
1916 ’08 Mazda 3 1.6L A/T 6,716 black ZNP 145 575T
1694 ’08 Mazda 3S 1.6 A/T 29,554 white ZRU 203 480T
1953 ’08 Mazda 3 1.6L Tiptronic NA silver ZMV 800 456T
1923 ’08 Isuzu NHR 55E DR M/T 38,993 white ZRK 858 445T
1915 ’08 Nissan Sentra 1.3GX M/T 30,575 white ZRM 190 332T
M002 ’09 Kawasaki Fury 125cc 7,241 black 3139 DS 40T
M001 ’08 Kawasaki Fury 125cc 10,000 blue 6606 PH 38T
M004 ’08 Kawasaki Fury 125cc 19,398 gray 9923 DO 40T
M003 ’08 Honda Wave 100cc 9,723 green 9555 NT 30T
1677 ’08 Hyundai Getz 1.4L A/T 18,935 beige gold ZNW 445 390T
M00005 ’07 Honda XRM 125cc NA black 9530 NK 26T


1814 ’08 Avanza 1.5L Wti A/T 31,686 silver ZSB 706 563T
1820 ’08 Crosswind Xti 2.5(D) M/T 46,229 black ZTX 217 650T
1721 ’09 Mits Strada L200 4×2 2.5(D) M/T 14,357 black NGO 604 727T
3349 ’08 Fuzion GLX 2.4L A/T 34,955 black ZKN 920 580T
1922 ’09 Mits Adv Gls Sport 2.5(D) 12,744 maroon silver NSO 758 574T
1960 ’08 Mits Adv. GLX 2.5(D) M/T 20,744 silver ZSR 404 468T
1911 ’05 Mits Lancer GLS 1.6L A/T 83,521 blue(lost plate XSX 703 236T
3295 ’08 Honda City 1.3 IDSi A/T 21,610 red ZPZ 104 455T
3342 ’09 Everest 2.5 (D) 4×2 M/T 34,902 silver NFI 637 795T
1817 ’09 Ford Escape 4×2 XLS 2.3 A/T 18,381 silver NYI 493 680T
3339 ’08 Ford Escape 4×2 XLS 2.3 A/T 44,516 Black ZMM 622 646T
1956 ’07 Ford Focus 1.6L A/T 13,331 silver ZHM 480 442T
1723 ’07 Urvan Escapade 2.7(D) M/T 46,048 aquamarine ZLU 298 685T
1914 ’08 Sentra 1.6 GX A/T 22,660 gray ZRB 308 391T
1951 ’09 Kia Carens LX 2.0 (D) M/T 3,804 black NIQ 206 728T
1722 ’09 Kia Rio 1.4L M/T 5,592 white NIQ 619 460T
1725 ’08 Kia Rio 1.4L M/T 28,585 orange ZRW 275 475T
3340 ’08 Kia Rio 1.4L M/T 30,274 orange ZSX 708 450T
1724 ’08 Mazda Tribute 2.3L A/T 44,638 black ZNE 566 710T
1692 ’08 Mazda 3 1.6 A/T 41,570 red ZPW 495 510T
1711 ’06 Optra 1.6NB M/T 49,051 gray ZEW 192 259T
1913 ’06 Aveo 1.5 M/T 50,820 misty blue ZDB 880 298T
1715 ’09 Spark HB 1.0LS M/T (lost plate) 2,663 apple green NDO 689 334T
3286 ’09 Spark LS 1.0 M/T 1,029 red NVI 896 312T
1811 ’08 Spark HB 1.0 LS M/T 14,060 green ZRB 819 298T
1910 ’08 Spark HB 1.0 LS M/T 28,451 red ZNK 107 276T
3300 ’07 Spark HB 1.0 LS M/T 71,383 silver ZKF 300 220T
3341 ’07 Spark HB 1.0 LS M/T 23,131 red ZKF 212 259T
1769 ’08 Suzuki Alto De Luxe M/T 28,363 green ZNW 982 310T
1818 ’08 Suzuki Alto HB A/T 8,946 silver ZNR 350 280T
Please transact directly at Buena Mano’s Makati Office,  G/F, The Enterprise Center Tower 2,  Paseo de Roxas cor.  Dela Rosa St, Makati City.
Look for Nelson 816-9962 or Ricky 816-9955

West Avenue Stockyard
75 West Avenue, Barangay Paltok, Quezon City Tel. 3742800, 3742900 c/o JOE

Campville Stockyard
Km 23 East Service Rd. South Superhway Cupang Muntinlupa City Tel. 809-9986 c/o Assony

Click here to download a copy of the list of repossessed cars for sealed bidding

Click here to download a copy of the bid form


1. Sealed bidding (OFFICIAL BID FORM FORMAT ONLY). Highest bidder wins and only winning bidders will be notified. The Bank reserves the right to reject any and all offers and to accept the most advantageous bid at the Bank’s sole discretion. E-mail Address  and/or Cell Phone number are necessary data which should be contained on the submitted Bid Form. The telephone numbers provided should be where bidder/s can be readily contacted.

2. Drop sealed bids in our designated bid box located at: BPI Property Sales and Leases Office Ground Floor, The Center Tower 2 Paseo de Roxas cor. Dela Rosa Streets, Makati City.

3. Bid Forms (available at the above mentioned stockyards and PSLD office) should be filled out legibly and completely. Illegible and incomplete forms will be disqualified.

4. The vehicles may be inspected at the above given addresses from June 27 to July 5, 2010  from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm only except  Sundays and Holidays. Units are sold on “AS IS-WHERE IS” basis. LTO registration are not updated and is for the account of the buyer

5. Deadline for submission of Bid/s is on  July 5,  2010, cut-off time is 5:30 PM. Opening of bids will be on July 6, 2010 at 9:30 AM.

6. Payment must be made within 48 hours from notification, failure of which will result in cancellation of the bid and forfeiture of the Buyer’s option to purchase subject to Management’s discretion.

* An additional P7,000.00++ will be collected for transfer & registration purposes.

Reminders – Please read!

For inquiries specific to any of the repossessed cars on the list, please contact Buena Mano directly and look for Nelson: 816-9962 or Ricky: 816-9955

I really can’t answer questions about any of the repossessed cars on the list. I am just posting this as a public service to readers and subscribers of

For other questions, please post them through a comment below so that others with the same questions may also benefit from the answers. Thank you.

Happy Hunting!

To our success and financial freedom!

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Text by Jay Castillo and Cherry Castillo. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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