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Thank you for the prayers…

Our daughter Mira Love Marie S. Castillo has been laid to rest last Saturday, July 14, 2012. After celebrating a month of holding on after my wife had a Preterm Premature Rupture of the Membranes (PPROM), Mira had to be delivered through an emergency C-section because her mom began to show signs of sepsis.

I still remember that day. In a matter of 45 minutes, my wife’s temperature rose from 37 degrees all the way to 39.3 degrees Celsius. This happened while we were on our way to the hospital, and I’m just glad that we noticed the signs (we also noticed baby’s heart rate fluctuated from 100 to 180 beats per minute as measured through a fetal doppler, her normal was 150bpm), and decided to bring her there fast. A blood test done at the hospital also revealed a very high WBC count, among other symptoms (baby’s heart rate became worse at 90 to 200bpm) detected by our OB, which led to the emergency c-section.

We were just in time and full-blown sepsis was averted, although during the C-section, my wife’s blood pressure began to drop at times, according to her doctors. Just thinking about it still makes me shiver with fear of what could have happened.

However, my daughter was delivered at a gestational age of just 23 weeks. Her lungs were simply not yet ready… she survived for a little over 7 hours… and then we had to say goodbye…

When the nurses at the NICU suggested that they will take pictures of us with baby Mira, I remember I was very reluctant. Now I'm thankful as we now have something to hold on to.

For now…

I simply don’t know what to say except thank you to everyone for the prayers and support…

I also want to thank our doctors for doing everything humanly possible to save Mira, and for saving the life of my wife…

We also seek patience and understanding in this time of sorrow for our family…

I wish I can say it’s business as usual, but obviously I can’t. Please give us time…

I will be updating recently posted listings that contain my wife Cherry’s phone number and remove it so she can rest and recover (her blood pressure is still at elevated levels and based on lab results, she has mild postpartum preeclampsia) …

(Update added on July 24, 2012)It is simply very difficult to describe, what my wife, my son CJ, and I, feel right now. However, I do feel a lot better by simply reading all of the comforting words a lot of you wrote here, on facebook, and also those sent through text. Thank you so much!

Of course, it still hurts, and we have so many questions that run around in our minds. I can still remember my son CJ asking me this question after seeing me cry…

“Daddy, why did Mira have to die?”

I just said “I really don’t know CJ, I’ll try to answer your question later…”.

Some say this is God’s will. In my opinion however, this is not God’s will. Don’t get me wrong, I just feel uncomfortable with the notion that all this happened because it was God’s will, because it would be like He is to blame, which in my opinion is not true. I would rather think this just happened for a reason, but it was really not God’s intention.

I’m pretty sure though that Mira is with God right now, and with that thought, I do find comfort.

Of course, the question as to why all of this had to happen still lingers and the following song best describes how we feel…

Not a day goes by that we think of you Mira. We love you and you will always be in our hearts… til we meet again someday…

Let me end this with a happy note…

Soon after I wrote the first part of this post above, my wife’s blood pressure normalized very quickly.

I guess it had something to do with water retention and stress. I suppose when all the excess fluids in her body got flushed out and all the swelling or “manas” disappeared, her BP also became normal. Much needed peace and quiet also helped a lot, and we’re now getting a whole lot more of these as we have just moved-in to a place we can call our home, even if we are just renting it.

Now my wife’s BP is always at normal levels, even if the dosage for her medicine has been halved, and we look forward to the go ahead from her OB to stop the medication completely. 🙂

Thanks again for all the prayers! May God bless you all!

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80 thoughts on “Thank you for the prayers…”

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  4. Dear Jay,

    My condolences and sympathy to you and your family. May God Bless you. Stay strong and inspired on these times.


  5. Hi Jay & to your wife, cherry & to your son, CJ

    I just stumble upon your website, looking for a vacant lot here in cabuyao. And I got curious for the post, “Thank you for your prayers” (which is one of the most read actually).

    I just wanna make a comment regarding to your statement- that popular belief that death is God’s Will. You are actually correct, the Bible says that God cannot do such bad things such as death,tragedy & sickness. That is NOT He’s Will.
    The Bible tells us at James 1:13 “When under trial, let no one say: ‘I am being tried by God.’ For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.” So God is never the source of the wickedness you see in the world around you. (Job 34:10-12) Granted, he does allow bad things to happen. But there is a big difference between allowing something to happen and causing it.

    Another thing, the Bible teaches us that there is a hope for the dead- the resurrection hope. Even Jesus, resurrect his friend Lazarus, that is the hope that the bible teaches- John 11:43-44, John 5:28, Acts 24:15.

    I hope this Simple Bible Truths will give you and your family comfort & hope.

    “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation.”—2 Corinthians 1:3, 4.

  6. Dear Jay,

    So sorry for your loss, I have also experienced this and know how you feel. Me and my wife chose to move on and put our trust to God’s greater plan for us. May you find comfort in knowing that your child is in a much better place. Again our deepest condolences…

  7. Condolence Jay. God has blessed you with Mira’s life though short but has a lot of lessons to teach. I am inspired by you, your wife and your son’s courage. God’s comfort and strength be with you always. -Jocel, Edison, and Caleb.

  8. As mentioned in my update above, thank you so much to each and everyone of you! I wish I could reply to all of you, but with so many of you who wrote here, that is simply an overwhelming task, so I hope you all won’t mind if I say thank you to all of you through this comment and my update above, for now. 🙂

    Thank you so much and we will always be grateful to each and everyone of you. God Bless you all!

  9. Sir Jay:

    In behalf of Asset Recovery Group-UnionBank, our deepest condolences.

    HE knows the best for everything… and this happened for a reason…

  10. i’m so saddened about your loss… hope your wife recover fast. My heart is welling with tears. I pray for your recovery too.. God bless!

  11. Hello Jay,

    I browse through your website from time to time, oftentimes learning a thing or two. Please accept my deepest sympathies in this very difficult time for your family. So sorry to read about your great loss. But be comforted in the thought that “All things work together for good to them that trust the Lord.”

    God bless you Jay, and thank you.

  12. Condolence Jay!
    Continue to hold on. Everything happens for a reason. Whatever that is, is for your own good.
    God is good!

  13. My Friend Mr. and MRs. Castillo,

    I know how hard it is for the the two of you to recover but I hope this simple advice I got when i crossed the burden of not having my first baby into reality will soothe you a bit…”Hiniram lang si Mira ni Lord ibabalik din nya si Mira sa mga susunod na pagkakataon.” Believe me when I got the same advice and tried to accept everything..God indeed gave me not only one but gave me four wonderful kids!

    I pray for the speedy recovery of Cherry and for you to be tough and be the hope for your wife,,,I know that in God’s time Mira will be in your arms again…Have faith..God is good all the time!

    God Bless

  14. Mr. Jay Castillo,

    I’m sorry for your loss and my deepest condolence to your family. I do hope for the fast recover of your wife. I also hope that your daughter, Mira, is now in good hands of our creator.

    Thank you for all the help, postings, and infos you are imparting us here at your site. I am a subscriber, and I really find it helpful and informative. Ever since, I had read your story, you really inspired me to be become a real estate broker as well.

    Thank you sir, I will pray for your good health and may God guide and bless your family through these hard times.

    Giem M. Novenario

  15. God has appointed the times and seasons, the events of our lives, the happy and the sad, the easy and the difficult, everything has its own place. Praying for your wife’s recovery and strength for the whole family. God Bless.

  16. So sad for what happened to your family,,,but always remember everything happens for a reason,,condolence to you and your family

  17. Have comfort and peace for your little angel has joined her Creator in heaven. We may question God for certain events happening in our lives but He has purpose for everything. Carry on with your faith and have courage. God will never leave nor forsake you.

  18. Sir Jay

    the LORD said in Jeremiah 29:11

    I know my plans for you said the LORD, a plan to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a bright future.

    i know God has a very good reason for this turn of events in ones’ life but still only He knows what is instore for you. My deepest sentiments for both you and your wife and to baby Mira, God bless you always


    Sir Jay pwede nio po i water therapy wife nio for the preeclampsia, un nga lang po pag pwede na sya kumain ulit. but ask nio na din po ung ob-gyne nya kung may ibibigay na gamot to help down lower her bp or just complete bed rest po.

  19. My condolences to you and your family sir. May the Lord give you and your family the strength to eventually get through this difficult time.
    Thank you for your informative posts.

  20. …… my deepest condolence. someone up there is surely watching your
    family. it is no easy at the moment , but at the end of the tunnel
    comes the sun shining, and with prayers your comfort zone. GOD BLESS …

  21. Prayer for mam Cherry’s faster recovery..,mahirap tlga sir jay, pero alam ko kakayanin nyo yan., lalo na daming nagPray at ngmamahal sa inyo, Naintindihan ko po kyo as me and my Wife had already experience that situation..May GOD Bless you and your family more.

  22. So sorry to hear about your child Jay. I hope you find comfort from your colleagues and friends who share the agony of such loss.

  23. Sending prayers for you Jay, that you be showered with strength to move on and for the fast recovery of your wife. Baby Mira looks so adorable though having those tubes on her mouth, im sure she is now in heaven to pray for you and the whole family. GBU always.

  24. ….. jay,

    with profound sympathy, no amount of words could describe how deep is
    is your feeling of loss. but remember, at the end of the tunnel comes the sun
    shining, for someone up there is surely watching over your family. with kind
    regards, i wish a speedy recovery for your wife. GOD BLESS …..

  25. Hello Jay, our condolences to you and your family. I know GOD wants to show you something that is more bigger than the present situation you experience. Just dont give up, you are already at the climax of your journey, what you’ve lost will be doubled. GOD BLESS


  26. Psalm 34:18

    “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

    I had to bring my second born son to his grave by myself after four months of my wife’s pregnancy. But I knew my second son and I were not alone at that time. God was with us crying with me.

    I had to bury him along with two grave attendants, with my own bare hands. My wife had other 2 more miscarriages. But we soldiered on, to be a part of God’s better and greater plan.

    Be brave. Your wife and the rest of your family need you.

    God is always with us.

    Mar Tabuzo
    CFC Kids for Christ – Bahrain

  27. My condolences to you and your Family. We are praying and support your wife for her fast recovery.GODBLESS to your family.

  28. Bro,

    My deepest condolences. May God replace your grief with happiness. Your daughter Mira is already in His kingdom. God bless always.


  29. Dear Jay,

    Just extending to you my deepest sympathies. I know how it feels when a loved one is lost. May you find strength to carry on by holding on to God’s inexhaustible love. He is always there for you and your family. May your wife recover from her present illness under the care of our ever loving God. Take care and draw hope from Him who is always around.

    Elsie L. Montealto

  30. This made me cry. Little Mira is now amongst the angels. My prayers for the strength of your family int his time of sorrow.

  31. As a parent and expecting anew, I have the utmost heartfelt empathy for you, my sincerest condolences to you and your wife. God Bless Mira’s soul and your family.

  32. Hi Jay,

    My Condolences to you and your family. Reading this thread of comments really warms the heart as you have so many people praying for you and your family. This is just a testament of how much your friends, family, and readers appreciate you and the work that you do for others.

    I am sure your daughter, Mira, is so proud to have a father like that:-) I will include you, Cherry, Mira, and family in my prayers and be assured that there is always something beautiful in the end in every situation.

  33. Condolence to you and to your wife sir jay,may God continue to give you and your wife strength for this. May you continue your blog here in your informative website· Big thanks to you I will be able to acquire my property bec of this site,God bless u always!

  34. Condolence to the family….God bless you both..Angel Mira is in heaven now..looking and praying to her parents’ happiness.

  35. My prayers for your family. After all, every effort we put in our work, our business, & our push for financial freedom is all directed for a better future of our family. Family thus comes first.

  36. My deepest condolences to the family. May God bless you more for the free service that you are doing for the real estate industry. Without you knowing it, I have been a recipient of the many items that you are publishing on this website. I am a registered real estate broker (REB No. 6437) and a real estate appraiser (REA No. 1021) from Tarlac City.

  37. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Castillo,

    Deepest sympathy on your great loss and wishing your wife Cherry a fast recovery.

    Hope you can take comfort knowing that though you lost your daughter on earth, God gained an angel in Heaven…Angel Mira is now praying to God for her Mom’s (Cherry) fast recovery and strenght for you, her father.

    I have not yet subscribed to your website but I browse frequently.

    Thank you very much for your very informative website which offers future investment possibilities.

    Evelyn del Rosario


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