Bank repossessed cars round-up as of August 18, 2010

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If you are looking for bank repossessed cars, then this post is for you. With so many listings of bank repossessed cars for sale coming out lately, I’ll just put them all here in a single post. This round-up of listings of bank repossessed cars includes listings from AMA Bank, Eastwest Bank, RCBC Savings Bank, UCPB, and Unionbank. Checkout the individual listings of second-hand cars below for more details.

AMA Bank repossessed cars

These repossessed cars from AMA Bank are for sealed bidding on August 20, 2010, See list below for more details.

EastWest Bank repossessed cars

The following is updated as of August 17, 2010. The deadline for submission of bids is on August 23, 2010. Opening of bids follows on August 24, 2010 at 10AM. Please visit EastWest Bank’s website for more details.

Stock NumberYearMakeModelColorPlate NumberMileageSelling Price
FSM2006ToyotaRav-4 2WD A/T Gas (FOR AUCTION)WhiteRYN-1894137P 750,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008HondaCR-V Wagon 2.0L M/T Gas (FOR AUCTION)SilverZRF-79728842P 900,000.00
FSM2008FordFocus 1.8L M/T Gas (FOR AUCTION)SilverRGS-87913854P 550,000.00
FSM2006ToyotaFortuner G A/T Gas (FOR AUCTION)BlackZEE-96049128P 820,000.00
FSM2008MitsubishiL-300 FB M/T Dsl. (FOR AUCTION)WhiteZHU-596134889P 330,000.00
WAREHOUSE2009ChevroletOptra LS 1.6L A/T Gas (FOR AUCTION)BlueNZI-5898254P 560,000.00
FSM2008NissanUrvan Shuttle 18-Str. M/T Dsl. (FOR AUCTION)WhiteZTA-32759281P 700,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008HondaCity IDSi A/T Gas (FOR AUCTION)BlackZPV-13225233P 485,000.00
WAREHOUSE2004ToyotaVios 1.3E M/T Gas (FOR AUCTION)BlueXRL-187FLOODEDP 250,000.00
FSM2006HyundaiStarex GRX A/T Dsl. (FOR AUCTION)GrayYDB-98145840P 420,000.00
CEBU2006NissanSentra GX 1.3L M/T Gas (FOR AUCTION)BlueFFX-69382515P 285,000.00
WAREHOUSE2004NissanSerena QRV-R 2.0L A/T Gas (FOR AUCTION)SilverXNX-563FLOODEDP 160,000.00
WAREHOUSE2006ChevroletAveo A/T GasRedZDV-28531674P 360,000.00
CEBU2007ChevroletAveo LS 1.5L M/T GasBlackFGA-83235285P 318,000.00
WAREHOUSE2006ChevroletOptra LS 1.6L M/T GasBlackZEK-18249491P 315,000.00
FSM2006ChevroletOptra LS 1.6L A/T GasSilverZDG-54745478P 300,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008ChevroletOptra Sedan 1.6L A/T GasSilverRGW-18828952P 400,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008ChevroletOptra Notchback 1.6L M/T GasWhiteZTA-86325461P 385,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008ChevroletSpark Hatchback 1.0L M/T GasRedZRB-27732470P 300,000.00
WAREHOUSE2004DodgeDurango Wagon SLT A/T GasBlackXPM-35968012P 620,000.00
WAREHOUSE2006FordEscape XLS 4WD 3.0L A/T GasGreenZGC-16559660P 545,000.00
WAREHOUSE2007FordEscape XLT 2.3L 4WD A/T GasGreenZKJ-88242978P 680,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008FordEscape XLS 2WD A/T GasSilverZNH-37621103P 725,000.00
WAREHOUSE2009FordEscape XLS 2.3L 2WD A/T GasSilverNHI-20517246P 780,000.00
FSM2009FordEverest 2WD M/T Dsl.SilverNYI-63312860P 870,000.00
WAREHOUSE2006FordFocus Sedan 1.6L M/T GasSilverZEY-23113312P 450,000.00
FSM2008FordFocus Sedan 2.0L M/T Dsl.GrayZPP-1359776P 840,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008FordFocus Hatchback 1.8L A/T GasSilverZRU-92721885P 530,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008FordFocus Sedan 1.8L M/T GasBlackZPT-38441658P 427,500.00
WAREHOUSE2009FordFocus Ghia 2.0L A/T GasBlackZTK-86913116P 700,000.00
FSM2005FordLynx GSI A/T GasSilverZAV-51041211P 315,000.00
WAREHOUSE2005FordLynx GSI 1.6L M/T GasRedZBD-39853925P 280,000.00
WAREHOUSE2005FordRanger Trekker 2WD M/T Dsl.SilverRBS-714175595P 450,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008HondaCivic 1.8S A/T GasSilverZMA-71239169P 640,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008HondaCity IDSi 1.3L M/T GasBlackZLU-64341558P 450,000.00
WAREHOUSE2009HyundaiAccent GL CRDi 1.5L M/T Dsl.BlackZRX-53232458P 530,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008HyundaiSanta Fe CRDi VGT 2WD A/T Dsl. (Flooded but running)BlackZGB-33911370P 905,000.00
CEBU2009KiaCarnival LX A/T Dsl.WhiteYHC-83614151P 1,170,000.00
WAREHOUSE2002KiaPanoramic KC2700 M/T Dsl.WhiteVBT-58975400P 250,000.00
WAREHOUSE2005KiaPregio RS M/T Dsl.WhiteVCU-775148210P 430,000.00
WAREHOUSE2006Mazda3 Sedan 1.6S A/T GasBlueZEY-92366838P 427,500.00
CEBU2007Mazda3 Sedan 1.6S A/T GasBlackYFB-84830168P 550,000.00
WAREHOUSE2007Mazda3 Sedan 1.6S A/T GasBlackZHB-89131302P 532,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008Mazda3 Sedan 1.6V A/T GasBlackRGW-73931645P 550,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008Mazda3 Sedan 1.6S A/T GasRedZSE-341FLOODEDP 365,000.00
CEBU2007MazdaTribute 2.3L 2WD A/T GasBlackYER-40634963P 520,000.00
CEBU2008MitsubishiFuzion GLX 2.4L A/T GasSilverYGV-38838140P 690,000.00
CEBU2007MitsubishiLancer GLX M/T Gas (used as taxi)WhiteFWR-956262234P 370,500.00
WAREHOUSE2008MitsubishiLancer GLX 1.6L M/T GasBeigeZPZ-56842605P 425,000.00
FSM2005NissanSentra GSx 1.6L M/T GasBlackXTY-16657642P 300,000.00
FSM2006NissanSentra GSx 1.6L M/T GasRedZEP-79162697P 300,000.00
WAREHOUSE2007NissanSentra GSx 1.6L MT GasBlackZLL-25131864P 370,500.00
WAREHOUSE2008NissanSentra GSx 1.6L M/T GasGrayZPV-72066540P 375,000.00
WAREHOUSE2005NissanSentra GX 1.3L M/T Gas (Flooded but running)SilverZBR-910P 270,000.00
FSM2006NissanSentra GX 1.3L M/T Gas (used as taxi)WhiteTYF-551P 150,000.00
WAREHOUSE2006NissanSentra GX 1.3L M/T GasWhiteZCW-605FLOODEDP 190,000.00
CEBU2007NissanSentra GX 1.3L A/T GasFGA-90612312P 522,500.00
WAREHOUSE2008NissanSentra GX 1.3L A/T GasGrayZMM-88727524P 450,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008NissanSentra GX 1.3L M/T GasWhiteZPV-25548675P 390,000.00
WAREHOUSE2004NissanX-Trail 2.5L 4WD A/T Gas (tampered engine)SilverWON-88851719P 520,000.00
WAREHOUSE2006NissanX-Trail 2.0L 4WD A/T GasBlackZEX-90363197P 580,000.00
WAREHOUSE2007SuzukiAlto Deluxe M/T GasRedZKL-610P 220,000.00
FSM2007SuzukiAlto Standard M/T Gas (damaged transmission)WhiteZJL-780P 140,000.00
WAREHOUSE2008SuzukiAlto LE M/T GasWhiteZRZ-91423976P 250,000.00
WAREHOUSE2006ToyotaAltis 1.6J M/T GasSilverZFH-69954682P 445,000.00

For auction sale guidelines and other details, please visit this page on EastWest Bank’s website:

RCBC Savings Bank repossessed cars

The repossessed cars on this list from RCBC Savings Bank were actually scheduled for public auction earlier today, August 18, 2010, 1:00pm. However, I’ll post them anyway, just in case some of the cars were not sold(which is very likely). Just call them up directly to check if a repossessed car you might be interested in remained unsold.

For more details and to check for updates on the list of repossessed cars from RCBC Savings Bank, please visit this page on their website:

UCPB repossessed cars

This list of UCPB repossessed cars is updated as of August 15, 2010 and are for sealed bidding on August 24, 2010. See list below for more details.

UnionBank repossessed cars

Invitation to Bid

REPOSSESSED VEHICLES – Bidding Period: AUGUST 16-24, 2010

Unit DescriptionPlate No.Ind. Price
07 Chrysler 300CZLM-7591,729,000.00
06 BMW118i A/TZEV-3851,321,000.00
06 BMW 320i A/TZFZ-5831,320,000.00
06 Toyota Hilux A/T P/upZDE-157873,000.00
09 Kia Carens EX 2.0  A/TVEX-9951,034,000.00
09 Kia Carens LX 2.0  A/TNIO-701931,000.00
05 Chevrolet Zafira A/TXSN-788242,000.00
08 Chevrolet Spark M/TZSC-356258,000.00
08 Chevrolet Aveo A/TNHI-984580,000.00
08 Chevrolet Aveo A/TZNX-350418,000.00
07 Chevrolet Aveo A/TZMX-105404,000.00
07 Chevrolet Optra  A/TZJM-621445,000.00
08 Chevrolet Aveo A/TZNX-350418,000.00
08 Chevrolet Aveo M/TZNX-119283,000.00
06 Ford Everest A/T  4X4ZEW-116713,000.00
01 Ford Lynx GsiXBB-553175,000.00
07 Ford Focus 1.8L M/TRGB-750466,000.00
06 Ford Focus 1.6L M/TZFN-402371.000.00
06 Mazda 6 A/TZDW-169630,000.00
09 Mazda 3 A/TNGO-203684,000.00
08 Mits. L300 VVZNZ-602565,000.00
08 Mits. Galant GX  A/TZPA-6761,207,000.00
07 Mits. Lancer GTRET-942452,000.00
07 Mits. Lancer MX  A/TZGN-188400,000.00
07 Mits. Lancer 2.0 GSR A/TZKB-739421,000.00
09 Mits. Lancer GLX M/TNOM-163580,000.00
06 Mits. Adventure GLXZEJ-457447,000.00
08 Mits. Fuzion GLX A/TZSG-103768,000.00
07 Nissan X-trail A/TZMK-221655,500.00
05 Nissan CefiroXRU-217447,000.00
01 Nissan Exalta A/TXAB-298 (XYB-333)219,000.00
06 Nissan SentraZDK-732(TYF-872)215,000.00
07 Nissan SentraZJR-724223,000.00
07 Nissan Sentra M/TZKZ-624380,000.00
07 Nissan Sentra GX M/TZJG-801333,000.00
07 Nissan Sentra 1.6 GSX M/TZKR-856409,000.00
08 Nissan Sentra 1.3GX  M/TZMV-785454,000.00
08 Nissan Sentra 1.6 GSX  M/TZDQ-888433,000.00
08 Nissan Sentra GS  A/TZPV-784358,000.00
08 Nissan Sentra GX  A/TZPJ-488414,000.00
09 Nissan Sentra 1.6l A/TNFI-501641,000.00
07 Hyundai Getz M/TZJH-136246,000.00
09 Hyundai Getz M/TNIJ-950418,000.00
06 Hyundai Starex GRX A/TZDF-800651,000.00
05 Honda Civic M/TZCG-920337,000.00
99 Honda Accord M/TWJW-390200,000.00
08 Honda CRV 4X4ZMN-233903,000.00
05 Isuzu SportivoXTY-866558,000.00
05 Isuzu CrosswindZEU-191641,000.00
Nissan Bus (Bus No. 3139)CVV-836850,000.00
Nissan Bus (Bus No. 3151)CVP-688650,000.00
Nissan Bus (Bus No. 3055)CVC-667800,000.00
Hino Passenger BusCVZ-930600,000.00
Hino Passenger BusCVK-903398,000.00
02 Lorry Tank-Hyundai 6  wheeler,10,000 ltr. CapacityWKC-534455,000.00
Bid forms are available @Unionbank ARG, 20th/F UnionBank Plaza Meralco Ave. cor. Onyx St., Ortigas Ctr., Pasig City. Bids should be submitted together w/ the 5K (Manager’s Check) at the above address not later than AUGUST 24, 2010. Inspection is at UnionBank Whse, 185 Roosevelt Avenue, SFDM, Q.C.[In front of Watch Tower Church] Call BABES @ 6380113 or 6676388 loc. 8370 

*Unionbank may at anytime withdraw any of the units listed prior to bidding.

For more details and to check for updates on the list of repossessed cars from Unionbank please visit this page on their website:


Please don’t forget to contact the respective banks directly for information about any of the repossessed cars for sale and other details. I am just posting this as a service to readers and subscribers of

Wondering why I am posting bank repossessed cars for sale? Well, repossessed cars are actually bank foreclosed cars and a lot of people are looking for them here. Checkout this post for more details. You might also learn a thing or two as I share how a  real estate investor friend of mine applies real estate investing techniques to investing in bank repossessed cars.

Happy hunting!

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