Chinabank updated listings of acquired assets as of November 11, 2009

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My wife Cherry continues from her recent post by sharing listings of acquired assets which she recently got from the Acquired Assets Division of China Banking Corporation.

In my research to find our new house, I have gone through the Chinabank acquired assets listing in our site. I inquired about a property in the May to June 2009 listing which we posted in July. It was still available! Just goes to show that just because the listing is already old, it doesn’t mean that all properties there have already been sold. The Asset Management people gave me an updated list of their foreclosed properties in Excel, which I am now sharing to you.

Click on this link for the Chinabank listing of Metro Manila Acquired assets.

I was also informed that they have a new listing in magazine format. I had planned to go to the Chinabank office in Paseo which is near my office, but now there’s no need as I found a PDF copy in their website.

Click on this link for the Chinabank Real Deals October-December 2009 magazine

They also sent me updated listings of Chinabank acquired assets under their “20-0-8” promo and their provincial acquired assets listings which you can download below. The acquired assets included in Chinabank’s “20-0-8” promo can be purchased for as little as 20% downpayment, at 0% interest, and with the 80% balance payable in 8 years. Cash discounts await cash buyers!

Click here to download the Chinabank “20-0-8” acquired assets listing.

Click here to download the Chinabank provincial acquired assets listing.

All these acquired assets are available for negotiated sale and I am also sharing a copy of their Offer To Buy form and their Customer Information File form which you need to accomplish to submit your offers. You may download these forms below:

Click here to download a copy of Chinabank’s Offer To Buy form

Click here to download a copy of Chinabank’s Customer Information File form

I took my chances when I reviewed my husband’s past post on the Ultimate List of Bank Websites, and lo and behold, the Chinabank site was updated! There are other bank websites which have updated listings too! So I would advise that you check them every now and then. And don’t be shy to call their Asset Management Departments. They will be more than glad to help you out and give you their listings.

Happy investing!

Cherry Castillo

Cherry is my wife. She is a certified public accountant (CPA) and lawyer.

My vision – financial freedom for all!

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