Restructuring Program For GSIS Housing Loan Borrowers Starts August 1, 2013

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Good news for Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) borrowers! The GSIS has announced its restructuring program for housing loan borrowers which shall be from August 1, 2013 to December 1, 2013. No application fee is required to avail of the program.

Benefits under the program

GSIS President and General Manager Mr. Robert G. Vergara explained the benefits as follows:

PGM Vergara said the GSIS will condone all unpaid penalties and surcharges and grant extended

GSIS logopayment terms for those qualified to restructure their accounts.

Even those with current accounts will also benefit from the program, as their monthly amortization will be reduced through an extended payment term if they apply for restructuring.

He added that foreclosable Real Estate Loan accounts and cancelled Deed of Conditional Sale (DCS) accounts that have not yet been sold are eligible under the program, saying that by restructuring, the auction of the property may be postponed and the foreclosure case or cancellation of the DCS account will be withdrawn.

The program also grants incentives for accounts with arrears and the borrowers intend to pay in full. Those with arrearages of not more than six months will get 100% discount on unpaid interest, penalties and surcharges. Those accounts with arrearages of more than six months will get discounts based on their payment performance record.

Who are qualified to avail of the program?

The following may avail of the restructuring program:

  1. Borrowers whose accounts are current or up-to-date;
  2. Awardees of accounts with cancelled deeds of conditional sale but are not yet sold;
  3. Accounts under foreclosure proceedings;
  4. Buyers of rights; and
  5. Heirs of deceased borrowers who will be able to meet the eligibility criteria and documentary requirements.

Please note that borrowers whose properties have been auctioned and who were already issued a certificate of sheriff sale can no longer avail of the program.

Appointment required

For efficient service, only those with appointments will be entertained. If you are in Metro Manila, you may call telephone numbers 479-3548, 479-3583 and 479-3587 to set an appointment. If you are in the province, call 847-4747.

GSIS Foreclosed Properties

For those who are wondering about GSIS foreclosed properties, the their list as of July 17, 2013 may be found here.

They are selling the properties on cash and “as-is, where-is” basis. Cash buyers are entitled to a ten percent (10%) discount on the selling price. The full selling price, however, should be paid within thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of the Notice of Approval of the sale. Should you have questions about the list of requirements and other matters, please go to DESK 31 located at Level 3 GSIS Financial Center, Pasay City.

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