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When investing in real estate, no emotions please…

If there’s one thing good about real estate investing, it’s the fact that you can leave emotions out of the picture when making decisions.

In fact, veteran real estate investors out there often say that it is a must to never let your emotions interfere with your decision making process, which I believe is very wise.

Leave your emotions behind when it comes to real estate investing. Don’t ever let feelings cloud your judgement. Be objective and let the numbers decide for you… yada yada yada…

I just wish it were that easy when it comes to matters like family and loved ones, where emotions are always there.

Blue robot, head

But hey, we are not robots, we are human beings, and it is expected that we’ll end up very emotional about what matters most to us like the people we love. I should know. We are now facing something that we never thought we would have to.

All I can say for now is we would really appreciate prayers that everything will be alright. Thank you.

(Update added on June 13, 2012) My wife is still confined in a hospital and I am taking care of her. She is inside the maternal ICU, which is why I am able to write this. I guess this helps keep me from feeling depressed. Thank you everyone for the prayers. I hope and pray everything will be okay.

(Update added on June 20, 2012) My wife was discharged from the hospital last June 16, 2012, the infection is under control, although her amniotic fluid is still very low. Her pregnancy is at 20 weeks and 3 days as I write this. Our baby is holding on, heartbeat is normal… Thanks be to God! We are praying that the ruptured amniotic sac will heal itself and be sealed, and the amniotic fluid will be replenished. It may seem we are praying for a miracle… yes, that is exactly what we are praying for!

(Update added on July 7, 2012) We are now at exactly 23 weeks, one month has passed since my wife had Preterm Premature Rupture of the Membranes or PPROM, we are holding on… thank you Lord for the miracles, each day is a miracle! We are still hoping and praying that my wife’s amniotic sac will heal and seal itself and the amniotic fluid will be replenished. We pray baby will grow healthy as if the amniotic fluid is at normal levels… we pray for God’s protection for my wife and baby… we still have a long way to go… Thank you so much for all the prayers, we really appreciate it. May God bless us all!

(Update added on July 17, 2012) I feel like we won a battle but lost a war. My wife had an emergency C-section due to signs of Sepsis and Baby Mira had to come out after a month of holding on. She survived for a little more than seven hours, she simply had underdeveloped lungs. Baby Mira has been laid to rest. My wife is still recovering from the c-section and a bout with elevated blood pressure (I pray for her complete recovery). Thanks again for the prayers.

~~~End of blogpost~~~

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51 thoughts on “When investing in real estate, no emotions please…”

  1. I offer my prayers for your wife & baby’s safety. I had a similar situation with my firstborn. We were in Singapore back then and a simple advice my OB gave was to drink lots of fluid to somehow “replenish” the amniotic fluid. I was goggling at least 4 liters or milk, juice & water a day. But of course consult your OB first. I dont know the ramnification of excessive fluid intake in pregnants though.

    Dont lose faith.

  2. Do not afraid jay, be strong and always have a faith on god because, god will help you. I will pray your wife for her recovery.

  3. We may be strangers to you, people you never knew, never seen yet, but were blessed by your information in countless ways. Sir Jay, just to let you know, there were many of us out there that will be praying for you, have faith, God is good, this too shall pass… God bless

  4. Will include you in our prayers… My family attends the PICC feast every Sunday… Will pray that your wife will be well soon… I regularly follow your blog for real estate investing tips… I learned a lot from it… Thanks…

  5. Hi Sir Jay, my prayers for your wife speedy recovery…God is good nothing is impossible she will soon be okey….

  6. I hope everything works out for you and your family. You and your wife have been a great source of tips and info in real estate investing. I pray that you find the strength to overcome this problem. To you and your family, stay safe.

  7. Hi! Jay, i may not know you personally i’m just a follower of your blog. I can say that believe in the word of God, just those things which be not as though they were. She’s healed!

  8. Hello Jay,
    Learning never to allow your emotion interfere with your decision making process in real estate investing is one thing. Thanks for this tip.
    Learning that you are in a fix right now saddens me. Hope your family, specially your wife, will be able to cope with whatever is in front of you right now. I and my family have been in a very difficult situation ourselves in the past and faith in GOD is one thing you should not be without.
    My prayers are with you and your family.

  9. i had the same experience too sir jay when i met a motivated seller. it was really hard to decide for its so good to be true. the numbers says yes, but the seller itself is harassing me to the extent that he mother might die because they badly need the money for the downpayment for them. told my mentor about it and she said that no emotions should be attached to any real estate investing. there should be process involved especially due diligence. i might caught up with greater headache if i let my emotion sink in. the deal doesnt end up the way i expected but i learned one lesson from it. just like what have you said “never allow your emotion interfere with your decision making process.” and next time i know how to handle sellers like her.

  10. Hi Jay,

    Indeed…Prayers is the answer , its always been proven. What maybe u are undergoing , you will always be guided with your prayers, esp that you are also being prayed for by many. Been not so visible with the site… we also had our share of you know …trials BUT just hang on God will always make ways.God Bless Us!!!

      • Jay..God is really God ..lets just continue praying for the fast recovery of your wiffy as well as safety of the baby.. GBU

        • Thanks also for the prayers…my daughter is now recuperating from last Feb 2012 kidney transplant and is doing so well now.

          • Thank you Ces! I’m so glad your daughter is well on her way to full recovery. Can’t help but be inspired with the good news. Thanks again!

  11. Hi Sir Jay, whatever it is that you’re going through right now, my prayers are with you. I look forward for the continuation of this blog entry. God bless. \(“,)/

      • You’re one of my mentors in the field of real estate investing, Sir Jay. You really inspired me to take charge of my finances and build cash machines through real estates. I would soon start with one in the coming days, and it was all because of following your blog and learning from your strategies (if you remember, I emailed you before about my brother attending the Money Wealth Expo Seminar last year.) God bless, Sir Jay. And I do hope that you and your family will be able to overcome this trial. I will attend our weekly homegroup Bible/prayer study tonight. I will include you and your wife in my prayer request – for healing and guidance. =)

        • Thank you so much Lyn-Lyn. I’m sorry we were not able to meet in person during last year’s money summit. Thank you so much for the prayers. Still hoping for a miracle…


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