Buena Mano Q2-2013 Catalogs for Luzon, Visayas – Mindanao now ready to be accessed

The Buena Mano Q2-2013 catalogs for Luzon, and Visayas – Mindanao are now ready to be accessed. There is no need to wait for a long time while the whole catalog is downloading – they may now be easily and quickly viewed, thanks to scribd.com! Those who wish to download the whole catalogs, though, may still do so.

Buena Mano Q2-2013 - Visayas and Mindanao   Buena Mano Q2-2013 - Luzon
In evaluating properties, kindly take note that properties are classified into Green Tag (clean title, may be viewed), Yellow Tag (either with occupants, title still in the process of consolidation, or with error in title description), and Red Tag (with court case). For ease of reference, all current catalogs – including Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao – may be found in one page. Please refer to the instructions on how you can access them below.

Access the Buena Mano Q2-2013 catalogs

To access and download the catalogs, please click on the following link:

On the page above, you will also see payment terms, interest rates, answers to frequently asked questions, how to make an offer, a copy of the official offer to purchase form, and more. If you inquire via email, we will send you the process, forms, and sample computations of the downpayment, additional fees for the account of the buyer, and monthly amortization, to make your purchase as hassle-free as possible. Happy hunting!


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Text by Jose Dionisio R. Castillo and Cherry Vi S. Castillo Copyright 2008-2013 All rights reserved

Full disclosure: I am an accredited real estate broker of Buena Mano Property Sales and Leases. If you learned about this list of acquired assets through https://www.foreclosurephilippines.com, kindly acknowledge me as the accredited broker who referred you (at no additional cost to you). Other real estate brokers, agents, referrors are welcome, just call us for details.

Disclaimer: The properties in the catalogs above are for sale on an “as-is, where-is” basis. All are advised to do the necessary due diligence before entering into a binding commitment financially or otherwise in relation to any of the listings of foreclosed properties published in https://www.foreclosurephilippines.com. Inadvertent misprints shall not alter the factual condition of any property published in https://www.foreclosurephilippines.com, nor shall they be deemed as misrepresentation.

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2 thoughts on “Buena Mano Q2-2013 Catalogs for Luzon, Visayas – Mindanao now ready to be accessed”

  1. HI jay, on buena mano visayas catalog, property # BAC-054, RED TAGGED, 300sqm in murcia, negros occidental. I’ve approached Mr. Kelly of BPI, and he informed me that i can not secure a loan for this property unless the case is cleared(previous owner filed a case against prudential bank NOW owned by BPI). I really do want the property and BPI has informed me that there is no way the previous owner can win the case because BPI has all the necessary papers to prove that they legally own the property. Now BPI wants me to pay in CASH!! if i want to purchase the property, which of course i dont have at present and that they will pursue the case after. I really like the property very much. Is it possible for other banks to buy the property from BPI although it is red tagged, and i pay the monthly installments to them, while i wait until BPI clears the case against the previous owner?? really need your advice, thanks

  2. Hi Sir Jay,

    I am interested on one of the properties in Paranaque listed in Buena mano.
    Can I ask for your assistance regarding this matter sir?

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