You’re Invited To The Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar On August 1, 2009

For those who missed the Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar last May, here’s your chance! I received this e-mail invitation through the Think Rich Pinoy mailing list of Larry Gamboa and I have pasted it below for everyone’s reference. Do take note that today is the last day for Early Bird rates!

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Larry Gamboa <>

Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 10:43 AM

Subject: Last Day TODAY – Early Bird (Discounted) Registration for Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar on August 1

You’re invited!

What : Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar

When: August 1, 2009, Saturday, 8AM – 5PM

Where: PhilamLife Building, Manila

Email: or

SMS: 0926-999-9999 for inquiries


P1975/ US $ 43 – Early Bird Fee until TODAY June 30, 2009

P 2450/ US $ 53 – Regular Fee from July 1 – 31, 2009

You can pay through Paypal or BPI bank deposit.

See payment details and additional discounts below

Learn from the Think Rich Pinoy TEAM who’s been buying and selling foreclosed real estate for four years now in the Philippines! Yes it can be done. You don’t need to wait for a “recession” to buy property. Get into passive income now!

Buy your seminar ticket here!

What to expect in the Think Rich Pinoy Seminars

Aside from hearing how several young people purchased their first (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th ) properties from the bank at foreclosed rates, complete with pictures, you can expect:

1. Talk 1 – Are you Financially Ready for the Future?

2. The Theology of Money: Talk 2 – Are God and Money really enemies?

3. The Technology of Money: Talk 3 – Pinoy Real Estate Riches Today and Updates

4. The Game of Money: – Cashflow 101 and 202, play the game for 3 hours with like-minded people, guided by seasoned experts

5. Talks 4,5,6 – Real experiences in buying and selling Pinoy Properties from the actual (young) people who did them.

6. Talk 7 – The Think Rich Pinoy Clubs and Pinoy Millionaire Vision 2020

OFWs-teach your family the value of money-in a fun way-via this seminar and the board game. Buy your family a couple of seats to this August 1, Saturday,2009 event.

As you will see, the seminar/workshop is not the same as the book. It adds many dimensions of practicality to it. Come and join us as you continue on your journey towards passive income.

How? It all starts at the Think Rich Pinoy Seminars + Cashflow 101 /202 Game on August 1, 2009

Buy your seminar ticket here!

Free Bonuses:

1. The Breathlessly valuable: *Jay Abraham’s “Master of Passive Income” transcript. “How to Create Multiple Streams of Revenue That Work 24/7 For you”. This 60+ page ebook is going to change the way you think–and earn!

Who is Jay Abraham? Perhaps the world’s #1 expert on Passive Income and #1 Guru of Gurus when it comes to marketing. This ebook’s value alone is more than enough to pay for the seminar price.

2. Special Report compiled for Think Rich Pinoy only (not available anywhere else): The top mistakes pinoy real estate buyers commit.

3. We’re be raffling off a mentoring session: 1 Hour with Larry Gamboa. Ask him anything you want!

4. Enjoy a MARKETING TABLE, where you can leave your calling cards, brochures for people to pickup.

Buy your seminar ticket here!

P.S. Yes, bring a friend with you and learn together. It’s better that way!

P.S. Do you have any relatives who work abroad? Tell them about this so they can sponsor you. They will be glad to, just tell them to read this website! You’ll see.

FAQs Think Rich Pinoy! Seminar

1. Who are the speakers & topics?

Mystery Speaker – Your finances

Mystery Speaker – God vs Money, Is there really a conflict?

Larry Gamboa – Think Rich Pinoy Millionaire Network, Think Rich Pinoy Vision, Think Rich Pinoy Clubs

Ronald Cagape – Cashflow Game Facilitation

Guests – Your Personal Experiences with the game

Think Rich Pinoy Franchise members- Actual Real Estate deals (around 2-3 short talks)

Autograph Signing / Q&A Session

2, What is the difference from previous Think Rich Pinoy seminars?

a. Some attendees can get to play Cashflow 202. This is a more advanced GAME w/c contains stock options (puts and calls), network marketing, easier to bankrupt and harder to leave the rat race. Don’t

know what I mean? That’s okay, play Cashflow 101 instead. 202 is designed for the “veteran player” and those who believe they have what it takes to become wealthy in a short short time.

b. To enhance enjoyment, there will be a contest among tables to see w/c one group gets out of the rat race more. If your group wins, congratulations, you have learned more!

c. People who wish to leave brochures, calling cards, samples to market to the seminar attendees may do so using a promotion/marketing table.

d. One of the attendees (you?!) can get to win a one hour mentoring/Q&A session with Larry Gamboa. It’s a raffle.

e. All attendees get to receive (after the event) access to special ebooks:

– Master of Passive Income – by Jay Abraham

– 10 Mistakes Most Real Estate Investors Make

f. What’s an ebook?

It’s an electronic book, you read it from your computer. The format is normally Adobe Acrobat. To read it you’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from

3. How to register for the Think Rich Pinoy Events so I can participate?

You can pay the seminar fee via:

Bank Deposit: BPI Account Name: ESTI-TRP(Think Rich Pinoy); Account# 8291-0083-57. (Checking)

Paypal/Credit Card: Buy your seminar ticket by clicking this link.

Early Bird Fee is P1975 (until June 30, 2009) Regular fee is P 2450

4. How to confirm my registration?

Just email with the scanned deposit slip or paypal acknowledgment receipt with following data: Name, Address, Email Address, Cell # and Landline # AFTER you have paid via paypal or bank deposit.

5. Can we get a group discount?

If there are five of you, you can avail of the early bird discount (P1975.-) even until the last day of payment (July 31).

6. Other discounts?

If you want to attend AGAIN, you can pay 50% of the fee (P 2450 * 50% = P 1225.00) – just P 1225.00 to attend again and play cashflow 202 or 101, perhaps to challenge yourself. But you must hurry because there are very limited slots for these.

7. Maximum number of participants?

We can only accommodate 120 participants per session.

8. Is this a scam?

No. This is a financial education seminar and Cashflow game. The game uses play money. However, if your mindset is “scam” – unfortunately this is not the place to go – you won’t find any.

The goal of Think Rich Pinoy is to create wealth –using whatever legal means-though primarily through real estate – because that’s the safest way to go. You will not be required to buy property from Think Rich Pinoy people (at any given time we actually have only a handful available properties and we don’t get investors just because they have

the money) -you go buy them from sellers out there in the world. We just enable you to start building your wealth.

Real Estate Investing Wisdom is not taught in schools. That’s why we’re doing this. But the Think Rich Pinoy is NOT an end of learning,it’s a beginning -so please do not make the mistake of thinking you’ll become wealthy because of this one seminar.

You might get one idea that can propel you to become a millionaire, it happens quite a lot. You might get it from the people, the game, the seminar, who knows? The important thing is -you’re ready to accept that idea and run with it. That’s where Think Rich Pinoy comes in-we make you ready or at least we set you off to the path of becoming


9. Can i pay on the site (UN Avenue Venue)?

You may but there’s a danger of not being able to play cashflow as the slots are very limited. Better to secure your seat via credit card (using Buy your seminar ticket here!) or deposit to the bank. If you’re abroad, the best way is to open a free account, connect your credit card to it–following it’s directions –so you can buy a ticket online. Connecting your credit card to a paypal account is not a quick thing to do-so I suggest you do so now-even if you’re planning to pay later.

10. Schedule?

August 1, Saturday, 2009, 8am (we start promptly) to 6pm.

11. Venue?

Training Room of Philam Life, UN Avenue, Manila

12. How to get there?


Go down at the UN Avenue LRT station, walk towards the Manila Bay with Manila Doctor’s Hospital on your right.

The Philamlife Building is in front of the Manila Pavilion/Casino Filipino.

Yes, it’s ironic but that’s where the Think Rich Pinoy event is held. Enter Philamlife entrance (not the casino).

Just tell the guard “Think Rich Pinoy” and you’ll be pointed to a training room just beside the nice outdoor chapel in a garden is located – so it isn’t really ironic. Just fitting.

Toilets would be opposite the direction of the training room.


If you have a car, the parking is on the back of the building. You’ll have to take the other street parallel to UN Avenue, that’s Padre Faura (from Taft in the direction going to Robinson’s Place Mall Faura

Wing) and turn right at M Orosa, so you can reach the Philam Parking (w/c would be to your right.)


A google earth/maps copy of the area is found in

13. Lunch/Snack included?

Yes, we will serve a morning snack and lunch.

14. What should I bring?

If you want an autographed copy of your Think Rich Pinoy books, bring them.Bring a camera and get a photo shoot with Larry Gamboa. Why? Because it works. Most successful people do that, why shouldn’t you?

Your choice.

15. When do you plan to do a seminar here in (Country,City)?

We’re coming up with a manual on how someone in your city can host a Think Rich Pinoy event. If you’re really serious about this, please contact and say “I want to HOST Think Rich Pinoy” and we’ll take it from there.

Right now TRP events are all held in Manila. You can “count the cost” and fly in- like some people do or simply wait it out. The most important thing is to DO SOMETHING.

By the way, did you know that you can still get your Think Rich Pinoy – Silver Membership for free? Click here to learn more, or you can  claim your free silver membership now before its too late!

Happy Learning!

To our financial freedom!

Jay Castillo
Real Estate Investor
REBL#: 20056
Social Network:
Mobile: +639178843882

47 thoughts on “You’re Invited To The Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar On August 1, 2009”

  1. Sir. Jay …. san po pede mka order ng The Secret DVD or VCD ??? or if possible po san po pedeng bumili d2 sa LIpa Batz.? or kung sanpinakamalapit… gusto ko sanang bumili kaso la qng credit card eh….hehe..

    cge po thanks

    1. Hi Red, you should be able to find it sa National Bookstore diyan sa Batangas. If my copy on my desktop is intact, I can lend it to you. Hindi ko pa nacheck kung ayos pa siya. Nalubog kasi yung desktop PC ko sa baha ant putik.

    1. Hi Red, may nakuha akong ebook as part of my gold membership. Why don’t you try it out kasi for USD7 you already get 3 ebooks(Think Rich Pinoy, Grow Rich Pinoy, Think Rich Quick), aside from a ton of resources, content.

  2. I want to share what I thought would be effective

    this is a bandit sign: make it bold and hand written by a grade 3 student

    Buy my house!! now na!!! Very Desperate!!!

    I write very desperate because people are like that.. it’s human nature.. they want to take advantage of desperate people,,,haha,,,

  3. sir jay,

    after you have found and acquire your real estate deal how do you market or “sell” your property assuming you dont have someone(broker/agent/etc) to help you with?

    i know that having a team is important but can you do marketing/selling alone?

    1. Hi Sylar,

      If you plan to do the marketing yourself, you can do this through online classified ads like craigslist,,, etc. You can also advertise it n newspapers but that would cost you. Other methods would be through for sale signs in the vicinity of the property. Another way would be through word-of-mouth. You just need to be consistent in doing all of these in order for you to sell the property. It’s just a numbers game. Good luck!

  4. thanks sir jay for the clarifications..

    i’m also trying my hand in real estate(foreclosure) and i found your website to be very informative and helpful. im including checking your webiste in my daily routines,hehehe..

    im hoping to have my first real estate deal before the 2nd half of next year.

    keep up the good work sir jay!!

  5. Sir. ask q lng,,, d po ba mas maganda kapag nde bank owned properties?? kc you can have a lower price…specially when you find a very motivated seller???

    and ang nakikita q pong advantage ng bank owned properties eh mas sure ung clean title and you never have to find seller bcuz their already in front of you…

    1. Hi Red, if you think about it, banks really are motivated sellers, which is why I am able to find good deals and even great deals from banks. Yes you are correct, I am more comfortable dealing with banks because I know they are real entities and not fly by night, etc… and they have thousands of properties for sale and even if I just find 1% of their listing as good/great deals, I have more than enough deals I can handle. =)

      Bank owned or not, as long as the deal makes sense, I would go for it!

      1. Sir. kung bng mag wholesale ako ng bank own properties anung exit strategy ang pinaka effective???? is it A to B closing then B to C ??? na gets nyo po??? ahmm double closing ata tawag… anu pa pong pede na most effective in reo’s,,,,

  6. rehabbing sounds a lot of work … that’s why I’m studying wholesaling instead of rehabbing…and it does not need lot of cash… and work., hehe,,, opinion lang po,,eheh…ahmm.. goodluck po sa mga rehabber jan… kakailanganin q ko po kayo pag nag start n q ng wholesaling,,,I need buyers..hehe

    1. Hi Red, I focus on rehabs as my last 2 deals were fixer-uppers! 😉

      If you can find good deals for me just like my broker, then that would be great!

      Yes, rehabbing may need more cash but the returns are also bigger and the work involved is just about the same as wholesaling as long as you have a good contractor.

      1. Sir. pede po ba ako mag birddog sa inyo??? kc I’m 16 and d pa pede pumirma ng contract…Sir. if I happen to find a property and it happen that you buy it and profit from it will you give me 2% of your profit??? ….. I know your honest so I don’t need you to sign a contract between us… anu po bng property ung hinahanap nyo??? plz give me the details so I can start now,, I want to learn as well as to earn…

        thanks po

        1. Sure Red, pwede! I was thinking of giving you the 2% based on the price of the property if I buy it. If you want to be part of the deal when I sell it, you can be my selling broker and get 6% based on MY selling price. I’ll be sending you details through e-mail. 😉

          1. Sir. pano nyo po malalaman kung from my marketing nakita nung buyer yung property???

            sir. email nyo po ako about the details… or kung pde po sabihin nyo sakin ung cp number mo po.. thanks…

            wow 6%…nc..

  7. thanks red, e paano po kung apartments o condos located sa isang building? diba yung babayaran nla eh yung unit lang? paano po ang maintenance at repairs nang building?…

    pls enlighten us sir jay…

    thanks po

    1. Kahit apartments or condos, if the option to purchase has been availed, meaning they will now own the property and pay through a rent-to-own scheme, the buyer should now shoulder repairs and maintenance of the unit. For common areas in apartments or condos, the homeowners association will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance and this is one reason why there are monthly dues that need to be paid.

      Just let me know if you need more info or further clarifications.

  8. un din tanong ko sir. jay…. pero sa pagkakaalam q ung buyer ang responsible sa mga meintenance n yn.. dahil sya ang buminili nun… kailangan nyang pangalagaan ung property n un… that’s the purpose of rent to own… pra nde mahirapan ang investor ( seller) sa mga ganyang meintenance, repair etc.

      1. opinion lang po.. talagang buyer ung mag shoulder nun kasi rent to own un, obligated sila alagaan un kasi magiging property nila un.. ^_^

        1. Tama ka KamoteChunks! Rent-to-own brings pride of ownership to the buyer. As the owner, they should take care of the property. This should also be indicated in the rent-to-own contract. 🙂

  9. Sir Jay, may tanong lang po ako regarding sa rent-to-own scheme?

    sino ho ba ang responsable na magshoulder nang expenses of additional repairs and maintenance nang bahay o building during and after the payment terms? is it still the seller or the buyer already?

    thanks po…

    1. Hi Sylar, it really depends on your rent-to-own contract as it should stipulate who should take care of repairs and maintenance. Normally, once the unit has been turned-over and the option to purchase has been availed, the buyer should already take care of this.

  10. When is your next seminar? I want to join. i used to buy, renovate & sell used houses in BF Paranaque in the 90s.

    1. Hi Gilbert, I’ve just check the Think Rich Pinoy site and it says there that their next seminar is on November 28, 2009. Wow, looks like you’re already well experienced in rehabbing properties! There are still lots of opportunities in Paranaque right now, just look at Eden who is a TRP franchisee, most of her deals are in that area. Good luck!

  11. Ahhm.. Sir Jay… franchisee po ba kayo??? and nagtuturo po ba n Wholesaling c Sir. Larry??? and if I am a franchisee, will I have access to their buyer’s list so I won’t have any problem selling the property…

    1. Hi Red, nope I am not a franchisee. I was a TRP Club Marikina member but it seems the club meetings have been discontinued because everything is now online at the Think Rich Pinoy website where the Silver membership is free. With regard to wholesaling, I suppose Larry is also teaching this already to franchisees as I heard him talk about this in an audio interview I received thru an audio CD as part of my Truly Rich Club membership benefits,

      I’m not really sure if you will have access to their buyer’s list, I guess you should register and explore the site, it’s free anyway.

      I would suggest however that you already start building your own buyers list. To learn how, just visit Trace Trajano’s blog and search from there. Good luck!

      1. beatriz n. brondial

        i am much interested with the think rich pinoy real estate seminar, but i unfortunately always missed the notice as to when will it be. i just wnt to ask if when will the next seminar be. thank you so much. beatriz

  12. Hi Jay, I’m Red, 16 yrs old. from Lipa City, Batz……..

    can you be my mentor??? or do you mentor someone???

    I’m studying real estate investing now for 3 months , specially WHOLESALING REAL ESTATE….i have courses, ebooks, contracts , have join forums ( and many more….

    and kung mindset po ung paguusapan…eh sobrang madami n po ako totoo lng po…gusto q pong maging mayaman bago mag 18….and sana po matulungan nyo ako…gusto q rin pong sumali sana sa TRPMN as a franchisee…kaso la qng 400k para mag bayad dun…

    my problem now is that I don’t have a mentor…..hope you can be my mentor….

    1. Hi Red, wow, I really admire your keen interest in real estate investing at such an early age. If you are looking for someone to mentor you in wholesaling, I would suggest you join Trace’s mentoring program like I did. You can learn more by visiting . If you do decide to contact Trace, just mention that I recommended you to his mentoring program which is by invitation only.

      I haven’t done any wholesale deals yet as my forte is buy-renovate-sell(or rent-to-own) so i really can’t mentor anyone yet with regards to wholesaling. However, you are welcome to post any questions you may have about foreclosure investing in general at any of my existing how-to articles which you will find at the bottom of the site. Goodluck and thanks for visiting!

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  14. Does this seminar teach the different ways on how to earn from foreclosures, the different steps, the challenges and how to go about them? It looks to me that this blog has more comprehensive topics than the seminars’. Will appreciate your thoughts, Jay.

    1. hi bee,

      Actually this seminar is more of a financial education seminar as described in Larry’s e-mail. It basically focuses on getting the right mindset and also helps raise one’s financial IQ and attitude towards money. It will also briefly feature a few TRP franchisees who are actually investing in foreclosures in the Philippines.

      In my opinion, if one still has doubts on the possibilities or still knows very little about earning passive income and applying these principles in the Philippines, then this is for you. Personally, this seminar helped me keep the passion burning and left me thirsting for more. I believe this seminar takes care of the mindset which in my opinion is a prerequisite to venturing into real estate investing.

      If you believe you already have this mindset and you are looking for technical details or step by step how-to’s on real estate investing with focus on foreclosed properties, then this might not be the seminar for you. I would instead recommend seminars that are specific to real estate investing or even review classes of the real estate brokers’ licensure exam.

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  16. Pingback: You’re Invited To The Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar On August 1, 2009

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