Before you go to a bank foreclosed auction…

Read Eden Alemania’s Story. It’s a short story of what you can expect to feel when you win your FIRST property in an auction. Eden will be present in the Think Rich Pinoy Seminar on Feb. 27, 2010.

SOLD to the lady with paddle 16

My heart was pounding, my hands were trembling. I didn’t know whether to shout for joy or to pound my head with the auctioneer’s gavel.

You see, I just won the property in Quezon City in my very first auction and based on the rules, I have to give the downpayment in a week. YES! IN A WEEK!

In my mind, “Eden, are you crazy? You don’t have the money. How will you get the money to fund this deal. What are you getting into?”

That was when Larry Gamboa’s words in the Think Rich Pinoy Seminar I recently attended resounded in my head arguing with my worrisome thoughts

“Find the deal, and the money will follow.”

True enough, when I marketed the deal for investors in my own circle of network, there were people interested who funded the downpayment and as they say, the rest is history (read my blog for the actual deal)

It has been exactly 2 years ago since this experience changed my life entirely.

And it all started with a strong desire to walk out of the rat race.

— Eden April Alemania-Dayrit

You’ll get to meet Eden at the Think Rich Pinoy Seminar on Feb. 27, 2010.

She’s a nice girl who takes time to answer questions and give tips. If you have actual deals already, you may even get her as a partner or investor. You never know.

To meet Eden, grab a seat in the Think Rich Pinoy Seminar NOW!

PS. For your sanity, do not do what Eden did. At least secure the funds first with the investor before joining the auction. If you like to meet and talk to Eden, grab a seat in the Think Rich Pinoy Seminar

2 thoughts on “Before you go to a bank foreclosed auction…”

  1. Luis S. Alvarez Jr.

    Sir Jay, How does an auction/bidding inside a bank look like? Grateful for any photos while real estate investor bid inside a bank. I would like to get rid of the jitters for newbies.

    Many thanks for this wiki-like foreclosure info of yours.

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