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Why buy foreclosed properties?

Why buy foreclosed properties?Obviously, I have a bias for foreclosed properties, and I would love to answer the question above. However, I won’t be the one doing the explaining this time. Instead, I will let Pinnacle’s December 2012 Market Insight publication do the explaining for me.

In this month’s issue, the featured article tries to answer the question “Why buy foreclosed properties?” by stating and discussing three reasons and these are the following:

  1. Foreclosed properies are normally sold at a discount
  2. There are some great finds in foreclosed properies if chosen wisely
  3. Buying foreclosed properties reduces the nonperforming loans (NPL) portfolios of banks and boost liquidity

Of course, not all foreclosed properties are good deals, and the article also mentions the importance of due diligence and it’s role in ensuring that would-be buyers and investors can make a a well informed decision with regards to a property they are evaluating.

You’ll find all of the above and market trends for various real estate sectors and areas, including rental rates and vacancy rates, in the December 2012 Market Insight from Pinnacle.

Download the December 2012 Market Insight from Pinnacle

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Pinnacle also offers an array of pre and post closing services including due diligence, title consolidation, payment of property taxes, desktop appraisals, property inspections and custodianship, financing arrangement and referrals, and sales documentation.

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