Unionbank repossessed vehicles for bidding until September 21, 2010

Here’s another auction of UnionBank repossessed cars through sealed bidding and the deadline for submission of bids will be on September 21, 2010.  This list of pre-owned or second hand cars for sale currently contains 61 vehicles. More information about bidding for these foreclosed cars can be seen below.


UNIONBANK REPOSSESSED VEHICLES – Deadline of submission of BIDS: SEPTEMBER  21, 2010
Unit Description Plate No. Ind. Price
07 Chrysler 300C ZLM-759 1,729,000.00
06 Chrysler Town and Country ZDC-287 592,000.00
10 Subaru Forester XT A/T NIA-196 1,500,000.00
08 Suzuki Grand Vitara ZTY-284 1,026,000.00
08 Isuzu Crosswind XUV ZSE-825 665,000.00
07 Isuzu Crosswind XT  M/T ZMT-447 618,000.00
08 Isuzu Crosswind XT M/T ZPE-774 554,000.00
09 Kia Soul LX A/T NIR-528 1,044,000.00
09 Kia Carens EX 2.0  A/T VEX-995 1,034,000.00
09 Kia Carens LX 2.0  A/T NIO-701 931,000.00
05 Chevrolet Zafira A/T XSN-788 242,000.00
08 Chevrolet Spark M/T ZSC-356 258,000.00
08 Chevrolet Aveo A/T NHI-984 580,000.00
08 Chevrolet Aveo A/T ZNX-350 418,000.00
07 Chevrolet Aveo A/T ZMX-105 404,000.00
07 Chevrolet Optra  A/T ZJM-621 445,000.00
08 Chevrolet Aveo A/T ZNX-350 418,000.00
08 Chevrolet Aveo M/T ZNX-119 283,000.00
01 Ford Lynx Gsi XBB-553 175,000.00
07 Ford Focus 1.8L M/T RGB-750 466,000.00
06 Ford Focus 1.6L M/T ZFN-402 371.000.00
06 Ford Escape XLS 4X2 A/T ZFE-275 486,000.00
06 Mazda 6 A/T ZDW-169 630,000.00
09 Mazda 3 A/T NGO-203 684,000.00
08 Mits. L300 VV ZNZ-602 565,000.00
08 Mits. Galant GX  A/T ZPA-676 1,207,000.00
07 Mits. Lancer GT RET-942 452,000.00
07 Mits. Lancer MX  A/T ZGN-188 400,000.00
07 Mits. Lancer 2.0 GSR A/T ZKB-739 421,000.00
08 Mits. Fuzion GLX A/T ZSG-103 768,000.00
07 Nissan Frontier P-up M/T ZKH-938 604,000.00
07 Nissan X-trail A/T ZMK-221 655,500.00
07 Nissan Urvan VX M/T ZKZ-459 713,000.00
07 Urvan VX M/T ZJG-768 808,000.00
07 Nissan Urvan Escapade M/T ZHX-217 684,000.00
05 Nissan Cefiro XRU-217 447,000.00
08 Nissan Sentra A/T ZPD-883 414,000.00
06 Nissan Sentra ZDK-732(TYF-872) 215,000.00
07 Nissan Sentra ZJR-724 223,000.00
07 Nissan Sentra M/T ZKZ-624 380,000.00
07 Nissan Sentra GX M/T ZJG-801 333,000.00
07 Nissan Sentra M/T ZLU-401 380,000.00
07 Nissan Sentra 1.6 GSX M/T ZKR-856 409,000.00
07 Nissan Sentra M/T ZKZ-624 380,000.00
08 Nissan Sentra 1.3GX  M/T ZMV-785 454,000.00
08 Nissan Sentra 1.6 GSX  M/T ZDQ-888 433,000.00
08 Nissan Sentra GS  A/T ZPV-784 358,000.00
08 Nissan Sentra GX A/T ZPJ-488 414,000.00
09 Nissan Sentra 1.6l A/T NFI-501 641,000.00
07 Hyundai Getz M/T ZJH-136 246,000.00
09 Hyundai Getz M/T NIJ-950 418,000.00
09 Hyundai Getz M/T NQI-960 423,000.00
06 Hyundai Starex GRX A/T ZDF-800 651,000.00
08 Honda CRV A/T ZNZ-573 760,000.00
99 Honda Accord M/T WJW-390 200,000.00
Nissan Bus (Bus No. 3139) CVV-836 850,000.00
Nissan Bus (Bus No. 3151) CVP-688 650,000.00
Nissan Bus (Bus No. 3055) CVC-667 800,000.00
Hino Passenger Bus CVZ-930 600,000.00
Hino Passenger Bus CVK-903 398,000.00
02 Lorry Tank-Hyundai 6  wheeler,10,000 ltr. Capacity WKC-534 455,000.00
Bid forms are available @Unionbank ARG, 20th/F UnionBank Plaza Meralco Ave. cor. Onyx St., Ortigas Ctr., Pasig City.  Bids should be submitted together w/ the 5K (Manager’s Check) at the above address not later than SEPTEMBER 21, 2010. Inspection is at UnionBank Whse, 185 Roosevelt Avenue, SFDM, Q.C.[In front of Watch Tower Church] Call BABES @ 6380113 or 6676388 loc. 8370
*Uninbank may at anytime withdraw any of the units listed prior to bidding

Source: UnionBank Website

Chrysler 300C
Image by khalid almasoud via Flickr

Wow, I never thought a repossessed 2007 Chrysler 300C would be this expensive. I can only imagine the monthly payments if it were brand new.

Questions about these repossessed vehicles?

Please call UnionBank DIRECTLY through their contact details above. Keep in mind that I am just posting this as a public service to readers and subscribers of foreclosurephilippines.com

Happy hunting!

To our success and financial freedom!

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