Free Webinar: “How to make a million pesos in the Stock Market in 7 years” by Brother Bo Sanchez (Video replay)

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I know a lot of my readers here are Truly Rich Club members who diversify by investing in the stock market in addition to real estate. So if you missed the free TRC webinar by Brother Bo Sanchez last Sunday, you can watch the  replay here.

Actually, there was a technical glitch that caused a long delay at the start, but the webinar did push through in Facebook Live, and later, on the original webinar platform.

I’ve got good news for you, I was able to catch both versions and merged them into one video, so you can watch it without the glitches.

In this FREE Truly Rich Club Webinar entitled “How to make a million pesos in the stock market in 7 years” you will learn the following from Brother Bo Sanchez:

  • Why Bo believes the stock market is the safest way to make your money grow
  • The 4 Golden Rules of profitable Stock Market Investing
  • The biggest reason why you must invest in the Philippines
  • How you can avoid the 3 most common mistakes beginner-investors make…

…and so much more!

You can watch the recording of the webinar below.

I’ve got more good news for you!

Those who are NOT YET members who will join the Truly Rich Club from November 27-29, 2016 will get the following:

  • A physical copy of Bo’s latest book, “8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire”, for free.
  • A chance to win a coffee date with Brother Bo, or a Truly Rich Club Abundance Kit (via raffle).

Today is the last day to avail the bonus book and get included in the raffle, so If you are not yet a Truly Rich Club member, and you want to learn more / or join, just click on the link below.

Click here to learn more or join the Truly Rich Club by Brother Bo Sanchez

Time left to join to get the bonus book / join the raffle:

*When the timer expires, you can still join, but no more bonus book/raffle

If you have questions about the Truly Rich Club, just let me know through the comments below.

Full disclosure: I am a Truly Rich Club member and will earn a small referral fee if you join through my link. You can however rest assured that I will still recommend the TRC even without a referral fee as I know this works because we have been using Bo’s system for years.


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