Las Pinas 120-Unit Real Estate Seminar & Training for 2015 Real Estate Brokers Exam Starts October 25, 2014

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Do you want to take the 2015 real estate brokers licensure exam on May 2015? If you are based south of Metro Manila, then this seminar is for you. The Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines – Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Paranaque Chapter (REBAP-LMP), our home chapter, shall be conducting a Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Training (CREST) from October 25, 2014 to January 4, 2015 (Saturdays and Sundays only) for 8 hours each day. More details below.



The venue will be at Rm. 205 Tia Maria Bldg. CV Starr Ave. Philamlife Village, Las Pinas City. Since the seminar will be conducted 8-hours per day during Saturdays and Sundays, this is most suitable for those who are based in Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Paranaque, Cavite, Laguna, or other nearby areas.

Seminar Fee, discounts, and installment payment terms

The fee for this 120-unit seminar is P18,000.00 but there’s a 10% discount for the first ten who will enroll and pay in full.

There is also a 10% discount for REBAP-LMP kin up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity.

Installment payment terms are also available through the following scheme:
50% down upon enrollment, and 50% can be paid up to the 7th meeting or Php 1,500.00 per meeting.

If you wish to pay in installments, please contact Ms. Au Suerte, contact details can be found below.

Topics and schedules

For your reference, the schedule of discussion of topics is shown below. You can also use this outline as a guide when you are studying for the exam.

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I. Real Estate Service Principles and Practice

  • Oct 25 (Saturday)

Introduction to Real Estate Service (2 units)

  • Overview of Real Estate Market
  • Opportunities and Career Path
  • CREST Module in relation to Board Exam Table of Specs (TOS)
  • CHED Circular No. 28

Real Estate Economics (2 units)

  • Factors that Influence Real Estate Market and Values

Real Estate Service Act 9646 and IRR (4 units)

  • Extensive discussion of RESA and IRR (including PRC and PRBRES’s resolutions)
  • Oct 26 (Sunday)

Real Estate Brokerage Principles (2 units)

  • Agency

Real Estate Brokerage Practice (5 units)

  • Extensive and detailed discussion of ATS [Authority to Sell]
  • Starting Real Estate Service Business
  • Detailed discussion General Brokerage (to include work details/flow)
  • Detailed discussion Project Selling (emphasis on RESA provisions covering salespersons)

Code of Ethics (1 unit)

  • Principles/Cases/Sample Exam Questions

II. Legal Aspects

  • November 8 (Saturday)

Fundamentals of Land Ownership (4 units)

  • Modes of Acquisition
  • Bundle of Rights, Capacity and Limitations (Legal Aspects)

Obligations and Contracts (4 units)

  • Extensive discussion of Obligations and Contracts
  • November 9 (Sunday)

Sales (4 units)

Mortgage (2 units)

  • Includes foreclosure

Lease (2 units)

  • Includes Rent Control Act
  • November 15 (Saturday)

The Family Code and Law on Succession (4 units)

Procedures- Extra-judicial and judicial titling and Title Annotations and Remedies (4 units)

III. Land Use Planning and Development

  • November 22 (Saturday)

The Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (4 units)

  • Coordinating agencies
  • Emphasis on Laws, in general, enforced by HLURB
  • Support participants (agencies) in the National Shelter Program (SSS, GSIS)
  • Devolved functions to LGUs
  • Planning , Development and Zoning
  • Urban Land Use
  • Urban Land Reform (Salient points PD 1517- protection of tenants)
  • Conversion of land use (DAR Administrative Order 88)
  • Environmental Compliance Certificate PD 1586

Subdivision Development (4 units)

  • Kinds of Subdivision
  • Steps in Subdivision Development
  • Requirements for Approval of Simple Subdivision
  • Cases wherein license to sell is not required
  • Salient Points of RA 7279 (Modes of compliance and exemptions 20%)
  • Standards PD 957, PD 1216, and BP 220
  • Magna Carta for Homeowner’s Associations (overview only)
  • Other Real Estate Development
    • Memorial Parks
    • Columbaries
    • Industrial Parks
  • November 23 (Sunday)

Subdivision Development (Continuation) (8 units)

  • PD 957 and BP 220 (2 units)
  • BP 220 (2 units)
  • Maceda Law (1 unit)
  • Condominium Act (2 units)
  • Salient points Comprehensive Agrarian Reform (CARPer)/RA 6657 and RA 9700 (1 unit)
  • Review (Subdivision Development) (1 unit)


  • November 29 (Saturday)

Basic Principles of Surveying (2 units)

  • Surveys, Symbols, Map Reading , Plotting, Verification

Land Registration (2 units)

  • Procedure, Laws

Basic Principles of Appraisal (4 units)

  • – Terminologies, Appraisal Methods, & Sample Computations
  • November 30 (Sunday)

Joint Venture and Project Packaging (2 units)

REIT and RA 7653 Investor’s Lease Act (2 units)

Green Rating System (1 unit)

Basic Principles of Ecology (2 units)

  • Terminologies/sample questions

Review (1 unit)

V. Taxation

  • December 6 (Saturday)

Real Property Tax (3 units)

  • Local Government Tax Code

Taxes on Real Estate Transactions (4 units)

  •  Sales

Review (1 unit)

  • December 7 (Sunday)

Taxes on Real Estate Transactions (cont) (3 units)

  • Lease, Mortgage, Donation, Estate Tax

Documentation and Registration (1 unit)

Taxes on Real Estate Brokers (3 units)

  • Income Tax (IT), Optional Standard Deduction (OSD), Value-Added Tax (VAT), Withholding Tax (WT)

Review (1 unit)


  • December 13 (Saturday)

Real Estate Financing (4 units)

  • Bank Financing, ULP, Pag-ibig, CTS financing, implications

Problem Computations (2 units)

Review (2 units)

  • December 14 (Sunday)

Problem Computations (7 units)

Overview ASEAN Economic Community (1 unit)

  • January 3 (Saturday)

General Review (Legal Aspects) (8 units)

  • January 4 (Sunday)

General Review (8 units)

Resource Speakers

Resource speakers (subject to confirmation) include:

  • Mr. Roland Angeles
  • Engr. Virgilio Monge
  • Atty. Gabby Perez
  • Engr. Roberto Cruz
  • Ms. Eleanor Liganor

Contact details

For more details, please contact REBAP-LMP through our 2014 Internal Education Head, Ms. Aurora “Au” Suerte, at the following numbers:

  • 0917-800-6319 (Globe)
  • 0922-892-1951 (Sun)
  • (02) 829-3258; (02) 664-2611 (Wireless landline)
  • 624-9745
  • 664-3329
  • 0917-845-4940
  • 0908-894-5899

Location map of venue (Googlemaps)

View REBAP-LMP Center in a larger map


Looking for other seminar venues?

If you are not based south of Metro Manila and would prefer other training venues, you may find other review centers/seminar schedules here: Where To Find A Real Estate Training Center For The 2015 Real Estate Brokers Exam – The Ultimate List!


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