Buy bank reposessed cars at RCBC Savings Bank’s Dream Buys Car Auction

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I’ll keep this short and sweet. I have just found this new listing of repossessed cars from RCBC Savings Bank and I just had to post it immediately because the deadline for submission of bids is on September 9, 2009, 1:00 PM, at the 18th floor, unit 1806-A Tektite Bldg., West Tower, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. This auction of repossessed cars is through sealed bidding.

Inspections can be done at their Pasig warehouse which is located at #8516 A. Sandoval Avenue, Pinagbuhatan, Pasig City, Philippines, on September 7 to 8, 2009, during office hours.

Registration fee is Php5,000.00 per unit and is refundable.

For inquiries, please call Cris and Che through the following Telephone No”s during office hours:

  • 687-0839
  • 687-1365
  • 6385032
  • 687-5430 loc. 4382

Or call Rene Lopez: 0918-9903626

Click here to download the listing of bank repossessed cars in RCBC Savings Bank’s Dream Buys Car Auction.

The fine print

Misprints should not be construed as a misrepresentation of the property. All transactions are subject to bank approval. The bank reserves the right to withdraw any property for whatever reason.

What repossessed cars did I find interesting on the list? Well, I have a bias for Hyundai cars as I currently own a Hyundai Getz. On the list I can see that there is a 2008 Hyundai i10 with a minimum bid price of Php425K. FYI, just like my car, the i10 has a 5 year warranty, and if it is still valid, then I suppose that would make it worth looking into right?

Hyundai i10 (not actual unit)
The 2008 Hyundai i10 (not actual unit)

For Honda fans out there, a 2008 Honda Civic 1.8V is also available with a minimum bid price of Php637K.

2008 Honda Civic
The 2008 Honda Civic (not actual unit)

Don’t forget to bring along your trusted mechanics when inspecting these bank repossessed cars.

Happy Hunting!


To our financial freedom!

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