Watch the webinar replay on "How a secretary can invest in real estate with just Php2,000"

I would like to share this update dated June 2, 2011 – After much thought, I have decided to leave Trace Trajano‘s local coaching program and my role as one of the local coaches. I would also like to inform everyone that I am not part of Trace’s other programs.

For those who don’t know, I was once a student of Trace, and I was also part of the team that won his first apprentice challenge, although I decided to leave the RYP team last September 2010. I became one of the local coaches as part of the now defunct Terrific Trio University. I also helped promote his seminars in the past including TRQ 1.0, TRQ 2.0, TRQ Cebu, his quick cash seminars, and the last one was TRQ 3.0.

It has also come to my attention that some materials that Trace used in marketing some of his seminars might make it appear that I am one of his partners. I would like to make it clear that I am not a business partner of Trace Trajano.

Things did not turn out as planned, but lessons have been learned, and I feel it is time for me to move on.  ~ end of update ~


Here’s good news for those who missed the webinar on “How a secretary can invest in real estate with just Php2,000“. Not only was Trace able to successfully record the whole webinar, he just gave me permission to post it here for everyone to view. You can watch the entire webinar below. Enjoy!

I look forward to Jane’s completion of this real estate deal. Acquiring or controlling a property is just the first part for this kind of deal, now she has to implement whatever exit strategy she decides to do, which could be retailing (she can partner with another real estate investor to renovate the property and sell the property to an end-user) or wholesaling (she can just sell the deal to another investor for a wholesale fee) or some other exit strategy.

Hopefully, Jane would be able to complete the deal on time so she can share the details of whatever exit strategy she will implement during the upcoming Think Rich Quick seminar, which Trace also announced during the webinar.

This time around, the Think Rich Quick 2.0 (TRQ 2.0)  seminar will be a 2 day seminar/workshop for beginning real estate investors and it will be on October 23-24, 2010. Venue will be somewhere in Makati City, Philippines, exact details of which will be announced soon. According to Trace, the venue they have chosen can only accommodate 300 seats.

*September 26, 2010 update – The seminar will definitely be held in Makati City, Philippines, although the exact venue is still being finalized. Once the venue is final, I will post it here. If you have not registered yet, do keep in mind that only 249 of the 300 seats are left.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate by virtue of being a student of Trace Trajano and for being part of the team that won the Apprentice Challenge 1.0, and I will earn affiliate commissions if you register for the TRQ 2.0 seminar using my links above. However, I would have featured this seminar here even if I were not an affiliate as I will also be attending the said event, so I might as well be an affiliate right?!

I hope to see you there!

Happy learning!

To our success and financial freedom!

Jay Castillo
Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Broker License #: 20056
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Text by Jay Castillo and Cherry Castillo. Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

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17 thoughts on “Watch the webinar replay on "How a secretary can invest in real estate with just Php2,000"”

  1. Hi, am very interested. Is it possible to attend this seminar online? Or is physical presence necessary. I am based in the US.

  2. Marian was right if the property would not be sold for certain period of time, the deal will be forfeited. We must remember TIME is critical here that’s why Motivated Seller agreed with Jane because she trusted Jane that it will be sold quickly. This is called Purchase Option to control the property in a certain amount of time. Lease-Option is right to buy and right to rent.

    skype: ranbanaria

  3. even if you negotiate and control the property..the problem is there will be a immediate buyer in a limited time frame..or else your earnest money will be forfeited from the jane she still not available to sell the property she thinks a good deal..then she will lose her 2000 to the seller…

  4. I think the method they’ve used is Purchase Option or Lease-Option Deal which you can control the property on a small amount of money.

    Lease-Option and Purchase-Option Deal have been used for long mostly on commercial properties but it has not been much used on residential properties.

    I’m not sure if NMD (No Mone Down) is not possible in the Philippines.

  5. Photobooth Fantasy

    2,000! Wow, this one is really thinking out of the box. Whatever this is, i think it will be great for Filipinos. We need more entrepreneurs to fuel our economy to success

  6. Condo Price Per Sqm

    This webinar sounds so inspiring! I hope a lot of Filipinos benefit from this one, especially those who wants to make their own fortune

  7. Hi, I’m not sure if the strategy in the UK works in the Philippines.. We can use the equity of the property as deposit and used closed bridging loan to acquire the properties.

    Randy Banaria

  8. Hi Jay,

    I just watched/listened to the video. Very inspiring. I wish this was available as an MP3 version. Or the video was cut into several parts. The 4, 994 sounds achievable.

    1. Hi Lojen, nice to see you here! The seminar venue in Makati is still under wraps because Trace is still negotiating with the two venues in his shortlist. Don’t worry, once this is final, I will post it here as well.

      I look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

  9. Thank you very much Jay for reposting! I will ask my father to join the seminar instead of me since I am here in Dubai. I hope there are still available slots

    1. Hi JosimPB, you’re welcome and I look forward to meeting your father at TRQ 2.0. I just learned from Trace that only 1 slot is left for the announced bonuses for the first 30 slots. This means only 271 slots are left at the moment. I also learned from Trace that they are closing down the registration on September 30 as prices will increase by Php2,000 per ticket the next day, October 1. If your dad has not registered yet, I suggest he register now, or at least on or before September 30.

      1. Hello Jay,

        I have already settled the payment last night and sent the confirmation to Jane, unfortunately when I emailed Jane it was not counted on the 30 VIP’s, it was already closed. Anyway, cheers on the upcoming TRQ 2.0!

        1. Sorry you didn’t make it as one of the first 30, anyway you and your dad will still get bonuses 1 to 6 which are worth more than Php50,000. Thanks and I’ll see your dad at the seminar!

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