BPI Buena Mano Green Tag Metro Manila Foreclosed Properties for Sale Q1-2009

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Finally here’s a copy of BPI’s Buena Mano Super Value Green Tag listing of foreclosed properties for sale, for Metro Manila, Q1-2009. This listing also includes Buena Mano Prime properties which are priced above 10 million pesos. Super Value properties are those priced below 10 million Pesos. BPI provides these foreclosure listings free for all interested parties and are available in all of their branches.

Unlike the yellow tag and red tag properties, green tag properties are free of special issues like pending court cases with former owners trying to stop the foreclosure, and illegal occupants that need ejection, issues that are best avoided by those that are just beginning to start in investing in foreclosures.

Still, All prices are negotiable and can provide real estate investors a bargain real estate investment property, without the hassles and complications of the red tag and yellow tag properties. Please take note that BPI offers financing through mortgage loans.

You may download BPI’s Buena Mano Super Value Green Tag Metro Manila Foreclosed Properties for Sale Q1-2009 here.

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