Country Builders Bank Foreclosed Properties For Negotiated Sale As Of March 2018

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More than 100 foreclosed properties from Country Builders Bank or CBB, are included in their latest listing, which I received last March 11, 2018. Details below.

Color coding for properties

Just like with previous listings, CBB foreclosed properties are color coded so you will have a very good idea with regard to the status of each property.

This helps everyone save time because you don’t have to contact the bank just to get details if a property has “special concerns”, you can already see it on the list. I hope all banks will follow the same system.

Anyway, please refer to the color coding legend below:



Title/s, Tax Declaration Certificate/s are in the name of the bank. The possession of the properties are with the bank as well.


Yellow-1: Document issues

Yellow-2: With occupant / Encroachments (issue with boundaries)

Yellow-3: No right way

Yellow-4: Unlocated property

Yellow-5: Transfer of ownership to bank is on process

Yellow-6: Other issues

Yellow-7: Under redemption period


Red-1: Litigated accounts

Red-2: With ejectment cases and Petitions for Writ of Possession

NOTE: Entries indicated as “TBD” is defined as “To be determined”. Prices indicated as “Best Offer” encourages offers to come from buyers. Properties with red brackets are bundled properties which are sold together and cannot be sold separately.

Okay, here’s the updated listing from Country Builders Bank…

View or download list of CBB foreclosed properties

You may view or download the complete list of foreclosed properties from Country Builders Bank below.

To download a copy, click on the button/link below:

Click to download Country Builders Bank foreclosed properties for Q1-2018 (PDF)

Source: CBB AMD*

How to inquire

To inquire about any property on the list, please contact CBB Asset Management Department directly through their contact details below:


  • Mobile: +63.917.8954522 / +63.928.6140580
  • Telephone: +63.2.9759253
  • Email: cbb.amd.inquiry@gmail.com
  • Website: www.cbb.com.ph

Past listings of Country Builders Bank foreclosed properties (Archive)

Full disclosure

Nothing to disclose: We are not accredited brokers of CBB. We are sharing this as a form of public service for our readers and subscribers.

Reminder: Please contact CBB directly to inquire. Thank you for understanding!

*- Thanks again to CBB’s Asset Management Department for sending their updated listings!


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