BPI, PNB, PSBank Offers Lower Home Loan Interest Rates – Comparison Chart Updated

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home-loan-interest-ratesWhile reviewing the home loan interest rates of BPI which I’ll use for a home loan/mortgage calculator I am developing for the Buena Mano property listings, I noticed they have just lowered their interest rates. I made a quick check for other banks and it turns out PNB and PSBank now also offer lower rates. p

Check out the home loan interest rates currently offered by  BPI, PNB, and PSBank below, along with updates to our comparison chart that includes more banks and also Pag-IBIG.

Updated BPI Housing Loan Interest Rates

The following are the updated home loan interest rates for BPI


Source: BPI website

I noticed that BPI’s interest rates have been lowered by 0.5% on the average and their payment terms (Tenor) is now up to 20 years. Though these are not the cheapest mortgage rates around, they are still quite competitive.

Updated PNB Home Loan Interest Rates

The following are the updated interest rates for PNB. Please keep in mind these are for new loans.


 Source: PNB Website

Updated PSBank Home Loan Interest Rates

The following are the updated home loan interest rates from PSBank.


Source: PSBank website

Reminders – Please read!

Interest rates quoted here are indicative only and are subject to change without prior notice. Always verify the current interest rates at the time of loan availment.

Home Loan Interest Rates Comparison Chart Updated

Because of the updated interest rates from BPI, I also updated the interest rates of other banks in our  Home Loan Interest Rates Comparison Chart. Notable changes are as follows

  • BDO no longer has promo rates listed on their website, their lowest rate is now at 7.75%
  • PNB’s lowest rate is now as low as 5.25%, the lowest home loan rate for banks (Pag-IBIG still offers the lowest overall at 4.5%)
  • HSBC updates their lowest interest rate to 5.5%. This was at 5.25% before.
  • PSBank’s lowest rate is now at 6.0%. It’s also worth noting that PSBank offers the longest fixed term among banks at 25 years (Pag-IBIG still offers the longest term of 30 years). If you want to refinance your home loan, I also included PSBank’s refinance rates.

Anyway, you can compare and see who offers the best home loan interest rates on our list through the link below :

If you know of other banks that have updated their interest rates, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

P.S. I have already released our very own home loan / mortgage calculator. Check it out here.

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