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How may I help you in the next Think Rich Pinoy Seminar on December 3, 2011?

I was invited to speak at the upcoming Think Rich Pinoy Seminar on December 3, 2011 and I want to ask “How may I help you?”.

Think Rich Pinoy by Larry Gamboa

If you are attending the seminar, I would like to know what is it that you want me to discuss that would be most helpful to you. My talk will only be for 40 minutes and I want to make it count.

Just to give you an idea of what I have shared during some of the past Think Rich Pinoy Seminars, here are just some of the topics I have already covered:

  • I have shared some of my experiences and lessons I have learned in buying foreclosed properties, including challenges and success factors.
  • I also talked about how and why I decided to quit the rat race to go full-time with real estate investing and internet marketing.
  • I also shared in detail how I ended up transitioning from being an I.T. professional to a real estate investor and what questions one should ask (along with some of the answers) when one is just getting started with real estate investing.

This time around, I plan to give a presentation on “how to do the numbers” which attendees can use to analyze potential deals. However, I still want to verify if that is really what you want to learn from me on December 3.

My objective is to help attendees go beyond the learning, and to start with the doing!

Please let me know what you want by leaving a comment below.

Click here to learn more about the Think Rich Pinoy Seminar on December 3, 2011

If you can’t make it to the seminar…

If you are not attending, I still want to hear from you!

What do you want to learn about foreclosed real estate investing?

Please let me know so I can prioritize which articles I should publish first. I have more than 30 articles in draft, excluding listings of foreclosed properties, and yet there are more I want to share about investing in foreclosed properties.

Please go ahead and hit the comments section below, Thanks a lot for your help!


To our success and financial freedom!

Jay Castillo

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23 thoughts on “How may I help you in the next Think Rich Pinoy Seminar on December 3, 2011?”

  1. hello, jay, thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I like reading your blogs back here in Germany. My question is this: Is it possible to invest in foreclosed properties in the Philippines and be successful even if I am living overseas. i am quite interested to start but I have my misgivings because I am not physically present there. Precy

    • Hi Precy. Frankly speaking, it would be very hard if you don’t have someone you can trust and rely on here in the Philippines, while you are overseas. I believe you really have to set aside some time while you are here, to do the investing. The hardest part is deciding if a property is a “good buy” or just something you should say “goodbye” to. Ultimately, YOU as the investor, should decide, not anyone else…

  2. Hi! Belated Merry Xmas and Hapi New Year. I am an overseas working and interested in your seminar think rich pinoy. Is theres another way to attend the seminar for example having a webinar in the internet to watch the seminar? I hope you will find a way to have a webinar. thank you and more power.

  3. Hi! I just come across with your site. And I am amazed as to how generous you are with the knowledge you got on investing in foreclosed properties.  I hope I could personally attend your seminar since I really have a zero-knowledge about investing in foreclosed properties.

  4. I am a techno-preneur and I’m wondering how I can relate real estate with my current field? How do you think technology can play a role with this type of dealings?

    • Hi Carlsant, if you are referring to IT, the first things that comes to mind for me is you can use it as a tool to automate your real estate business as much as possible, reducing costs, and has the potential to produce faster results, and you can also focus on internet marketing to grow the business further.  

  5. sir jay pwede po request? as newbie investor what type of properties should i focus on first and how to deal with them thank you

    • Hi Hanzo, you should start small , and you should invest in an area near you, focusing on buying properties that are priced low, and with good cashflow potential… I’ll expound on this further through a whole blogpost… 

  6. Hi Jay,
    Thank God for having a person like you in this site. You help other people a lot regarding real estate investing and learning how to be a successful investor . By giving us knowledge and know how the step by step  processing of  papers in PRC  was really a great help for us . I am a salesperson who just had my 60 units seminar here in Bulacan last June 2011  and still have’nt applied for my salesperson license in PRC. I would like to ask if  ,when will be the due date for this application . A lots of thanks ..and MORE POWER TO YOU !


  7. The upcoming “How to do the Numbers” presentation sounds really, really interesting.. We hope the Entrance Fees are affordable for the masses, as more & more of our countrymen need these type of seminars.. Very few people are willing to share some of their trade secrets.. Thank you.. God Bless.

  8. hi jay, i would like to know if the market is not yet congested with real estate investors and if the demand is high for real estate properties especially today, what is the condition of real estate investing today or is this a good time to start? im sorry dami kong questions. What are the chances of one whose going to go into this to be successful especially here in the philippines? thank you jay, im going to attend the seminar and i hope to see you there so i can ask you more questions personally. 

    • Hi Bernie, thanks for the excellent question! I will answer this during my talk. See you there! A related post about this can also be found through the following link:

    • Hi Bernie,

      Sorry I was no longer able to cover this during the seminar. I was supposed to cover this during the Q and A after my presentation but I forgot about it, although I remember there was an attendee who asked a very similar question during Vic Gamboa’s talk. Was that you?

      Anyway, I would like to give my opinion through this comment.

      I still believe there is room for new real estate investors. You just have to find your niche, or your specific area of specialization. 

      But even if there are already other investors in an area, one can still come in because I don’t think all areas or properties in a particular city for example, can be covered 100% by other real estate investors. 

      Case in point, before I started to invest in properties in Antipolo, I knew there were existing investors in that area. But when I decided to bid for one particular property during an auction, I was surprised that there were no other bidders… and I was able to buy two more properties in the same subdivision later on.

      Actually, if you find out that there are other investors in an area, you can also interpret this as a good sign. This probably means that area is good area to invest.

      As for the demand, I can say that demand is okay for properties that are reasonably priced, which are being sold at or below market value, especially for properties in good areas that are priced below Php 2M. I can say this because I noticed that foreclosed properties in one bank I know get sold very fast and a lot of offers are actually piling up and are queued.

      For properties that are not foreclosed, I believe that the same applies for those that are mid-priced and I’m just thankful that there are developers that don’t overprice their properties and yet offer good quality properties. I would have to admit however that there are those that are overpriced.

      I hope I have answered your questions, thank you for asking them. I wish we could have talked personally during the seminar yesterday. Cheers and good luck!

      • Hi Jay,

        That was not me whose asked the question in the seminar but it somehow 
        answered my question. Now this reply of yours really did. I wasn’t able to approach you cause you seem to be in a hurry for the awarding (what happened to the awarding  anyway, i hope you won first price). I’ve learned a lot from your talk and got me more inspired. I hope I can get to know you more better personally, I would really like you to be my mentor in this field, would that be ok? I’ll keep on following this thread and inform my other friends about your website. I’ll leave you my cell number and hope you’ll give me yours too. It’s 09052215413.

  9. Very much interested to attend. However there’ s conflict in schedule. Will there be another seminar? If yes, when? If none, would you have an audiobook of this seminar? Pls let me know. Thanks.


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