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Looking for repossessed cars for sale? Try the Buena Mano Car Bidding Bonanza!

Interested buyers looking for cheap repossessed cars may just find what they are looking for in the Buena Mano Car Bidding Bonanza. Deadline of submission of Bids is on Monday, October 19, 2009. Please refer to complete list of repossessed cars and guidelines below for more details.

The Buena Mano repossessed cars for sale can be inspected at the following stockyards:

West Avenue Stockyard

  • 75 West Avenue, Barangay Paltok, Quezon City
  • Tel. No. 374-2800 / 374-2900 c/o JOE

Campville Stockyard

  • KM 23 East Service Road, South Super Hi-way Cupang, Muntinlupa City (Beside Shell Canvass Bldg.)
  • Tel. No. 809-9986 c/o ASSONY

Please do remember to transact directly at the Makati office*

  • Nelson 816-9962
  • Vince 845-5998
  • Charlie 816-9873 or 8169955/845-5723

*-I am just sharing this list of repossessed cars for sale as a service to readers and subscribers.


  1. Sealed bidding (OFFICIAL BID FORM FORMAT ONLY). Highest bidder wins and only the winning bidders will be notified. The Bank reserves the right to reject any and all offers and to accept the most advantageous bid at the Bank’s sole discretion. E-mail Address and/or Cell Phone number are necessary data which should be contained on the submitted Bid Form. The telephone numbers provided should be where bidder/s can be readily contacted
  2. Drop sealed bids in the designated bid box located at:  Property Sales and Leases Office Ground Floor, The Enterprise Center Tower 2, Paseo de Roxas corner Dela Rosa Street, Makati City.
  3. Bid forms(available at the above mentioned stockyards and PSL office) should be filled out legibly and completely. Illegible and incomplete forms will be disqualified.
  4. The vehicles may be inspected at the above given addresses from October 4 – October 19, 2009 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM only except Sundays and Holidays. Units are sold on “AS-IS, WHERE-IS” basis. LTO registration are not updated and are for the account of the buyer.
  5. Deadline of submission of Bid/s is on Monday, October 19, 2009, cut-off time is 5:30 PM. Opening of bids will be on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 9:30AM.
  6. Payment must be made within 48 hours from notification, failure of which will result in cancellation of the bid and the forfeiture of the Buyer’s option to purchase subject to Management’s discretion.

*An additional Php7,000.00++ will be collected for transfer & registration purposes.

Hmmm… I wonder if the list above includes any flooded vehicles for sale.

Happy hunting!


To our financial freedom!

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Text by Jay Castillo. Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved.

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5 thoughts on “Looking for repossessed cars for sale? Try the Buena Mano Car Bidding Bonanza!”

  1. Another great place to shop are the auction houses where again a lot of wholesalers and car yards purchase their vehicles from. Recently there were huge hail storms in my area and a lot of the car manufacturers yards were hit badly and these vehicles showed up most brand new at huge discounts.

  2. Love these events. You can also get similar bargains at the government auctions, where cars generally have been well maintained but have a lot of kilometers on them per year since manufacture. This is where most used car dealers shop, and then add an insane markup … so why not bypass them and save a heap of money?

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