PNB foreclosed properties for sale as of November 2009

I’m sure a lot of you out there have been patiently waiting for new listings of foreclosed properties and here is a bunch from Philippine National Bank (PNB). My wife got these foreclosed property listings after she requested for them through e-mail.

Don’t forget to use as reference the “title id number” of the property that you wish to inquire. Furthermore, the people from PNB requests interested parties to prioritize a maximum of 5 properties per inquiry.

Before anything else, here are the guidelines in acquiring foreclosed properties from PNB:

Step 1: Choose a property.

You can get the list and details of PNB properties for sale through any of the following:

  • PNB SAMS Customer Service Desk / Inquiry Desk
    • SAMS Customer Service Hotline: 5734115
    • PNB Line: 8916040 to 70 locals 4115, 4713, 2584
    • E-mail address:
  • Nearest PNB Branch
  • PNB SAMS Website at Under the Assets Tab, click the Asset Management tab
  • Asset Management Sector Portal at

Note: All properties are sold on an “As is, Where Is” basis. Listing of properties is subject to change without prior notice.

Step 2: Meet with a designated Account Officer to schedule your visit to the property you are interested to buy.

  • You may call the SAMS Customer Service Hotline to connect you to the appropriate account officer.

Step 3: Request for a Purchase Proposal Form (PP Form) from the PNB SAMS Customer Service/Inquiry Desk.

Step 4: Make Purchase Offer and select payment terms.

  • Attach to PP Form a deposit equivalent to 10% of your offer price.
  • Attach Supporting documents
  • Submit PP Form and deposit to PNB SAMS Customer Service/Inquiry Desk.
  • Available Payment Terms:
    • Cash
      • 10% Deposit upon submission of PP Form.
      • 90% Balance within 30 days from receipt of Notice of Approval.
    • Installment
      • 10% downpayment upon submission of PP Form.
      • Additional 15% upon receipt of Notice of Approval for lots with improvements.
      • 75% Balance payable up to 10 years monthly amortization.
    • 10% Fixed Annual Interest Rate for up to 5 years.
    • 12% Fixed Annual Interest Rate for up to 10 years.

Fixed Annual Interest Rates effective March 1, 2007.
Indicative Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Supporting Documents
    • For Individual Buyers
      • Income Tax Return (ITR)
      • Certificate of Employment
    • For Corporate Buyers
      • Audited Financial Statements
      • Article of Incorporation
      • Company Profile
      • SEC Registration
      • Board Resolution of Signatory/ies

NOTE: Buyers availing term financing may be subjected to the usual Bank Credit Investigation.

Step 5: Relax and Wait for Notification.

An Account Officer will attend the expeditious processing of your papers. You will be notified within 2 weeks regarding the status of your offer.
Note: “As is, Where Is” Basis.

Please verify the availability of the property/ies before proceeding with your Purchase Proposal. PNB cannot assure that the list attached may have items that have been sold recently.

Download PNB Foreclosed Property Listings here:


  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All sales are on an ” AS IS, WHERE IS” basis.
  • The bank does not make any representation to the physical / legal condition of the property.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify status of property and obtain additional information.

For more information, please feel free to call:

PNB Special Assets Management Sector

9th Floor PNB Financial Center, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City 1300
891-6040 to 70/ 526-3131 LOCALS 4115 / 4713/2584

Happy Hunting!

My vision – financial freedom for all!

Jay Castillo
Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Broker License #: 20056
Click here to contact me via E-mail
Mobile phone (Call/SMS): +639178843882
Facebook: Foreclosure Philippines fan page

Text by Jay Castillo. Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved.

PS. If you are a new visitor, please start here to learn more about foreclosure investing in the Philippines.

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15 thoughts on “PNB foreclosed properties for sale as of November 2009”

  1. Hi Sir Jay, Is it possible to change the payment terms? Say I purchase a property then choose to pay by 10 year monthly ammortization then after 2 years I want to upgrade to 5 years monthly ammortization? 

  2. cynthia de jesus

    hi sir jay paano po ba mag request ng mga pictures ng mga properties sa san pablo para po makita namin nasa italy po ako salamat po regards

  3. Francis Franciso

    Hi. My name is Francis Francisco. I would like to know if PNB has a list of real estate properties with abandoned or condemned buildings and warehouses. Our group is interested in buying abandoned or condemned bldgs and warehouses (excluding land) located in Luzon. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.

  4. sir i would like to ask for advice, the case is this.. is there any problem a problem frm acquiring a house and lot from anybank,? what will i do to make sure that the title is clean? from what i have heard from the neighbhors of the said property, the land owner lend the title of the property without the knowledge of the previous buyer.. he refuses to continue the amortization so the bank was able to acquired the property, is there any legal rights for that buyer even if the bank was able to acquired the property?

    thanks alot..

    God Bless

  5. genina ignacio

    hello my mom is just planning to purchase a property of pnb within roxas oriental mindoro? could you please provide a list of pnb’s for sale properties

  6. Hi Jay!

    I would like to know your point of view regarding my plan to invest on agri lot instead on houses and apartments. Naisip ko lang po kasi kung okay din ba ang kita kung ako din yung magiging kapitalista sa patanim. Your view means alot.

    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Romy, it really depends on two factors, the numbers, and if it is your passion to go into an agri business. If the numbers look promising and you love doing it, then go for it!

  7. What does it mean by

    Residential/House and Lot/UNCONSOLIDATED/ ?

    does it mean wala yung papers with the bank and there still problem on legality?

    is it safe to buy this type of property from the bank?


    1. Hi Derrick, Unconsolidated means that the property’s Title has not yet been transferred to the bank. If the transfer is already in process and there is no pending case, I would say it is safe but the drawback would be the amount of time it would take for the transfer to be completed. It could take 3 to 6 months.

  8. that’s it… Manageable Impairments is a property that needs repairs. You must spent some money fixing the problems before living on it

  9. Sir Jay,

    Good day!

    How can we compute the amortization in this kind of payment scheme, 10% interest for the first five years and 12 % for the remaining ten years? what formula are we going to use? Thank you sir!

    More power!!! See you in a few weeks! hehe!


    1. Hi Dan! For cases like this, you will have to compute for the balance after the first five years then apply the 12% interest rate for the remaining 10 years. I’ll post an example for you.

      Oo nga pala, malapit ka na magbakasyon, I look forward to meeting you soon!

    1. Hi Allan,

      I believe it just means that the property needs repairs although the title has been consolidated, thus it can be sold or is Vendable.

      Thanks comment!

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