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RCBC Savings Bank repossessed cars for sale

RCBC Savings Bank has just released new listings of repossessed cars in their Great Deals On Used Wheels Pre-owned Cars Sale in Pasig City and their Dream Buys Car Auction in San Fernando, Pampanga.  The Great Deals On Used Wheels Car Sale runs from September 13 to 18, 2009 at their Pasig Warehouse while the Dream Buys Car Auction will be held on September 18, 2009, 1 PM, at the RCBC Savings Business Center Dolores San Fernando, Pampanga.

Great Deals On Used Wheels Pre-owned car sale
Inspection of the second hand cars for sale can be done at their Pasig warehouse which is located at #8516 A. Sandoval Avenue, Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City, Philippines. For inquiries, you may call Rene Lopez through cell phone # 0918-9903626 or 687-0839 / 687-1365 / 638-5032 / 687-5430 loc 4382 during office hours and look for Che, Cris, or Raul. Financing is available. For financing inquiries, call Rico: 09189051911 / Allan: 634-5173 / Daniel: 09189903805.

It appears the repossessed cars on the list are the remaining unsold second hand vehicles on their previous listing.

Click here to download the list of repossessed cars for sale in RCBC’s Great Deals On Used Wheels Pre-Owned car sale.

Dream Buys Car Auction Pampanga
RCBC’s San Fernando, Pampanga warehouse is located at Barangay San Agustin, San Fernando, Pampanga. Inspection of the repossessed cars for sale can be done from September 14 to 17, 2009, during office hours.  Registration fee is Php5,000 per unit and is refundable. For inquiries call (045)961-2995 / 961-1339 / 963-7457 or Lawrence Loanzon: 045 9630933.

Click here to download the list of repossessed cars for sale in RCBC’s Dream Buys Car Auction in Pampanga.

*Misprints should not be construed as misrepresentation of the property. All transactions are subject to bank approval. The bank reserves the right to withdraw any property for whatever reason.

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16 thoughts on “RCBC Savings Bank repossessed cars for sale”

  1. Bro!
    Good Day!
    You may call me Ric, I’m a Registered Civil Engineer (0059521), Geodetic Engineer(008771) and Real Estate broker in the Philippines (007977). Currently working here in Qatar. I can be your partner here abroad, there’s lot of Pinoys here that are interested in “Investing” especially in foreclosed properties.
    I am also interested, last year i tried to get info from one of PNB’s local bank but they asked to go to their Main office, I have no time since it was just a short vacation.
    Hope you will reply. Please send me updated list of all foreclosed items from all banks. many thanks, Ric.

  2. advance merry xmass sir…ask ko lang if meron kau jan pre owned na toyota GL,commuter or Grandia?? thank poh naghahanap kasi father ko…pa send na din ng price list if merun..thanks….

  3. Hi Jay. Do you have any idea when would be the last bidding schedule after August 18, 2011? Unfortunately, RCBC website is not updated. By the way, I am from Cebu. Their contact person for repossessed cars is unfortunately unaccomodating. I don’t care if he’s a manager or whatever, I would probably give him a DSAT rate if I have a chance to rate him. I am from a call center, so I am very knowlegeable on how great customer service should be. Moreover, I am seeing that the price of the car I am interested with which has been published in the website is different from the price in the bank (RCBC Escario Br, Cebu). So, which should be the official price then? I presumed the price published should be followed, otherwise, it’s a false advertisement.

    Thank you for responding to my query.

    • Hi Christine, I just saw an ad in the Manila Bulletin last Sunday that they will have another repossessed cars auction on August 25, 2011. It is also posted at their website:

      It’s unfortunate you had a not so good experience when you called them up. 🙁

      In my opinion, the price from their head office should be the official price(which should be the one printed) which can be confirmed by calling them up. Good luck!

  4. your company is so lazy, why dont you update the listings of repossessed cars every week. Just like what PSbank is doing. Instead of just scanning what you had printed on the news paper

    • Hi David,

      In fairness to RCBC Savings Bank, at least now they post on their website what was printed in the newspaper. I still remember when they did not even do this before. And so I did the scanning myself and posted them here as a public service to those who request for listings of repossessed cars from RCBC Savings Bank.

      Yes, PSBank is always up to date, kudos to them.

  5. i’m interested in buying second hand car for 70 y/o mom for her bday.can you send me some new listing for new ones.thanks.

  6. HELLO JAY. I just bumped into your site while browsing. I loved it already as this will help a lot in my search for my dream car. please keep me posted on new lists, who knows I just might chance upon my four wheeled baby.

    • Hi Rey, thanks! I suggest you subscribe to be alerted of new listings as soon as I post them. Good luck and i hope to hear from you soon that you already have a good deal!

  7. Yes! meron pla site about this! Been wondering around the net just looking for this kind of site after I attended Think Rich Pinoy Seminar by Larry.

    • Hello Nathan. Thanks! Nice of you to drop by! You attended the recent one? Sayang I wasn’t able to attend as a facilitator, conflict kasi with Jomar Hilario’s Internet Marketing workshop. Nice blog!


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