Pag-IBIG Davao moves December 8, 2016 auction to December 12, 2016

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This is a quick heads-up that Pag-IBIG Fund’s Davao Housing Hub has moved their public auction schedule for Davao properties from December 8, 2016 to December 12, 2016. Details below.

Note: You will notice that the date on the list is November 4, 2016. To clarify this, I called up Pag-IBIG Davao, and they said the auction held last November 4 was the first auction, and the second will be on December 12, with the same list of properties.

However, since this is the second auction, the list should have fewer properties, and I was advised to check their facebook page for the most updated list, but I didn’t see any at the time I wrote this. You may check the page yourself through this link: Pag-IBIG Fund (HDMF) Facebook page

The list below is what they released to the public through their website.

Note: To view Pag-IBIG’s other auction schedules, visit the following link: Pag-IBIG foreclosed properties for sale and auction schedules



Invitation to bid, general guidelines, and list of foreclosed properties

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You may download a copy of the original invitation to bid for offline viewing using the link below:

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files, which is free to download at

Source: Pag-IBIG official website

For more details, please contact Pag-IBIG directly through the contact details specified in the invitation to bid above. You may also download the official forms directly from Pag-IBIG’s website.

More Pag-IBIG auction schedules for December 2016 will be posted next.

Full disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We are not accredited real estate brokers of Pag-IBIG. We are posting this as a form of public service because a lot of you have been asking for updated listings of foreclosed properties from Pag-IBIG.

Reminder: If you have any questions/inquiries, please contact Pag-IBIG directly through the contact details within the listings above, or visit their official website. Always transact with Pag-IBIG directly. Thank you for understanding!

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P.P.S Click here to view other Pag-IBIG foreclosed properties auction schedules.

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