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I know a lot of readers and subscribers of Foreclosure Philippines have been waiting for updated listings of repossessed cars for sale. I must admit that there have been a number of listings of repossessed cars that I missed posting during the past recent weeks, sorry about that.

Ever since my “early retirement” from being an employee  started last February 1, 2010, one of the things I have been looking forward to was posting more listings of repossessed cars. However, all of my plans got waylaid for a number of reasons which I will be happy to share in another post, especially since it appears things are now going back to normal and can proceed as planned.

Anyway, to make up for my missing to post updated repossessed car listings, I’m sharing 2 listings of foreclosed cars in this post. These are of  Unionbank repossessed cars and AMA Bank repo cars.

Just refer to the respective images below for the complete listings of repossessed cars, along with pertinent details. For any inquiries, don’t forget to call Unionbank or AMA Bank directly. Remember, I am just posting  these listings of repossessed and second hand cars as a free service for my dear readers and subscribers.

UNIONBANK-REPOSESSED-CARS-AS-OF-MARCH-07-2010AMA-BANK-REPOSSESSED-CARS-AS-OF-MARCH-07-2010Source: Manila Bulletin, March 7, 2010 issue, page G-14

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