(Updated with Video FAQ) 412 UCPB Foreclosed Properties included in September 2019 listing

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Video – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I first emailed this updated list to all email subscribers, I received more than 120 emails with questions. I tried to answer as many as I can directly until I realized a lot of questions were basically the same (but for different locations/properties) which is why I decided to answer them all through the video above.

List of questions answered with timestamps:

0:19 – I am interested in properties in [City / Municipality]. Can you please provide their locations/exact address/lot area/price? Computations please? Pictures? Etc.?

5:02 – I am interested in [__________] property, can you provide more details?

5:44 – How to avail/reserve? Terms?

7:13 – How to buy? Nasa overseas po kami.

8:38 – May I know if a Foreigner is allowed to buy Foreclosed apartment or townhouse?

If you have other questions not answered in the video above, ask them through the comments section below.

UCPB Foreclosed Properties Listing Summary

A total of 412 UCPB foreclosed properties in Metro Manila and Provincial areas are available in their list of properties for sale as of September 2019. This list is quite fresh, I was able to share it the next day after this was posted on their website.

You may view and/or download the complete listing and other details from United Coconut Planters Bank, below.

View all UCPB foreclosed properties (database)

To view all UCPB foreclosed properties, click on the button below:

Click to view ALL UCPB Foreclosed Properties

Browse UCPB foreclosed properties by Province, City/Municipality

ProvinceCity/Municipality (Click to view list)# of UCPB foreclosed properties
BatangasBatangas City7
BulacanSan Jose Del Monte City6
Misamis OrientalCagayan De Oro City1
Camarines NorteDaet6
Camarines NorteSanta Elena3
Camarines SurBaao3
Camarines SurNaga4
CapizRoxas City2
CaviteGeneral Emilio Aguinaldo1
CaviteGeneral Mariano Alvarez2
CaviteGeneral Trias11
CebuCebu City6
Davao OrientalMati1
Ilocos SurVigan1
IloiloIloilo City4
LagunaSan Pablo1
LagunaSan Pedro2
LagunaSanta Rosa1
Lanao Del NorteBaroy1
MaguindanaoCotabato City5
Metro ManilaCaloocan6
Metro ManilaLas Pinas5
Metro ManilaMakati42
Metro ManilaMandaluyong7
Metro ManilaManila3
Metro ManilaMarikina2
Metro ManilaMuntinlupa4
Metro ManilaNavotas1
Metro ManilaParanaque8
Metro ManilaPasig12
Metro ManilaQuezon City26
Metro ManilaSan Juan10
Metro ManilaTaguig7
Metro ManilaValenzuela1
Negros OccidentalBacolod City2
Negros OccidentalVictorias1
Nueva EcijaBongabon1
Nueva EcijaCabanatuan1
Nueva EcijaSan Leonardo1
Occidental MindoroMamburao1
Oriental MindoroCalapan1
Oriental MindoroNaujan1
Oriental MindoroVictoria1
PampangaSan Fernando2
Quezon ProvinceAtimonan1
Quezon ProvinceCalauag1
Quezon ProvinceCandelaria2
Quezon ProvinceGumaca1
Quezon ProvinceLucena1
Quezon ProvincePagbilao4
SorsogonSorsogon City1
Surigao Del NorteSurigao City17
Zamboanga Del SurPagadian1

Browse ALL locations in the Philippines with foreclosed properties by Province, City/Municipality from ALL Banks/Lending Institutions

You can also browse all locations with foreclosed properties available from all banks/lending institutions, grouped by Province/City, on this page:

Click to browse all locations in the Philippines with foreclosed properties

Note: The “Classifieds Database” is a work in progress. If you have comments/suggestions, please do let me know by leaving a comment below.

Search all foreclosed properties

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Search by typing keyword(s) and/or location(s) and click “Search” (Hint: Include keyword “ucpb” to only include UCPB foreclosed properties in search results, leave blank for all)
  2. Use “Advanced Search” to choose preferred price range, lot/floor areas (if data is available), and also to exclude those classified as occupied/without possession.

Download the complete list of UCPB foreclosed properties

You may download the list below.

Click here to download the list of UCPB foreclosed properties

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files, which is free to download at Adobe.com

Important reminders

Other Terms and Conditions:

1.) All sales on “AS IS, WHERE IS” basis. No warranties.

2.) Prices NOT applicable to buybacks by former owners. Please contact the telephone numbers below for buy-back price.

3.) Properties and prices are subject to change anytime and maybe withdrawn from the list without prior notice.

4.) Mere submission of an Offer to Purchase does not confer “first option” or “first right” to the offeror.

5.) The deficiencies stated herein are not meant to be exhaustive, comprehensive or complete. Buyers are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to making an offer. Inadvertent misprints shall not alter the property’s factual condition or shall they be deemed as misrepresentation of the property.”

6.) The Bank only shoulders the Creditable Withholding Tax (CWT) up to the extent of purchase price only. For any excess CWT shall be for buyer’s account.

7.) All submitted offers are subject to Bank’s management approval.

Reminders with regard to “NO POSSESSION” properties

Please take note that for a significant number of properties on the list, the bank has “NO POSSESSION” of said properties.

This means that the properties may have illegal occupants/tenants, and/or have unsettled HOA/Condo dues. It may take a long time for the bank to resolve the issue(s) and take possession of the property. This will obviously cause delays for the turnover of the property to the buyer.

We experienced this first-hand for a property we purchased from UCPB recently. The property had unpaid dues and was abandoned, and turnover to us got delayed. Good thing we were prepared and had a backup plan.

Anyway, I’m glad that all issues were addressed in a professional and timely manner, and I’m so thankful to everyone from UCPB who assisted us. We are very happy with our purchase and look forward to the next!

Reminder – Please read : If you want to inquire with regard to any of the foreclosed properties from UCPB, then please contact the designated UCPB bank officers directly (see below). We are not acting as real estate brokers for these acquired assets (I am simply sharing these to our readers/subscribers), so please contact UCPB directly to get more details. I will not reply to any inquiries for any of these assets from UCPB. Thank you for understanding.

How to inquire

For inquiries, please contact UCPB’s Asset Management and Disposition Division:


  • Reymark Modesto – (02) 811-9839 / (02) 811-9972
  • Leslie Chua – (02) 811-9968
  • Allen Morales (02) – 811-9182
  • Gina Senga – (02) 811-9963
  • Catherine Thelmo – (02) 811-9958
  • Virgilio Velasco Jr. – (02) 811-9982

Email: [email protected]

Or visit: www.ucpb.com

Source: UCPB Website

Reminder: Please contact the designated UCPB bank officers directly to inquire. We are not acting as real estate brokers for these properties (I am simply sharing these to our subscribers), so please contact UCPB directly to get more details. I will not reply to any inquiries about the properties. Thank you for understanding.

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