101 repossessed cars for sale from Philmay as of October 31, 2012

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Philmay and Maybank repossessed cars for sale as of October 31, 2012

I just got this list of 101 repossessed cars from Philmay Property Inc. or PPI, which are for negotiated sale. These are NOT for public auction, interested bidders only need to submit their offers along with other requirements. The complete list repossessed cars and other details can be found below.

Based on the bid form, available payment terms are cash and financing, although I will have to get more details with regard to financing (minimum downpayment, interest rates, years to pay, etc). I’ll update this post once I get the additional info, or you can just call Philmay through their contact details which can be seen after the list of repossessed cars.

Philmay repossessed cars for sale (as of October 31, 2012)

#YearUNITPlate NumberLocationSelling PriceOdometer
12011Kia Sorento LX A/T Gas (Silver)PIY622Pasay Warehouse1,270,000.008,844
22011Suzuki Celerio Hatchback A/T Gas (Silver)TIF328Pasay Warehouse443,000.009,392
32011Kia Rio 1.4 EX M/T Gas (Titanium Silver)TTQ200Pasay Warehouse396,000.0013,862
42011Suzuki APV Van M/T Gas (Black)TZI695Pasay Warehouse529,000.0013,758
52011Suzuki Celerio Hatchback A/T Gas (White)TTQ968Pasay Warehouse443,000.0015,071
62011Kia Carens 2.0 EX CRDI A/T Dieasel (Clear White)TOO730Pasay Warehouse881,000.006,809
72010Suzuki APV M/T Gas (Gray)PIC718Pasay Warehouse465,000.007,900
82010Kia Rio LX M/T Gas (Clear White)NOB457Pasay Warehouse315,000.0016,486
92009Suzuki APV SGX M/T Gas (Red)NQJ294Pasay Warehouse446,000.0061,256
102009Ford Escape 4×2 Wagon A/T Gas (Gold)NGI929Pasay Warehouse572,000.0055,940
112009Kia Soul A/T Gas (Tomato Red)NOD520Pasay Warehouse525,000.0013,392
122008Suzuki Alto Hatchback M/T Gas (Silver)ZSM148Pasay Warehouse206,000.0032,090
132008Suzuki Alto Hatchback M/T Gas (Green)ZPZ244Pasay Warehouse200,000.0025,978
12012Toyota Innova M/T Gas (Bronze Micca Metallic)UID284Pasay Warehouse875,000.006,480
22011Suzuki Celerio Hatchback M/T Gas (Silver)VFC286Pasay Warehouse419,000.0011,888
32011Hyundai Accent 1.4 CVVT M/T Gas (White)TLO425Pasay Warehouse496,000.0014,520
42011Mitsubishi L300 FB Deluxe M/T Diesel (White)TYQ365Pasay Warehouse502,000.0015,756
52011Suzuki SX4 Crossover Hatchback A/T Gas (White)TAQ190Pasay Warehouse611,000.0013,027
62010Kia Picanto 1.1 EX Hatchback A/T Gas (Titanium Silver)VEZ704Pasay Warehouse376,000.001,866
72010Kia Rio LX M/T Gas (Clear White)VEZ253Pasay Warehouse313,000.0026,232
82010Kia Rio EX A/T Gas (Titanium SIlver)VEY959Pasay Warehouse353,000.0026,904
92010Suzuki APV Van M/T Gas (Red)PYO132Pasay Warehouse444,000.007,665
102010Suzuki Celerio Hatchback A/T Gas (White)PFI103Pasay Warehouse322,000.0062,381
112010Kia Picanto Hatchback A/T Gas (Silver Gray)VFA183Pasay Warehouse334,000.0041,460
122010Kia Sportage LX A/T Diesel (Black)VER372Pasay Warehouse682,000.0046,963
132010Hyundai i10 GLS 1.2 A/T Gas (Red)PWO496Pasay Warehouse331,000.0024,611
12008Cherry QQ 308 AM/T Gas Hatchback (Silver)ZSY667Pasay Warehouse77,250.00NA
12012Kia Rio EX Hatchback A/T Gas (Red)no plateCalasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan666,000.002,944
22012Ford Escape 4×2 XLS A/T Gasoline (Infra Red)AFB482Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan825,000.0016,972
32010Mitsubishi Lancer EX GT-A 2.0 A/T Gas (Aspen White)RKH407Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan781,000.0036,061
42010HAIMA FSTAR (Silver)PCQ794Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan240,000.005,435
52010KIA K2700 4×2 M/T Diesel (White)NOK887Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan482,000.0016,203
62010Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.6 M/T Gas (Black)RJX782Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan493,000.0011,057
72010Toyota Innova SR A/T Diesel (Bronze Metallic)AEY152Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan705,000.0044,800
82008Mitsubishi Lancer EX MX2 A/T Gas (Silver)ZTY237Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan542,000.0025,190
92004Toyota Camry A/T Gas (Black)XPK720Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan402,000.0079,132
12011Nissan Sentra 1.3 GX A/T GAS (Bluish Black)RKW905Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan358,000.0020,829
22010Kia Rio EX M/T Gas (Sunset Orange)PIJ725Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan300,000.0016,558
32010Kia Rio LX M/T Gas (Clear White)PJI812Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan276,000.0057,953
42010Honda CRV A/T Gas (Titanium)RKE129Pasay Warehouse784,000.0016,962
12008Ford Escape XLS A/T Gas (Silver)ZPJ233Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan437,000.0051,273
12006Kia K2700 Panoramic 4X2 M/T Diesel (White)VDS946Calasiao Repo Yard, Pangasinan306,000.00NA
12011Hyundai Elantra CVVT 1.6 GL MT Gas (Gray)YKF357Cebu Repo Yard, Talisay672,000.0012,730
22011Kia Rio 1.4 LX M/T Gas (White)YKJ468Cebu Repo Yard, Talisay410,000.003,524
32010Kia Rio LX M/T Gas (White)YHR752Car Focus Auto Shop, CDO227,000.00NA
42010Hyundai Tucson CVVT A/T Gas (White)YJD524Cebu Repo Yard, Talisay776,000.0010,785
12012Hyundai Accnt CVVT 1.4 M/T Gas (White)FHE994Iloilo Repo Yard, Brgy Baluarte, Iloilo City564,000.00NA
22011Ford Escape 4×2 A/T Gas (Gray)FHC712Iloilo Warehouse692,000.00NA
320102010 Foton Pasenger Van M/T Diesel (White)FGY874Iloilo Repo Yard, Brgy Baluarte, Iloilo City496,000.00NA
42008Ford Escape 4×2 XLS A/T Gas (Silver)FGE693Iloilo Warehouse547,000.00NA
52004Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter Van M/T Diesel (Blue)XPS297Iloilo Repo Yard, Brgy Baluarte, Iloilo City303,000.00NA
1NAIsuzu Forward Dumptruck Diesel (Green) – ReconditionedWBA201CDO Repo Yard732,000.00NA
22012Hyundai Accent 1.5 CRDI M/T Gas (Titanium)KFX760CDO Repo Yard533,000.0013,240
32011Hyundai Accent A/T Gas (Red)KFS793Pasay Warehouse533,000.0022,632
42011Hyundai Accent CVVT 1.4 M/T Gas (Red)KFM836Davao Repo Yard510,000.008,191
52011Hyundai Tucson 4×2 GLS A/T Gas (Phantom Black)TWI336CDO Warehouse884,000.0018,029
62011Hyundai Accent CVVT 1.4 M/T Gas (Sleek SIlver)KFS650CDO Repo Yard508,000.008,315
72011Ford Fiesta SDR Sport Hatchback M/T Gas (Orange) – Flood DamagedKGB584Car Focus Auto Shop, CDO328,000.00NA
82011Hyundai Getz M/T Gas Sub-Compact (Red)KFM823Car Focus Auto Shop, CDO207,000.00NA
92011Toyota Fortuner 4×2 M/T Diesel (Gray) – Flood DamagedKFL150Golden Cars Service Center, CDO663,000.00NA
102010Mitsubishi Strada 4×4 GLS 2.5 M/T Diesel (Black Mica)KEL686Davao Repo Yard720,000.0086,440
112010Kia Rio EX M/T Gas (Silver)LMP298CDO Repo Yard332,000.0030,800
122010Hyundai Getz 1.1 FL Sub-Compact M/T Gas (Black)KFM582CDO Repo Yard245,000.00NA
132010Hyundai i10 GLS 1.2L Sub-Compact A/T Gas (Black) – Flood DamagedKFM861Sitrade Motors, CDO268,000.00NA
142010Hyundai Getz 1.1FL Sus-Compact M/T Gas (Black) – Flood DamagedKEE612CDO Repo Yard207,000.00NA
152010Kia Rio M/T Gas (Gray) – Flood DamagedLMP389Sitrade Motors, CDO216,000.00NA
162010Kia Rio EX A/T Gas (Red) – Flood DamagedLML145Car Focus Auto Shop, CDO230,000.00NA
172010Kia Rio EX M/T Gas (Silver) – Flood DamagedLMM729Car Focus Auto Shop, CDO227,000.00NA
182010Kia Soul LX A/T Gas (White) – Flood DamagedKEE479Sitrade Motors, CDO466,000.00NA
192010Hyundai Accent 1.5 CRDI M/T Diesel (Black) – Flood DamagedKFM869CDO Warehouse167,000.00NA
202010Kia Sportage A/T Diesel (Blue)ZMU244Golden Cars Service Center, CDO447,000.00NA
212010Nissan Frontier 4×2 M/T Diesel (Black) – Flood DamagedKER762Golden Cars Service Center, CDO459,000.00NA
222009Hyundai Getz 1.1 Sub-Compact M/T Gas (Space Silver)KEC649CDO Repo Yard248,000.0026,216
232009Kia Sportage EX A/T Diesel (White)KEB654CDO Repo Yard654,000.0075,052
242009Kia Carens LX M/T Diesel (Ebony Black) – Flood DamagedKDY504CDO Repo Yard188,000.00NA
252009Kia Sportage 4×2 A/T Diesel (Black)LMK554Pasay Warehouse629,000.0061,246
262009Kia Sportage LX A/T Diesel – Flood DamagedKEB647Golden Cars Service Center, CDO430,000.00NA
272009Cherry QQ311 Hatchback M/T Gas (Silver) – Flood DamagedKEA601Sitrade Motors, CDO78,000.00NA
282009Kia Carnival Wagon A/T Diesel (White) – Flood DamagedKDP597Golden Cars Service Center, CDO475,000.00NA
292009Kia Sportage 4×4 Wagon A/T Diesel (Silver) – Not in running conditonZRW910CDO Repo Yard630,000.00109,556
302009Fuso Canter Truck Dropside M/T Diesel (White) – Not in running conditonJCM267CDO Repo Yard372,000.00NA
312008Mitsubishi Pajero (Surplus) M/T Diesel (White/Blue) – Flood DamagedGSB773Golden Cars Service Center, CDO241,000.00NA
322008Cherry QQ311 M/T Gas (Yellow) – Flood DamagedKED899Sitrade Motors, CDO72,000.00NA
332008Kia Sorento EX A/T Diesel (Gray) – Flood DamagedKDS537Sitrade Motors, CDO421,000.00NA
342008Hyundai Starex (Surplus) A/T Diesel (Brown) – Flood DamagedKEB930Golden Cars Service Center, CDO182,000.00NA
352007Kia Rio M/T Gas (White) – Flood DamagedKDM201Car Focus Auto Shop, CDO202,000.00NA
362006Suzuki Multicab Jitney M/T Gas (Blue) – Flood DamagedLMM901CDO Repo Yard91,000.00NA
372006Kia Sorento A/T Diesel (Gray) – Flood DamagedKDJ429Golden Cars Service Center, CDO375,000.00NA
382005Toyota Vios 1.3 M/T Gas (Gray) – Flood DamagedKDD126 (KCU577 per appraisal)Golden Cars Service Center, CDO235,000.00NA
392004Toyota Altis J 1.6 M/T Gas (White) – Flood DamagedKDA560Sitrade Motors, CDO173,000.00NA
402004Mitsubishi FUSO Truck Dropside M/T Diesel (Green and Yellow) – with pending case / not in running conditionMDC959CDO Repo Yard509,000.00NA
412004Kia Rio M/T Gas (Red)XRX596CDO Repo Yard170,000.00NA
422004Isuzu Forward Dumptruck M/T Diesel (Green) – Not in running conditionYBR424CDO Repo Yard536,000.00NA
432004Isuzu Dmax 4×2 A/T Diesel (Blue) – Flood DamagedKDA747Golden Cars Service Center, CDO334,000.00NA
442004Suzuki Passenger Type Jitney M/T Gas (Red) – Flood DamagedGNA539Car Focus Auto Shop, CDO82,000.00NA
452004Ford Lynx A/T Gas (Black) – Flood DamagedKDA527Sitrade Motors, CDO100,000.00NA
462003Suzuki Multicab M/T Gas (Black) – Flood DamagedGPK665CDO Repo Yard82,000.00NA
472003Hyundai Starex M/T Diesel (White) – Flood DamagedKCV376Golden Cars Service Center, CDO227,000.00NA
482003Mitsubishi Strada 4×4 M/T Diesel (Dark Red) – Flood DamagedGKS311Golden Cars Service Center, CDO227,000.00NA
492001Ford Expedition A/T Gas (Dark Blue) – Flood DamagedWTK245CDO Repo Yard92,000.00NA
502001Mitsubishi Adventure M/T Diesel (Blue)XAY292Prodrive Motorworks, CDO207,000.00NA

Important Notes

Sale is on “as-is, where-is” basis, no waranties and “no recourse” basis. Status and condition of the properties are not comprehensive or complete: Buyers are therefore advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to submission of an offer to buy.

Applicable forms

Who to contact

For more details, please feel free to call Philmay DIRECTLY, through the following phone numbers, during office hours (just ask for the person in charge of repossessed cars):

  • 524-2470
  • 404-2275
  • 523-7777 locals 150 and 149
Or you can just leave a comment below.

Not looking for repossessed cars?

I post listings of repossessed cars in ForeclosurePhilippines.com because a lot of people are looking for them, but if you are looking for foreclosed properties from Philmay, these will be featured next. Don’t forget to subscribe to email alerts to get notified once I publish these foreclosed property listings.

Happy hunting!


To our success and financial freedom!

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Text by Jay Castillo and Cherry Castillo. Copyright © 2008 – 2012 All rights reserved.

Full disclosure: While I am an accredited real estate broker of Philmay for their foreclosed properties, but I am not yet sure if this also applies to their repossessed cars. Anyway, you always have a choice to call Philmay directly, but I would appreciate it if you will acknowledge me as your referrer if you found this listing from ForeclosurePhilippines.com, thanks!


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